Sunday, May 31, 2015

Roar Like A Lion And Live Like A Lamb...


Roar Like A Lion

I need to have a meek and gentle and quiet spirit...

But at times I can feel a roar coming on!

At times I want to just post sweet little topics and encourage.
Other times I feel that we are just too quiet on things that will
have an eternal impact!

Forgive me if I have offended some of you,
Hard words for hard days;
May Gods Word be your guide;
And His breath cover you!
Praise God for some of you that have been challenged,
Tend to your gardens and enjoy each day,
Do not give up making a difference in our world,

When I was a young woman I would of loved for someone to have
Taken the time and interest to teach me so many things that
Would of make a difference in my life.

Tell me this one thing;
Has there been one thing you have read on this blog made you wiser or stronger
To become a Godly woman;
If you can say yes, then it is all worth it....

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Can A Womens Dress Rob God Of His Glory? And Dressing in a Feminine Way...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog, Dressing Like A Lady

The dressing down in America is so upsetting in our world today!
So many women look like frumps;
Or we have the other extreme of women who looks so provocative;
You may find yourself wondering is this a brothel
And this is in the church today...
The church has become a place for the world to come in to see if the shoe fits;
Or how far do I have to go to look like a God fearing woman??

Does all this really matter?

As I walked through a very large airport this last year I was shocked at what I saw!
But I felt more shocked at what I see in our churches today.

I am not a prude and I do like looking fashionable
Both seductive and alluring is not acceptable...
I did a post on why we should not show cleavage awhile back
You can view it here
Cover Your Cleavage

But now I must do another post for the derriere (bottom half)
Tight pants and skirts and dresses that accentuate your plump bottom
Excites men of all ages...
You my dear become a distraction and a source of allowing yourself
~To rob God of HIS Glory~

As a woman we are to give a visual of hiding what is beneath.
This is really what makes you alluring;
We can also look like a Nun in a full habit and still be provocative;
So we have here ourselves a real problem
Can we just cover all the female parts and be void of this problem?

We seem to have too many women not doing their job;
 of speaking to ladies and girls on how to dress!
  And being an example!
And we have so many who feel they have the right to dress any way they choose.

Okay, maybe we can not stop this trend of dressing like harlots;
But we can still teach and preach and at times confront in love.
But I will warn even if it is done in love they will be mad and offended!

It is like we have lost all sense of womanly features of the term ladylike!
And believe me, those who are lovely and ladylike in their style,
They are like a picture of loveliness... 

We may need help in what is appropriate;
(Don't get all frustrated over this statement)
Ask God, if what you're wearing is okay!

And, I love this one;
I asked my Husband and he said he doesn't care what I wear...
So if he wants you to wear a revealing top in public is this okay?
Or Daise Duke shorts...

Sometimes ladies you could ask your husband if what you're wearing is okay,
But if he has not made a covenant with his eyes and watches P_ R_
He would not be a good choice to use...

To dress more femininely, you should wear flattering clothes that aren't revealing.
 Wear more ladylike clothes such as skirts, dresses, pointed shoes, a cute pair of boots,and scarves,
Wear slacks or jeans that are not too tight!
 A lovely blouse or anything that distinguishes you as a woman and a lady.
 You don't have to look buttoned up, but you can should avoid looking too provocative.
 Wear anything that has feminine features. 

 You can find the look that's best for you. If you really don't look good in skirts, go for something else like a loose flowing slacks with a long tunic type.

If you do wear jeans...
Do not wear the skinny jeans!

 Just avoid the "just rolled out of bed" look. Don't wear baggy sweatshirts,
 Baggy pants, long T-shirts, or anything that completely hides your shape. 
The over large bag look!
Unless you're going to Walmart you would just blend in!

 Whatever you wear, you should look like you've put in an effort
 Anyone should be able to see that you've put some time and effort into putting your look together.

I just love that word!!

 In addition to your clothes and makeup,
 you should spend some time finding the perfect accessories to go with your wardrobe.
 You don't need to get a box full of accessories -- just a few key items
 can help tie your look together and can make you look more feminine.
 Here are some items to consider as you work on your more feminine look:

A Great purse
A pretty silk scarf
A cute hat (straw for summer)
 Pearl earrings or other gold hoops
A pearl bracelet or Some thin silver bracelets
I love a necklace myself...
 A cute headband or clip works well for some.
 A signature Scent is so very feminine!

If you want to look like a lady, then you have to smell like a lady.
 Consider putting a dab of perfume on your neck
 or rubbing some scented lotion on your hands or arms.
 Remember to only use a light touch you don't want to overwhelm anyone with too-strong perfume.

~Be Graceful~

Being graceful as you walk, and sit!
 Cross your legs at least at the ankle. 
All this is important for where you are and what you're doing. 
When I am on the shooting range, you must move and act appropriately.
 Being graceful is the way you carry yourself in all situations.

~Acting Like a Lady~

Being kind and being confident in who you are in Christ! Looking calm and not anxious.
I remember always being in a hurry, and it showed in my mood and my mannerism.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Why Post A sign That Says No Tresspassing...

Living From Glory To Glory


Now this is a really nice thing to see...
We all have signs that might be placed on our doors and welcome mats on the porch..

We have little ornaments in our gardens that all say welcome;
We see these as we might cross a state line that says Welcome...

Mostly we do welcome those that come into our homes or property lines;

But as women that are told in scripture to guide our homes,
We must heed these words;

So we sometimes simultaneously have to have another sign posted
Such as theses;

Can we just open our doors to all?

I think not...

I do not live in fear, but I will say that there seems to me to be an all time high;
Of low life mentality...

They seem a bit off, mental and spiritual understanding that is riddled with
Untruth and trusting them is just not wise!

~I feel like I am called to be a watchman on the wall~

Beware of the lions and tigers and bears, oh my...

But in these days we should beware of the

--------- and ------- and -------- oh my!

YOU fill in the blanks...

We do not live in Wonderland and this is not Disney or the Magical Kingdom.
All these places and open doors are not wise.
And NOT everything  is acceptable or should be permitted!

Trust Me...
Said the Big Bad Wolf
Little Red Riding Hood you sure are looking good!

Why does God give us discernment?
Can anybody answer that?

It is so we can discern between evil and good!
We cannot just go by looks and yet we can also go completely by looks...
That is why we need to discern as things can look one way,
And yet can be completely off...

We must look at the fruit and past history
History always proceeds the future;

I am not saying people cannot change, but I am also reminded where 
The Lord says can a leopard change his spots?

" History will always repeat itself"

Well, not on my watch...

You are Welcomed,
Jesus is always welcome...
 But just remember Beware
 (I am watching you)
As is the Lord...

Saturday, May 23, 2015

How A Fence Really Gives Us Freedom...


Living From Glory To Glory Blog

Good Fences
Bad Fences
Old Fences

Fences are in place for many reasons!!
They are what I see as boundaries and are used to keep us safe...

If we did not have these fences we would have cows in the corn;
Horses in the alfalfa fields;
And rabbits in the gardens;
A fence can help to keep things in their own area!

A bad fence is where you build a fence around yourself to
Keep others separate and away from you!

Old fences are boundaries that were put in place to keep us
and our stuff from being abused or taken advantaged of!
The laws of the land to give us freedom;
Laws to keep us from being overrun from agendas to take our stuff
And poison our minds!
We are not suppose to be run by the government
But rather they are to be a service to us...
We had men long ago that wrote a constitution for the American people
"We The People"

We all want freedom!
But as we all well know it does come with a price...

Some countries have no freedoms and no fences;
To keep themselves safe or to keep the enemy out!

Do you go to bed at night and leave your doors unlocked?
Do you just trust someone because they say they are a Christian?
Will you get in a car with just anyone because they have a driver's license?
(These are all forms of fences we should have in our lives)

We all have God given rights...
But many in places of trust will cross over an established fence.

I do not enjoy hurting other peoples feeling;
But I do not like to feel cornered or coerced into things.

We must all make good choices everyday!
God tells us to lead a quiet life and work with our hands...

Just don't tread on me!

I serve one master and loyal to one king!

Keep your watch dear ones, manage your home!
Keep the fences in good sound repair!
Watch for anyone trying to climb over this fence and does not come through;
"The Door Or Gate"

Freedom is not really free...

Have any of you seen that movie called
"Little Boy"

I loved it!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

How To Impact And Improve Your Marriage And The Lily Of The Valley Flowers...

Living from Glory To Glory Blog, Lily Of The Valley Flowers


How can such a tiny flower give off such a heady and powerful scent?

They have a lovely tiny bell shaped flowers, it is usually only white in color.
But it can actually be found as a pale pink in color.
 I have never seen the pale pink.

These little tiny bell flowers will fill an entire area and atmosphere
Of a heavenly perfume
And I might add, it is distinctive scent!

These little flowers can make a huge impact;
Just their presence can release a strong and sweet perfume!

How can we as women make a strong and sweet impact,
In our marriages and relationships with others?

By being distinct in our way with our words and our intent of our actions...

We get this silly notion like we have to be perfect and big important in
how we live and our realm of influence has to be large...
That is a big fat lie

Let me tell you this, it is the smallest things that have happened
in my life that have made a huge impact...

When you will take the time to tell your Hubby I love you and smile,
And do a small gesture of showing that he matters; it will make an impact!
Small things done daily or even just once can prepare a fertile ground
 A place that love and humility can increase.

How to improve;
In our hearts and the intent and the real motive should and,
Can be done in small increments, little by little
Can produce a strong sweet perfume...

We have all heard or maybe have said this phrase;
"Well that just plain stinks"

When I leave a room or a place, I dearly hope they are not saying
that about me, even if I might speak a hard word to someone,
If it is done in love,
 I must trust it will still leave a sweet smelling fragrance.

Just because something that might look delicate does not mean it
Cannot make a huge difference.
A truly biblical lady must be a bit like a lily of the valley flower

The Lily flower is a picture of sweetness, purity and humility,
And fruitfulness...

Just remember we can really fool no one;
Husbands and children and even animals can sense if you have a true intent;
To bring safety and kindness to a person
"That is why if your instincts tell you to beware of someone, trust it!!
Even children can sense an evil motive, don't tell your child go give
So and so a hug, when they clearly are not comfortable!
And this is my warning;
This flower might be sweetly scented
But it is highly poisonous...

Some impacts can be dangerous to ourselves and our loved ones.
Sometimes situations can seem that they are about to implode.
God wants us to be gentle as doves but wise as serpents!

We are all called to bloom where we are planted;
The the Lily of the valley blooms supposes to mean;
"Happiness is said to return"

~The symbolism's for this dainty tiny flowers are these~

Marys tears she shed when Jesus was on the cross.
Ladder to heaven.
Jacobs tears.
Also, it is considered a sign of Christ's second coming!

May your days be filled with a sweet smelling aroma;
Small and dainty but powerful...
Love others and look  all around you for those sweet spots,
That are filled with His presence...

Friday, May 15, 2015

How To Keep Our Loved Ones Away From This Death Culture...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog

A Little Rose: Sugar And Cream And Butter Dish Set...

May I encourage you all to make for yourself and those you love
"A place of refuge and peace"

We all know how things can seem very brash and worn out in our world;
It is as if the whole world needs a refreshing coat of paint.
I remember as a child that after the parade was over, the streets were
Littered with trash and cups and it all looked so dirty.

When I come out of a store now days the parking lots look so dirty.
The streets and roads have potholes, and homeless standing on all the corners!
As a woman that enjoys clean and organized;
And I love beautiful things, like flowers and teacups,
So with this all said, I might not be able to clean up all the parking lots
And help all the homeless people! I do pray for them, for God to heal
their minds and that they will come to know the Lord Jesus Christ;
And not just as Savior, but to make Him Lord of their lives...

But I can create a place in our humble abode that just overflows,
With beauty and comfort and joy, And where it feels clean and fresh!
It is not tarnished by worldly trash...

I feel at times that my senses are being assaulted from the liberalism,
Don't act shocked...

It seems like we are seeing such a death culture;
Skeletons on even children's clothing,
(How Cute)

Okay, maybe everything in this life is not all Roses,
But I know this for certain this skeleton and skull stuff is just plain wrong!

If we are going to overcome the negative in this world;
We better have a course of action;
Counteract it!

We are going to have to put a bit of effort in choosing things that
liven up a home!

Things of beauty and life, order and peace!
~God is the Master of order and life and beauty~

They call it art or self expression, but what it really produces is this,
Death of beauty
Death of life
Death of purity
Death of hope

So we must counter this culture with as many forms of purity of
wholeness of our thinking and homes filled with enough love
To help this next generation survive and overcome a death mentality!

Make it a priority to have a home filled with lovely and life giving
Conversations and prayer and a good belly laugh...
Because we must live life to the fullness!
Tell your children what the real truth is behind these things;
They just want to fit in with their peers, but do not give in to them!

This is where we trust in the Lord when He says this,
They shall arise and call you blessed
(Arise= older and mature)

They really just want you to not give in and give them what they are asking for!

I wish I had been told NO more times in my childhood years;
I bet many of you out there would say the same thing;
Sometimes we just have to say NO...

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

How To Grow A Healthy Heart Attitude...


Do You Have A Healthy Heart...

Heart Attitude

The desire of my heart is to listen for God’s wisdom in every situation.

If you are like most women your calendar is full and your days are busy.
But we all have the ability and responsibility to map out each day!
Keeping a schedule and a calendar can help us not over schedule on a given day.
But we sometimes can make a week, so ever extended we became hurried and stressed.

Then we start to have an overburdened heart attitude…
A bit cranky, tired, can’t think very well.
Our hearts hold the key to most of our troubles and solutions!

Our hearts are called the wellspring!

A woman of God honors all of the aspects of her personality,
That can be formed as we learn and understand Godly character;

My heart is always beating…
There is always hope in every situation to stop and to take stock.

I think that is why we love that scripture that talks about a gentle quiet spirit!
We want to have a heart that is responding with a right attitude.

When I become grouchy or critical I do not even like myself;
I always will go to those I have been short with and apologize to them!

We always have many challenges in our lives, But we are not
the only ones that are being affected.
When we struggled with either pain or discomfort we can feel bodily stress.

So then it is time to make some changes;
Clear my calendar and reschedule a few things,
Talk with my Husband and family and tell them I am struggling!
(Communication; They can’t read your mind)
Start by choosing some healthier foods
Get more sleep,
Drink more water.
Dive into God’s Word…

All things in the natural have a part that is rooted in the spiritual;

Our hearts once filled with Godly character; will need to be refreshed often!
Using God’s perspective and His priorities will help!

A Heart with an attitude to be willing to adjust ones calendar is wise!
We have so many counting on us daily;
We must hear and respond with the right heart attitude!

I encouraged myself in the Lord today, as I read the scripture;

 "She looks well to the ways of her household and does not eat the bread of ideleness."
Proverbs 31:27 

Thr reason this scriptured comforted me so much this morning is this...
I do not have to take care of the whole world!
God has called me to look well to my Household!

We all have had some set backs and trying times;
But we must keep our hearts focused on our own households first!
I do not have enough strength to take care of everyone!
Do not be charged one day of taking care of everyone else and be found
wanting in the area of your own household!

I write and share what I believe God is saying to me,
But I want to encourage and warn others to keep watch!
For we are commanded to look well to the ways of her household...

Can you check your hearts health today?
Would you pass the stress test?

Friday, May 8, 2015

How Do We Live The Abundant Life...

How Can We
Enjoy The Fruits Of Our Labor
Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Having an Abundant Life requires knowing that you cannot fix the world:
 you can only change yourself.
 Abundant living is being free to enjoy the beauty and richness in life,
 knowing it comes from the Lord.

So many do not enjoy the fruit of their labors.
 If you will invest in relationships that are based on Godly principles;
you will reap a harvest of joy...

If you will invest in creating a home life based on Godly principles;
We will have a peace and joy that endures changes.

The key word here is labor
This labor is entering into a rest of His provisions;

When we work hard and take care of what He has given us;
We can enjoy more fully His abundance..

There is nothing better for a man, than that he should eat and drink,
 And that he should make his soul enjoy the fruit of his labor.
 This also I saw, that it was from the hand of God.
Ecclesiastes 2:24

I am sitting here after an aftermath of a hailstorm
Of what seemed like biblical proportions...
The damage is pretty bad, but I am praising God for sparing us
So much more damage that could of occurred!
We had hail 2 feet deep!

This post got published and I don't even know how that happened!
It was in my Drafts file, so I must of needed to read this one myself.
God does work in mysterious ways!
We had to take cover for two tornados that were seen!

I live the abundant life everyday...
I will invest in real people and take care of my family!
I will run my race with the goal that is just ahead.

Live life with honor and respect for those who care for you!

What are the things that make your life abundant?

Thursday, May 7, 2015

How Not To Be Anxious In Unsettling Days...


I have a quote that I have been practicing and thinking about lately;
It goes like this;
"No matter what your circumstances are, don't get your feathers ruffled"

Living From Glory To Glory Blog

The skies are very ominous this evening;
This time of the year the spring storms can leave you feeling unsettled.

Do you ever think about what is happening in the natural world
Is as an indication as to what is happening in the spiritual realm?

I have heard of so many women feeling anxious lately;
I have been thinking that even for myself, I have felt a bit unsettled.
When you find yourself in a season or a moment of trials or fear;
We must learn to not let a vain imagination take hold!

I am very grateful for the fact that I have been practicing this, 
To not allow this vain imagination to take hold for years!

~The word tells us to look up
For your redemption draws nigh~

~Look to the hills for this is where your help comes from~

Where I look affects the way I feel and respond...

When I allow the enemy to get my eyes on my circumstances;
I immediately feel anxious;
So, here is what I do, I look UP...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog

I sometimes think people may think that I have no reaction at times;
But it is really that I am choosing to not allow myself to respond!

Being trained or exercising with the right response in a crisis or trouble,
Is not what the word is teaching us!
I think they want us to fear and feel like things are out of control!

When Jesus was told of a trouble or sickness, did it ever tell us
He was worried and that he ran to get there faster!
He was calm, and He had a peace that prevailed.
This very peace is what we have been given to guard our hearts and minds!

I have been thinking about that verse that tells us to be anxious for nothing.
I do not want to live in unrest or fear;
And I am sure you do not want to either, so we can determine in our hearts;
To not allow worry or fear to take hold...

I am not suggesting that we are not to be unconcerned about issues or life;
But rather to do all things in a peaceable way and attitude.

There are just some people who just panic over everything;

Living From Glory To Glory Blog
Who you looking at?

Keep in peace, trust and obey for there is no other way...

~Love and take your time to smell the Roses~

Monday, May 4, 2015

How To Make A Ironing Board Cover...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog

How To Sew Your Own Ironing Board Cover...

Making a new ironing board cover can be really a great idea;

My Reasons for wanting to make one myself;
I wanted a certain fabric to match my new sewing room that had pink in it
and has a vintage look to it.
 And as we know most fabrics used in ironing board covers are so modern looking.
I must admit I was a bit intimidated over the idea,

Firstly, may I suggest using the old cover as a pattern.
Measure how much length of material will be needed to cover your board
All ironing boards are not the same size or width!

Purchase a fabric that you love in color and design
Make sure it has a sturdy feel to it and will wear the use well.

Buy two packages of single bias tape to use for the draw string.
Purchase a color that matches your fabric

Purchase one package of Velcro Tape.
This will be put on the underside of the cover to keep it in place;
While on your ironing board.

Buy enough draw string cord to go completely around the cover,
Once again measure from your old cover for the length needed!
But buy at lease 12 inches longer to tie a good knot or bow,
And to assure not running short of the amount needed!
(You can buy all these things from the fabric store)

And of course you will need thread and a good pair of scissors!

Now lay out your fabric and lay the old ironing cover on top;
Measure twice, then start cutting around it and leave at least two inches extra!
Now lay this fabric on your board to check to see if it will be too large;
Or just right, that is why we add a bit extra.

Now, Add your bias tape,
Slowly start pinning it to the fabric, starting at the bottom flat edge of cover;
You will be leaving a small opening to add your draw string!
Once again refer to your old ironing board cover.
Pin the bias tape completely in place first!
Remember to keep the tape even so your draw string will go through it!
Have your pins facing into the cover so as you sew, you can remove them.
Start sewing from the flat bottom (remember to leave your space)
Go completely around the cover!
Remember to back stitch when you start and finish to reenforce your stitches!

Living from Glory to Glory Blog

To add the draw string, use a safety pin and tie one end of string to it;
Then start pulling it through the bias tape that is sewn on your fabric.
Once it is all pulled through, make sure the other end does not come out.

Now lay this over your ironing board, start allowing it to contour to the board.
Pull it gently to you get a nice fit!

Then, once I make sure all fits well, Now, I sew into the backsides some
Velcro tape to keep it in place and it does not slip or move around!
I place the Velcro  tape in about three places, but two places might be sufficient.

When I had my sewing room painted our son put in an ironing board unit 
right into the wall for me. And because of its smaller size I was needed
A cover that would fit properly, but also I wanted a pretty one!
These Hide A Boards are really nice...

So because of this unique size needed it inspired me to make my own!
I am really glad I did as it was a fun and not really that hard!

I always leave the old cover and padding on as I like the extra padding
it adds to the board. So I just place the new cover over the older one!

 A new ironing board cover!

A few years back, I purchased from Etsy a new ironing board cover for myself 
 and I loved it as it was a fabric that had roses on it!
So I guess it won't be long and I will be making a new one for that board also!

I enjoy ironing and find it quite relaxing;
Also, I use it while crafting as a table for my items!

A good quality ironing board is a wise investment, just like a good pair of scissors!
My kids knew not to touch my good scissors (smile)

Hope you enjoyed seeing how I made mine;
Sometimes we need to try our hand at something different!

Also, I think this would make a nice item for stay at home Moms to make and sell!

Blessings, Roxy

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Is The Dandelion An Obnoxious Weed Or A flower...

Living from Glory to Glory Blog

Is the Dandelion an obnoxious weed?
Is it a flower preferred by Mothers everywhere!

 Mothers all over this country have likely experienced, the joy
Of a bouquet of yellow button dandelions.

These flowers are usually delivered in a the clutches of a little hand!
Those little hands are a bit sticky and covered in dirt.
The aroma of these little yellow buttons smells a bit pungent.
But the smile that spreads across these little faces, as they deliver them!

~I have always chosen to think of these little flowers as a ray of sunshine~

To see a lawn that carries no dandelions, may be a big achievement
For a master gardener in his profession!
No obnoxious weeds growing in their lush grass!

But as we all know beauty really is in the eye of the beholder.

I have loved every dandelion that has ever been presented to me;
And all the memories and love that were presented in the gift and the giver!

Mary Mary how does your garden grow?

What are you cultivating, what seeds are you tenderly planting?
I will tell you this;
Whatever you plant this season, you will harvest!

Now is the time to break up the fallow ground;

I have heard so many statements from people that have said things like;
I wish I had raised my children differently
I wish I had never gotten divorced
I wish I had more children
I wish I had been kinder to my family
I wish I had loved them more deeply
I wish I had more faith...

Accept the love offerings and the olive leaf;

One day I believe the Lord will ask us this
"How well did you love one another"

I choose to think of dandelions as a lovely flower;
Not an obnoxious weed...

Tell me how much these yellow buttons have meant to you!

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