Friday, January 30, 2015

When a Man Loves A Woman...

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When a man loves a woman...

Do you need a little cupid dust to be sprinkled upon your head?
Do you need to be squeezed and pulled into a bear hug?
Do you need someone to fan your flame?

When a man loves a woman, He loves with a deep longing that,
God put into him...
He needs a good woman!

Yes, I can hear from this side of my little screen;
You are just looking for a good man!

We need both;
Lets face it, we are seeing so much divorce and broken homes galore.
But ladies, if you could just be patient;
Wait and see if you can find that heart in your man;
Because I have some real undercover information here!

If you are married to this man called your mate;
You do have the special part that His heart is missing...
He needs a woman with more heart than looks or money!

He has a need that only you can fill!
"Trust, integrity, honor"
Wait, these are qualities that he should have!

A man needs to have a woman that is a bit above the cut!
Because it is just getting darker and harder to keep the light,
In our marriages and homes.

I know we get tired and really worn out;
But men are the targets for so many schemes and assaults out there!

I just know how much energy and time it takes
 To run a business or work a full time job...
Been there, done that!

Did not work very well for us,
But it was a training ground for me to see what it was like,
To be out in the world, and see what my husband dealt with daily!

Coming Home...
This was not just a physical move
But a spiritual one!

When a man loves a woman he wants here heart and soul;
~Even when he has not given all of his~

It's all work my dear sweet ladies;
But, just tell me where exactly you can have, 
A little bit of heaven on this earth,
Without working at it??

Open up your own little bag of cupid dust...
Sprinkle a little love!
Remember, just a spoon full of sugar helps everything!

I have witnessed a love that was grown and blossomed with the strain of
Selfishness and Me syndrome.
God's word and advice for a good marriage is powerful,
Yet, sometimes it just takes time!

There is nothing more glorious that seeing a woman well loved...

What words of encouragement or advice can we give to each other?


  1. Amen..Amen..Amen..
    I can never be gone long from the home before my beloved misses my presence. I tried working a small job in the early morning hours before he gets up, just helping an elderly neighbor who needed some cooking and cleaning done. (Hubby works a night shift) I figured he wouldn't miss me because he had to sleep in the mornings. He said to me that he just hated to hear the car pull out of the driveway in the mornings. He just loves knowing I am around. within your harvest. He does need your presence in the home. As my husband once said "If I needed a secretary I would have married one. What I needed was a wife."
    It is special to be loved and cherished and available.

    1. "Ladies live within your harvest" that is golden! Sounds like you are a tried and true woman. Thanks for sharing..

  2. Oh my, what a beautiful post! And YES I agree 100%! My hubby travels quite a bit, and since our children are now grown and on their own, he has asked me to go with him. Truthfully, I have always been a little insecure, but we have grown so much closer that I can honestly say that I love him more now than I did the day we were married. As Shirley said, It IS special to be loved and cherished and available.

  3. When the kids are small, we forget our men too many times. Empty nest comes and we rarely know what to talk about or what brought us together other than the children. So many marriages fall apart during this season because they weren't nutured when the children were home. All the nutruing was given to the children. It was this way with me and mine. We've had to learn to give again. We had to learn to cherish each other. I encourage my children to do that.

  4. This is a beautiful posthing Roxy! Funny thing is I was just thinking this in passing the other day! It's as if a husband just wants to know that his wife has a soft space in her heart just for uplifting and living him. It is a beautiful thing. When you say sometimes it just takes time, are you speaking about the time it takes for the husband to reciprocate the love and cherishing? I guess that's what I got from it. Thanks for validating one of my thoughts :-) God bless~

  5. It's such a blessing to know that our husbands do need us. It does take work, it does require a lot of selflessness, but it is all worth it! It's not all about feelings, Love is about commitment. The benefits are abundant for loving and serving our husbands.
    Thanks for your encouragement....even though I'm not into cupid dust. :)

  6. I needed this today Roxy.

  7. These words are perfect Roxy. It is sad that at the end of the day, many of us are just so tired to be a loving wife. I make it a point to take a 20 minute nap everyday so that I could be a "human" when hubby comes home!


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