Sunday, May 31, 2015

Roar Like A Lion And Live Like A Lamb...


Roar Like A Lion

I need to have a meek and gentle and quiet spirit...

But at times I can feel a roar coming on!

At times I want to just post sweet little topics and encourage.
Other times I feel that we are just too quiet on things that will
have an eternal impact!

Forgive me if I have offended some of you,
Hard words for hard days;
May Gods Word be your guide;
And His breath cover you!
Praise God for some of you that have been challenged,
Tend to your gardens and enjoy each day,
Do not give up making a difference in our world,

When I was a young woman I would of loved for someone to have
Taken the time and interest to teach me so many things that
Would of make a difference in my life.

Tell me this one thing;
Has there been one thing you have read on this blog made you wiser or stronger
To become a Godly woman;
If you can say yes, then it is all worth it....


  1. Roxy I haven't read anything that I disagree with. Your words are a reminder to me and an encouragement to me as to how I am to live as a Christian woman. That roar you are feeling is what is needed for today. I have been experiencing that roar as well. There is a roar inside to see more of the miraculous. But to be a part of this I also need to be someone of integrity and where God gets all the glory. So thank you for sharing the words that God has put on your heart. Never apologize for God's stirring in your heart. I've been blessed to meet you in blogland. Blessings to you, Diane

  2. Wise as serpents and harmless as doves...loved just this past week hearing a man of God say that he was no longer going to sit quietly by and watch the world go to hell. Imagine if we all had that holy boldness. (Now I am going back to see what you've been chatting about that has some rattled. You always make me think, even when I may not agree.)

  3. Your words of wisdom, and your boldness in Christ have helped me to stand for righteousness, and not be afraid, Roxy.
    I am walking my talk again....thank you, sweet friend.
    I love you, my Sister In Christ.

  4. Keep posting Roxy!! So what if you upset some people? I admire you for speaking up.

    And I had to smile at your lion, all in white hair, after I've been posting about my decision to stop coloring my hair! My first thought, was, what beautiful white hair! haha!

  5. I'm easygoing but one can only push me so far and I dig in. I have been known on rare occasions to lash out. It's part of the human experience.

  6. Roxy- You do a wonderful job of putting forth into words what God lays on your heart. I love coming here and reading things that you have to say. I usually agree with things-but not always---we all have our own takes on certain things. But you do a great job of putting your truths on your blog. xo Diana

  7. Yes, of course Roxy, there have been many things. You spur me on to maturity and thankfulness and respectfulness to my husband among other things. You draw me to God.

    I shared your blog on my daybook post this morning.

  8. Dear Roxy, never stop using your God Given Talent to reach and touch others in a way that God has lead you to do. Not everyone will agree, but it's not about agreeing or not, but rather your thoughts, teachings and sharing giving others reflection and much to think about. I always enjoy each and every word of wisdom you share and I admire your voice to speak up and not be afraid.
    You are a blessing my friend.
    God continue to bless your posts.
    Hugs, CM

  9. The warm fireplaceJune 1, 2015 at 11:10 AM

    It is such a blessing your blog, you talk with wisdom and encouragement, i too wish when i was younger that i had had a woman of your christian insight to help guide and teach me the things it has taken so many years to find out.
    God bless you sue

  10. I can say yes! Your writing style can never offend. Sometimes it can only convict and sometimes we all need a little of that!

  11. Yes. Please keep going.

  12. Your blog has always made a powerful impact Rox; so many wonderful words of wisdom and encouragement. I love the lion… and often I feel like roaring too.

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