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Garlic Wonders And Ways To Use It...

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Garlic Wonders...

Garlic is a very interesting food wonder and also a medicinal treasure.

After many years of enjoying garlic and preparing it by crushing or slicing it up,
I have found a way to enjoy it in so many different ways.
Simply by cooking it slightly;

So once again, I  have been newly reminded of its value.

Of course we all have added fresh garlic to a spaghetti sauce,
But now I can use it in so many more things.
But to eat it with other dishes as a health benefit is what I am talking about.

I have been taking a few whole bulbs of garlic and I cut off the end of the root,
 And then I place them in aluminum foil, then I drizzle them with olive oil,
Wrap it up and bake them in the oven or;
You can even use your toaster oven on the toast setting and they cook up great!
But it is best to only cook it for a short amount of time or until just tender.

Garlic Benefits
Garlic has so many benefits;
Garlic contains a compound called Allicin

Garlic has an anti-inflammatory properties in it.
Also, it has an antiviral action that helps fight infection and fungus.
Garlic may also improve our metabolism of iron.

I like to make a bunch of it up at a time and then I can use a cooked clove in many things.
Scrambled eggs or an omelet. Add it to soups and sauces!

If you ever make up your own hummus spread it taste so much better 
if you use the lightly cooked cloves instead of it being raw.
We have been eating hummus for a great healthy snack
So Add some cooked garlic cloves to it, and spread it on some crackers!
Also try adding it to egg salad it just makes it delicious!
You can use it in so many different foods when it is lightly cooked!
So Yummy!

I guess the key is to incorporate it into your daily meals, just not spaghetti sauce.
Be adventurous...

                                      The garlic has been referred to as the stinking rose!
I think our bodies adapt to the strong smell of garlic;
And we will not be so sensitive to the fragrance of it if we all eat it!
So you must share your garlic with those you love.

Do you have any ways that you enjoy using garlic?
Please share them with me...


  1. This sounds great! I make garlic butter.
    I use fresh chives...chopped.
    Fresh taste.
    1# softened butter.
    Mix together.
    I keep it in a small crock in the fridge, and take some out as I use it on warm home made bread, or what ever you want. Fresh cooked vegetables, baked potatoes, garlic toast, etc.
    It's really good to saute shrimp with it.

  2. Good info. I love the photo of you and your baby doll! How precious!

  3. I just cut it up and take like a pill.
    How do you make Garlic Butter?

  4. I am Italian so garlic is a staple in my kitchen and I use it in almost everything I cook. I always add more than the recipe calls for too. Roasted garlic in the oven is the best!

  5. I hope to plant some garlic this month.

  6. Yes, garlic is an amazing vegetable… and so delicious; truly a favorite of mine.

  7. Not much better than the smell of garlic sautéing in a little butter. Use it as much as possible.

  8. Oh, I do enjoy garlic when it's been cooked especially when it's been sauteed :) I did not know that it was called the "Stinking Rose." That made me smile :)

    Thanks for sharing this fabulous post with Roses of Inspiration - it's always a delight to have you at the party, my friend.

    Enjoy your Tuesday! I have my cousin's 5-month-old baby coming over for the day {{smiles}} She comes every week and my son and I love our time with her. Hugs to yoU!


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