Friday, January 30, 2015

When a Man Loves A Woman...

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When a man loves a woman...

Do you need a little cupid dust to be sprinkled upon your head?
Do you need to be squeezed and pulled into a bear hug?
Do you need someone to fan your flame?

When a man loves a woman, He loves with a deep longing that,
God put into him...
He needs a good woman!

Yes, I can hear from this side of my little screen;
You are just looking for a good man!

We need both;
Lets face it, we are seeing so much divorce and broken homes galore.
But ladies, if you could just be patient;
Wait and see if you can find that heart in your man;
Because I have some real undercover information here!

If you are married to this man called your mate;
You do have the special part that His heart is missing...
He needs a woman with more heart than looks or money!

He has a need that only you can fill!
"Trust, integrity, honor"
Wait, these are qualities that he should have!

A man needs to have a woman that is a bit above the cut!
Because it is just getting darker and harder to keep the light,
In our marriages and homes.

I know we get tired and really worn out;
But men are the targets for so many schemes and assaults out there!

I just know how much energy and time it takes
 To run a business or work a full time job...
Been there, done that!

Did not work very well for us,
But it was a training ground for me to see what it was like,
To be out in the world, and see what my husband dealt with daily!

Coming Home...
This was not just a physical move
But a spiritual one!

When a man loves a woman he wants here heart and soul;
~Even when he has not given all of his~

It's all work my dear sweet ladies;
But, just tell me where exactly you can have, 
A little bit of heaven on this earth,
Without working at it??

Open up your own little bag of cupid dust...
Sprinkle a little love!
Remember, just a spoon full of sugar helps everything!

I have witnessed a love that was grown and blossomed with the strain of
Selfishness and Me syndrome.
God's word and advice for a good marriage is powerful,
Yet, sometimes it just takes time!

There is nothing more glorious that seeing a woman well loved...

What words of encouragement or advice can we give to each other?

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

How To Become An Active Listener...

Living from Glory to Glory Blog; Artist Carolina Elizabeth
Artist: Carolina Elizabeth

Responding To Our Husbands

I wish I could stress enough how important this is...
Now lets just clarify right up front here ladies,
I am speaking about responding to them with our;
Words, our body language and tone of voice. And our listening to them!
And our loving them in physical ways of contact...

None of us appreciate  or enjoy being ignored when someone is not showing
Appropriate response in listening to us when we are talking.
It can be downright frustrating!

I realize at times we are so busy it is hard to just stop when, He
May be speaking to us!
We as women are always multi tasking;
But sometimes we just stop listening;
Sometimes we stop seeing the needs that are being displayed.

I can get so busy as he can also that we both realize we need some
ALONE time...

It does not matter whether you are a newlywed or have been married
For years. We all want to be heard!
And to not feel like we are talking to ourselves.

I think one of the most important skills we need to learn;
But more importantly is to use it!
Being an ACTIVE listener...

Blah blah blah

Husbands feel very disrespected when we do not listen to them.
When they are talking to us!

We can do so many things just right in so many arenas;
But I can tell you for sure this one thing that we might be doing;
Can and will cause great trouble!

I had an older woman tell me many years ago to STOP
Interrupting my Husband and to look at him when he was speaking to me!
Was my first thought, I was mad and embarrassed over this correction.
But she was right and very wise...
When I started doing as she suggested, the whole relationship blossomed!

We all need to be heard!
We all can learn to be an active listener!
We can respond with our eyes, and our head nodding!
We can respond in a way that he will be validated!

I am sure we have all experienced this;
When we are watching a movie;
And someone starts talking to us, we just space them out!
(Well, if this is the way you act all the time)
You can see that this can become a real source of trouble for a marriage.

Can you hear me?
Are You listening?

Do you think you are a good listener?

Monday, January 26, 2015

Coming Out Of Agreement...


Will you be tossed around as a wave in the sea?

There is a stronghold that can come upon a person's life;
From either opening a door on purpose or something that caught us
Completely off  guard...

I am so thankful that God gives us a way to turn from our wicked ways!
Our eyes are little cameras that take a snapshot of everything we see!
(Good and Evil)

Each and everyone of us has seen a picture that was not good;
We sometimes can see something just once and never be bothered by it!
Other times we can see just a snippet and be harassed by it.
The enemy is always looking for things that will trip us up.

So I think it is a wise thing to learn and exercise is control over our
Thoughts and images that have been imprinted on your minds.

Taking every thought captive is completely biblical!

But as with anything that has an evil intend, must be dealt with.
Firstly, God has called us to repent!
We're to repent of anything that God has not called good!

When we come before God almighty and ask for forgiveness;
Guess what what He forgives us...
Being forgiven allows us to see the freshness and purity of a restored relationship!

How to battle things imprinted is easy if you will not give up!
When that thought or image tries to come back;
You say NO WAY...

I have the mind of Christ;
I will take this thought captive and plead the blood of Jesus over my mind!

It will take practice, but I will tell you this, God has given us a way out!

Here is my post on Taking Every Thought Captive;
Click Here

Friday, January 23, 2015

Taking Every Thought Captive...

Living From Glory to Glory... Change your thinking

The Threshold

We are always able to change the direction of our thinking...
We are not robots that have been programmed.
But sometimes it does appear that some people are on autopilot!

We need to refocus and look into where we can go with our thinking,
That is pleasing to the Lord...

He tells us to enter His gates with Thanksgiving

I have found that when I have an attitude of being thankful;
I am able to be a better wife and mother and friend!

"We can make a choice in our thinking"

Are you aware or realize when the enemy is trying to
re-direct your thinking??

When you begin to disrespect your husband in your thoughts;
When you become jealous over what another might have.
When you start thinking angry thoughts!
When you become suspicious and think everyone is out to get you!

When we are good Christian people;
We are not out sinning and living lives that are terrible;
So the enemy has to use our own thoughts against us!

I have seen this happen over and over...

I am so thankful that I had a teaching given to me about this!
As I can now quickly discern when my thoughts are being bombarded
 with thoughts that come from the enemy.

Women are always thinking...
Some ladies even have trouble turning off their thoughts.

That is why the scripture that tells us to take every thought captive!
2Corinthians 10:5
(Imagination and arguments)

Do a word study on this verse and see the importance of this.

If you think the same negative, destructive thoughts often;
You will have a rut in your brain;
Like a default program
( I was told it looked much like the wagon train ruts on the road)
Hard to get out, once you slipped into it!
But I believe that if we read the word and be aware and take our,
Thoughts captive we can have the mind of Christ!

Keeping our minds fresh and alive and learning new things;
Will bring life...
Being a woman of a healthy mind is very feminine,
As you will not look worried or confused and upset!

We all know when this starts to creep up;

Do you realize everyday you can speak a new word and leave a great impression!
Get out of yourself thinking and its rut;
See what the Lord says about every situation!!

Just a reminder, Dear Ladies;
Being worried is sin
Being fearful breeds more fear

Think thoughts that are lovely;
About Your Husband
And others!
Speak a blessing and don't give the enemy your mind!
Use it as a key to witness and create and inspire for
His Glory...

Do you struggle with controlling your thoughts?
Do you believe we can train our hearts to think differently?

What I am up to...
I have been crocheting little hearts...
I have been trying to walk everyday, not doing really great at it!
I received an eight piece setting of the Desert Rose Franciscan China
From my older Brother today!
What a lovely gift to receive;
As it was my Mothers favorite pattern of China!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Winter White Or Winter Blues...


Living from Glory to Glory Blog

Enjoy these days of winter rest...
We sometimes think that this season of quiet is really a time
of winter blues.

This is so far from the truth!

We can sit in a chair and work with our hands with projects
That never seem to even get picked up in the summer time.

We can get off to bed a bit earlier as it gets dark so much earlier!

We can cancel different outings because the weather is bad!
We can make a pot of soup and eat a couple of meals from it!
We can make pancakes for dinner and we think it is wonderful and yummy!

We enjoy those root vegetables that we can bake in the oven;
As we don't worry about over heating up the kitchen.

We can sit with a book with a cup of warm tea in our hands and feel comfort.

I am learning to embrace these winter seasons;
I am tired of feeling aggravated over snow and cold and ice.
As it is a fact I do not live in the tropics...

I remember as a child ice skating almost every single day!
We would go sledding as a fun thing that we loved!
We can all remember lying down on the ground and making a snow angel.
( Unless of course you live where it does not snow)

How to stop the winter blues...

Can we just stop and embrace each day and season?
I can tell you for certain the more we strive the more we feel confined.
I want to encourage myself and you also;
To not allow the weariness to take hold!

Sometimes we just need to start a new project!
Clean out your closet (Now that would take up a whole day)

Keeping my heart opened to what the next thing might be helps!
We always need to help keep that anticipation for what the Lord has!
I truly believe the Lord wants us to enjoy our days!
And when we do struggle it is just another chance and opportunity to grow!
This may just be a time that we are practicing our endurance!
After all it is how we learn to overcome!

So may we all find things that will produce a harvest even if,
This may not be a planting season in the natural
God is always expecting us to use our time and talents to
Bring Him Glory and to grow us!
Being stretched is not ever really fun, but rather painful!

But we will plan and stretch and not be caught up in being ill-tempered!
It is not becoming to be rude to others or become melancholy!

Now, let us enjoy this white season and not feel blue!
Take a walk
Try a vitamin D-3 supplement
Plan a Valentine's tea party
Start making some cookies and put them in the freezer
Make a new blogging friend!
Pray and Praise
Put off this garment of heaviness...

Monday, January 19, 2015

The Good Wife And Woman...

Living from Glory to Glory Blog

Hard Work And Responsibility...

Each day has its own troubles!
Each day has its own blessings!

Being a Proverbs Women can be daunting...

But the one scripture that always gives me hope is this one,

"Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman
who fears the Lord is to be praised."
~Proverbs 31:30

When I realized what would give my marriage real depth,
And honor and love and commitment would be my character:

When we are learning to trust and fear the Lord daily;
We get our eyes off all that we can't get done in a day!
You and I may not be able to match the work level of the Proverbs 31 woman!

But we can have her character...
No matter are age or ability or finances,
We can be faithful
We can be supportive
We can be sensitive to the Spirit!
We can be responsive to our Husband's needs!
(He has some)
We can become observant to prayer needs!
We can fill our Homes with creative ideas!
(In lovely decor and food that lifts the heart)
Loving in ways that show we care
Love is a verb; to show action

I think that hard work and taking responsibility is how;
We learn and grow in Godly character!
It is about whatever we set our hands to that we do well!

When we make a bed or set the table for a meal;
We can be a perfect example of the proverbs 31 woman.
Character is what fearing the Lord can look like!
We do it because He has given us the very Home as our sphere!

A good wife and woman does not do everything perfectly;
But rather she does her portion;
She asks God for His strength to do it with love and care...

A Good Wife, and woman is something every woman should hope to become;
As the scripture tells us this;
Charm is deceptive
Beauty is fleeting
But a woman who loves and fears the Lord
(Trains herself to resemble more of His character...)

I want to encourage each of us, even myself today;
May we look well to our hearts and our home;
We can make a joyous resolve to worship in all our tasks at hand!

Make a lovely meal or dessert today
Take a lovely photo for your next blog post!
Make a plan for a valentine craft!
Go to the library and bring home some books that will inspire you!
Take a walk!

Start a new Bible study for these long winter mornings!

Is there something that you are doing to encourage yourself
In the Lord?
Please share a thought or idea with us!
We long to grow in character and worth!

Friday, January 16, 2015

When Is A Living Room Really Living...


Living from Glory to glory Blog

A Living Room

Looks clean and tidy and quiet...

See our Lazy Girl and Boy Chairs?

Nothing to do but rest and read a book at my leisure!
Well, at least most the time...

A Living Room is really only living when people are living in it!!
(Silly Goose)

This Christmas we were blessed to have all our grandchildren with us for the holidays!

And WOW did we have busy...
We had a monopoly game going on at a card table!
See the winner is the one smiling ;o)

We had the re- arranging of the mouse house and all the furniture!

We had Lincoln log cabins being built. And babies in the tub!

We had gun fights!
We had swords wielding...

We had Lego imagination!

They went on sled rides...

Cousins galore...

Connecting hearts...

Cousins to play with!!

Boys just enjoying a good Lego Movie...

My Sweet Treasures...

Relaxing with the new cousin...
She's a newbie to the family get together!
Not sure if she was ever not being held for eight days!

Our Son And Daughter;
God's Greatest Blessings
Our Children arise and call us blessed...
Thank you for our inheritance of our Grandchildren!

The Living Room is clean and tidy...
~But way to quiet and clean~

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Why Blogging Is Alive And Not Dying...


Bloggers, Blogging, Glory to Glory Blog

We Are Bloggers...

The world of media has said blogging is dying---
But, I think that is not true for many reasons!

The world is running at such a fast speed that it can't even catch up with its self.

Video Chat

But we are a rare breed dear ones...
We love the idea of a corner of our lives that we can bask in a unique space.
We have words and thoughts, that is like a good cup of tea;
It must steep for a while,
That is how it gets its strength and the fragrance fills the room.

Blogging is a little bit like an apron;
Not everyone still uses one;
But it is really nice to wear when you need to be covered;
And you seek to be inspired...
And even look cute and stylish...

Our Blogs are like a sewing room or a craft room~
Or a photography room!
Filled with lovely things
(Words and pictures and a taste of something sweet)

No drive thru- fare will fill our longings of good and steady hold you over context!
With a dash of real and the spice of life, and just enough salt
(To bring out the flavor)

We are Bloggers...
We are not a fad to tickle a quick fancy;
But rather to be consistent and realistic...
To dream and to inspire...
To challenge and to endure...

We are not a people who are of a one night stand!
We have integrity and worth;
As we encourage each other to fulfill our most important calling!

All good things take time;
Building a blog is like a family;
We learn to trust one another!
We pray for one another!
We watch each others children grow!

We laugh and crack each other up  LOL
We feel touched and our hearts move with compassion...

We live in our HOMES
We make our houses into HOMES
We learn and grow into His image...

We learn new skills to run our homes in a frugal way that gives honor,
To our Husbands, as onto the Lord!

We mentor one another with Godly wisdom...

We take joy and pleasure in the simple things in our lives!

We pray for the hurting
We pray for those who have lost a loved one!
We warn when we are aware of the danger...

We become better cooks and homemakers...
We learn beauty tips that help us to feel beautiful!
We learn ways to be healthy;

We learn how to be Godly wives!
We learn so many things that we did not know as to how to make
A wonderful marriage!
 (Yes, It is work, but a labor of love)

We learn how to grow gardens and flower beds!
We learn how to live off the land, no matter the size..
(City or country)

We gain confidence to learn how to sew or knit or crochet!

We stop believing the lie that the world tells us
 that being a homemaker is not important!

We are not alone...

We are Bloggers
Home and Hearth
Love and Calm
Tea and Coffee

We are not dead...

We live and we will blog, maybe always!
Things will come and go...
But what you grow and prosper in usually lives a long time!
For the roots go deep;
Then the fruit is produced, to feed others!

Don't give up!
We need each other...

Monday, January 12, 2015

Beware Of Accepting Terms...

The Ripple Effect...

Accept Terms

Be very careful in what you sign or click on!
I believe so many web sites have advertisement on them that if
You open them, or click the box you now have opened yourself up!

I have a very good system for keeping out junk and Pop-ups...
But like so many things in this world, things unwholesome can find any open door!

Do you realize that once you open a door and a picture or word gets in your mind,
And now your heart is open...
It is almost impossible to stop seeing those images

That is why we need to think about things that are lovely!
Things that are true...

Watching all those crime shows and suspenseful programs,
Allows our minds to  actually need them to feel entertained!
Sometimes is is even just the commercials in between what you are watching that harms!

I have seen a searing of our conscience...

My husband has always used this analogy for being slowly conditioned;
If we were to put a frog into a pot of lukewarm water,
It would just swim around and be happy!
But if an agenda wanted to increase the heat it would slowly turn it up a notch.
The poor little frog would not even realize that its brains were being cooked!
Unable to swim freely, but rather to be boiled alive!

Our minds are a wonderful and beautiful gift from the Lord!
But why do we continue to subject our minds to filth and sin?

Well, mostly because we have all been slightly boiled in the brain...
Seared in most situations---

I love a good story;
I enjoy being entertained;

A good imagination is so powerful!
You can slay a dragon in a comfortable chair in your own living room.
You can plant a garden and almost see and smell the lovely flowers!

But when you click on the picture that opens a lifetime;
Of a distorted picture of what Godlessness really looks like;
You have accepted its terms...
It is a living and breathing force that will bring your heart and mind
Into a place that has iron bars to keep you!
A prisoner in your own mind!

That is why we are called to practice and exercise self-control...
We are so exposed to the worlds ideas and Hollywoods imagination,
We can become dull of being able to distinguish right from wrong.
He warns us to NOT be deceived...

I will be having another post to address how to repent
And overcome these addictions to images that are not pleasing.
To our Father and it grieves the Holy Spirit!

Really, Even our televisions have controls to bleep out the bad words!
And to not allow nudity and violence
You must use a code to override its warning!!!!!

We need to be advised:

I will set nothing wicked before my eyes;
Psalms 100:3

May I ask you, why do you think we have become so tolerant of sinful images?

Friday, January 9, 2015

Ways to Use Vicks VapoRub...

Living From Glory to Glory Blog

I have had this one little product in my medicine cabinet for years!
I have used it on so many sore throats and necks and muscles.

It is a small jar that packs a tough punch for ailments!

It is like so many medicinal items over the years;
We see a re-packaging and design, but I think the context is the same.

Vicks VapoRub is one of the oldest and best selling cold remedies on the market. Consumer marketing company Nielsen reports that the ointment is the number one cold treatment for children by overall sales in 2009. First sold in the 1890s as a croup and pneumonia remedy, VapourRub contains three active ingredients--camphor, eucalyptus oil and menthol.

Here is a list of a few great ideas for its use;

Sore Throat- Rub on throat and wrap with a strip of flannel
(Be in a sitting or a lounge chair)

Decongestant-  Rub on chest and just below in each nostril
(Place under chin for babies and toddlers)

Coughs- Rug generously on the bottoms of feet,
Cover with warm socks to help minimize coughing!

Sore Muscles- Rub generously into sore muscles.

Headaches- Rub onto forehead and temples, back of neck!

Earaches- Dab Vicks onto a cotton ball and place in ear.
To relieve some of the pain.
(You can also apply a heating pad over the ear)

Cracked Heels- Rub into feet in the morning and night;
(Wear a pair of sock to help the softening quicker)

Cold Sores- Rub some Vick's on the area as soon as you feel it coming on!
(Also, before you add the fix place an ice cube over spot till dumb)
This tells the virus to go back down...

Nail Fungus- Rub into affected toes with fungus,
The nail will turn dark in color, but it will grow out healthy!

Mosquito Repellent- Rub on bare, exposed arms and legs, and back of neck.

Itchy Bug Bites- Rub onto bug bites and then cover with a band-aid!

I have read and heard some controversy about this product;
But I have used this and find it safe with no side effects!
Yes, I am sure you can make a healthier version for yourself,
But, I still find comfort from this product, and I have many memories
From it being used when I was a child, and using it on my children when they
We're young and needed something to help a bad cold or an itchy bug bite.

I am just now recovering from pneumonia and I have used this daily for a bit of comfort!
I will keep my Vicks VapoRub...

Can you think of some other ways that Vicks has been used to help you!
I hope you will share them with me!


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Is The Love Of The Truth Leading You...


Are You Purpose Driven? Or Led By The Spirit...

Our you being led by the Spirit
Or being driven by a purpose?

The love of the truth may compel us!
But we must be not self driven, but  led by the Spirit...

I see that our lives must be lived by faith;
So we might be able to say a faith-driven life, as long as
it is faith in Jesus Christ. As it is the Holy Spirit that helps me to obey God!
And to obey God's word...

I do not like all the messages out there that tell us we can have a purpose driven life!
Even the Israelites were not wandering for 40 years;
They were led by a cloud by day
And a fire by night!
They were not wandering in the sense that God was not in control!

We will see the destruction of our own intentions when they are not;
Coupled with the direction of God's Word and the leading of the Holy Spirit!

The world has its own training ground to teach us to follow,
A man made  protocol will not work!
We are unique humans made in His image,
And He alone knows what we need and how much pressure to apply!
God has His own school of reform and teaching...
You will not find these truths sitting in Mega churches that tickle the ear!

Why, because it is a message that fits everyone...

I am sensing that once God gives you a word or leading;
Then you make the time to ponder and inquire!

Personal and intimate times with Him will bring about the changes needed!

Fellowship, Worship and Work...
We need all three!

I want to encourage you ladies to step up and into a deeper,
time of prayer for your husbands in this season!
We all know that they are our heads in our homes!
And when our husbands come under attack from stress or sickness or troubles,
From the enemy of our souls they need backup!
This is one of the most important jobs as a Help Mate...

Look at your Husband and just see the burdens that they carry!
Being led by the Spirit will bring you the ability when you must
Intercede for them!

Do you realize that we are called to be like Sara;
To not be fearful, but to stand in a battle stance for what it right!
Our Husbands must know deep down within their hearts we love and trust them!

Quit following the crowds;
Keep close to the truth and be a real Help mate to the one
You made a covenant with...

As we live day in and day out with our Hubbies,
We can sometimes take them for granted!

Humble yourself and gird yourself for battle and service!

She looks well to the ways of her household
And does not eat the bread of idleness.
Proverbs 31:27

Be aware of who and what is leading you!
The Love of the truth will lead you into what is good and holy!

Many will walk down a road of destruction in their marriages this year!
Make your husband your priority, right after you submit to God!
He wants to use our marriages as an example to the world!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Being A Homemaker Is Not Enough...

Living from Glory to Glory Blog

 Why do we think we need to constantly do more, be more, achieve more, more, more more?

In God we live and move and have our being Acts 17:28

One of the very first lies was where a lovely woman by the name of Eve,
Heard from a beguiled liar;
Be more
Have it all...
Think of yourself
Achieve and live for more...

But at the cost of who and what?
I am all for improving one's attitude and work ethic,
But we have us a problem, dear ones!
As we have so many girls that do not even have a clue as how to run a HOME!
The home is and always will be the center that holds things together!
It was God's idea for families to live together, work together!
The Home is where you are nourished in your mind and body!
We learn skills for everyday living.

Being trained to run a home will always be a huge benefit!
For kingdom purposes;
For health and safety
For love and growth

Even NSA
(National Security Agency)
Have to have a place where all their data are kept,
We need to keep our Homes with such diligence!

There are so many distractions in our world,
We have bought the lie of bigger and better and brighter!

Pray for our Homes and for the women who take their callings,
As to be as important as the NSA!

We need a revival of hearts!
But if we can see the welfare of what can come from a Home;
That is dedicated to God and truth, we can see the benefits,
In every area of society...

Be grateful that God has called you to manage just your Home
We are not called to be in everyone else business;
But to mange our own Homes!

Remind yourself daily of what your mission statement is until
You become quicker to make appropriate decisions as to how it will affect
Your home and family!

Make this a season of learning to manage your Home more wisely!
Be frugal and make a nice pot of homemade soup for dinner.
Do some mending on something that needs some tender care.
Make up some nice quick breads to have in the freezer.

Do not think that what you do in your home is not important!

I truly believe if we are diligent  in being homemakers;
And all we do all we do for His glory...
We will hear well done good and faithful servant!

To Serve;
Just as the Son of Man did not come to be served,
but to serve, and to give His life as a ransom.
Matthew 20:28

Now what is happening in my own little world;
Got out my juicer and some veggie juice to break up this nasty cold---
Made a pot of chicken soup with lots of fresh garlic!
Been working on those cute crocheted hot pads for my kitchen
(A pretty cheery yellow and white)
Wrote a letter to my Penpal!
Eating some Blach cherries that we got for a dollar a bag!
Missing my Grandchildren so much!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

It Wasn't Me...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

It wasn't ME...

Look the evidence is as plain as the nose on your face!

Taking responsibility is a sign of maturity,
We all want to be right in all matters.
I want to enjoy the sweetness of life, but not by denying the truth!
We will be held in contempt of court, by wanting to give my side of the story!
Learning to listen with ears that truly hear...
Is He in the thunder?
He speaks in that still small voice

Being quiet and learning to listen will bring us to a place of great knowledge.

Egypt was a place of great visual sensations.
Babylon was a place of sin and living for oneself...

I like to think of the great story this time of year
New Years Day
As a reminder of crossing of the Jordan River...

We are all called to come over

Red Rover, Red Rover send Johnny on over!

Do you realize we have been given a new opportunity?

A New Thing;
The Lord will never do exactly the same thing a second time around.
He will do something better!
A New Thing
A New Way
This new year is filled with possibilities and the power to create and inspire!

Everything we need to overcome and adapt as we submit to God!

Cross over the Jordan...

Will this year be better or worse?
It will be both as we have seen as things get darker;
We my friends become brighter and showing more of His Glory!

What has been going on in my world;
We had all eight grandchildren here for over a week!
Sledding and wrestling with each other as cousins do!
I have the worst case of laryngitis ever!
(Grandchildren were glad that happened, as I was captive to listening to their stories)
I am thinking and inquiring of the Lord as to growing in His Grace and Image...
One of my dearest and best friends moved to Florida this last December!
I miss her terribly...
My computer during this holiday got a terrible Ad Choice downloaded on it
It took over my entire Blog-----
I was wondering if I should just DELETE the whole Blog?
My wonderful son-in law was able to get it off for me!
My Hubby and I are barking like dogs with a very nasty cough!
We are so blessed to be given another year of 52 Sundays to worship!
365 Days to grow in Grace...

May I ask you, dear ones;
Does this Blog help you?
Is this something that brings you to a place of wanting to grow?
Is becoming a Woman of God a desire of your heart?

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