Thursday, July 9, 2015

I Am Doing A Great Work...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog

Being prepared for the unexpected...

Just a little reminder to you dear ladies, all Preppers are not crazy people!
I have been reading what some of these women have been posting!
They all seem to know something that I don't;
Or have ever experienced!

We sure have seen some wild weather in some parts of the country.
So much talk surrounding September 13...
What's the BUZZ tell me what's a happening??

I believe we all have been learning something about something...
I like to keep my eye on the weather we have had storms blow in quite
quickly on the plains, I have stuck my finger up to see which way the
wind is a blowing. We like to have a heads up for what is coming!

Did I mention that I got some new glasses from a new prescription?
Well, I can't see a thing!

Now, I will need to have another exam----
Which is better?
One Or Two?
Is 3 or 4 better?

Really, can I try a five or six??

Somebody needs to adjust their glasses or maybe have their vision checked!

We have enjoyed such an amazing green summer and looking
forward some canning from the farms this year!
We will not get much from our gardens from after the hail storms.

Do any of you have a better sense of what is going on in our world today?
As I refuse to be moved by hype;
But I do worry that we may all just be hitting the snooze button!

Remember Y2K
But 9/11 really did happen!
Do any of you have true family stories of the great depression?
Now what will we do if the grid ever really did go down;
(It would be the worlds worst hair day ever!)

I do so love my modern conveniences!

I read a good post the other day on Beautiful Womanhood, titled
I am doing a great work... A must read!

Well, I have learned this one thing;
Carry a big purse and have everything that you might ever need in it!
Bug Spray\Sunscreen/ Glass Cleaner/Tums/Hairspray/
Bullet proof vest
Extra Pair of Glasses
Bobby Pin (Ever see McGuyver)
Duct Tape
Bread Crumbs to leave a trail
A Dictionary
A Lighter
A Toothbrush
OHHH An extra Key to your house
(This is my silly list)

Really, I have to get a much bigger purse!
Happy Day To All Of You Ladies

OHHH I also had a man posing as a lady emailing me!
Scammer I tell you!

I am sewing some new aprons for myself, and eating rice crispy treats!
Hugs to all...


  1. I hear ya! I am reading the same murmurings from many different sources. You made me laugh with the hair comment and the extra big purse. I think I will deepen the pantry as I am able and trust God. He is our Source and Security. I was sorry that hailstorms have nearly wipes out your veggie gardens...discouraging.

  2. Interesting that you should post this because I been reading the same murmurings too. The Lord has been impressing on me that now is the time to draw closer to him. He is at the helm with everything under his control, we need to know him by saturating ourselves in the word so that we can trust in him. Hope you have a wonderful weekend

  3. I'm not quite sure what to say. Being ready is a good idea. Being afraid is not.

  4. Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we will remember the name of the Lord our God. I'm not saying we should not be wise, but we have to be careful we are not ruled by fear. I kinda like that big purse idea, but it would get a little heavy on the shoulders! I'm so glad my trust is in Him! Crash or no crash! Maybe you should move to Canada! (smile, smile) Have a wonderful weekend Roxy!

  5. We try to keep extra food and supplies here; in Michigan, we can easily get snowed in, and power outages are quite common in our area. I think it's just good common sense to be prepared for emergencies.

  6. Hi Roxy, I haven't heard anything about Sept.13.
    Am I the only one?

    I have the same trouble with the eye exams, The "which is clearer, this or this" goes by way too!
    I kept telling them after my last eye test that I couldn't see.
    After going back about three times they finally figured out my glasses were made with the wrong prescription!

    I love your blog.

  7. I guess I am in the dark too...I think I may have heard some talk about something but didn't realize it was September 13...but HEY, my birthday is on the 15th so I may never see my 61st birthday! I have heard that people in heaven don't get any older...I have actually heard some theories that we actually will be younger...wouldn't that be cool?! Now, about that big purse...coming from someone who has worked in physical therapy for 30 years, just let me say the bigger the purse, the heavier and those shoulders and back may thank you if you carry a smaller one...just sayin' :) Have a great weekend, Roxy!

  8. OK...I just went to google to enlighten myself about 9/13...I was guessing it was referring to the rapture. I guess I will probably turn 61 after all on Sept. 15....just in the dark without any $$ :( In all seriousness, I wonder many times how long Jesus will tarry in this messed up world we live in. I can only concern myself with one thing and that is trusting the Lord and being ready when the trumpet sounds...OK that's two things :)

  9. I had to chuckle at this post, Roxy. All preppers are definitely not crazy people! I carry a backpack in my trunk with emergency medical supplies and a change of clothes in case I get stranded on the road. I don't see any harm in that. It's always wise to have extra food and batteries on hand. Storms blow through here leaving us without power for up to 10 days. It's miserable no matter what time of year it happens!

    As to Sept 13, I had to Google that one. I'll just say I don't put much stock in anyone who claims they have a set date for anything prophetic to happen. I know the end is coming because I believe God's Word, so I don't worry about that. But whose to say we won't go through some hard times before the Lord returns. We get complacent in America.


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