Sunday, August 19, 2018

Tell Your Drama To The Llama...

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"Tell Your Drama To The Llama"
One of my Grandsons saw this saying on a T-shirt a few years back;
Well, let's just say it stuck!!

Sometimes we all need a safe place to vent our frustrations!
And when I say a safe place, may I expound on the wisdom of this.
Some people have not learned the wisdom or biblical reasons;
For not gossiping or repeating things that cause the Holy Spirit to grieve.

Gossip is a fuel that will cause destruction!
Yet, we can take many things to the Lord and He will reveal them!!

We must be stewards of truth and not gossip!

We all know how difficult this can be:
But, if we will stop and think before we speak;
We will eventually stop this error of just
Allowing our tongues free range.
~We must all try harder to not repeat everything we have heard~

When you tell your troubles to someone trustworthy;
They will give you sound feedback, not just what you want to hear!

If you do not have anything nice to say, Do not say anything at all!

Our homes should be a place of peace and contentment!

Strife will cause anxiety and unrest!
If you see a fire burning, do you wait till it is huge or out of control?
You immediately stop adding fuel to it!

When we are in the cross fire of a word war;
We can just say, I want no part of this and leave the room!

Too much Drama is not something I enjoy!

I prefer a Gentle and Quiet atmosphere!

Be Still And Know That I Am God...

Keepers of the home, make this a heart and home rule!

Happiness is learning to control ones emotions and words and thoughts!

Always...Love Roxy


  1. Awesome , I agree with all of your thoughts! My Mom would tell us children if you can't say anything nice then say nothing, I have tried to follow and teach this to our childrenI I also taught our children to stop and think before speaking! Gossip indeed destroys, Thanks for sharing Roxy,

  2. Thank you
    Roxy for this. So much truth in it. I enjoy your blog.

  3. Thanks for sharing this! I had a good laugh at that phrase...I can see why it would stick! :)
    So very wise to guard our words...just because we know something we don't have to share it with anyone that will listen. Self control is so important...and guarding other's privacy is a very important role.
    Praying you have a lovely day!


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