Monday, February 29, 2016

Saying I Love You...

Friends, Living From Glory To Glory Blog

Saying I love YOU...

~Some words carry weight and life~
Why we must be asking these questions,

Why do you love me?
Why do I love you?

Because without love, we would die a slow and painful death!

We are warned in scripture that the love of most will grow cold...

If I wrote a bestseller book and had not love
If I lived in a mansion and had not love
If I knew hundreds of people, but had no friends;
Love is a commodity worth millions...

Love is a terrible thing to waste,
But we all know we can not love everything that some people are doing!
Love the sinner, hate the sin!

If you have been given the chance to extend true friendship;
Honor it
Grow it
Keep it

I Love You...
Because He first loved me!

Friday, February 26, 2016

Trying To Find Time...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Trying To Find Time...

What are some of the lovely and satisfying things that you just long to do?

I really do enjoy sewing and making aprons and cloth dish towels.
And my new fun favorite thing to do is make little tea bag fabric holders.

Any more I need smaller projects so I can get them done quicker.
It would help if the darn thread stayed threaded in my machine;
(I think the hole in the needle is shrinking)

When I do get into town and I always find myself in the fabric store!
(Might need to join Fabric Hoarders Anonymous)

I have a drawer full of fabric, but I just can't help myself at times...

Are you ladies finding it harder to get to those projects that you
really enjoy doing?

Sometimes I just have to tell myself today is the day I will sew!

I think that when we just always do the normal housework;
And we do not just do something that makes us sing deep down inside.
We can become tired and a bit stale in our imagination.

Once Spring gets here and I do believe it is peeking its head out,
We will once again have yard work to do and planting!

I think we have the change of seasons so we can have a
Long winter's rest inside so we can really enjoy the fresh outdoors,
Come spring and summer.

I do hope to finish a few things this next week!
(Well, that is if;
The Lord willing and the creek don't rise)

I think we just need to have something to look forward to.
Hope you have some plans to do something special!

Work and pray and enjoy...

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Tornado Drops From The Sky...


Our daughter and son in law and their children were in that tornado that
Struck in the night in Pensacola, FL.

God truly protected them all...

When they saw all the damage that had hit the other homes;
They praised God for His hand of protection!

And we thanked God for answering our prayers!
As you all know we ask for God to protect our loved ones!
Even in the  path of a fierce storm He delivered them.

All the stuff is replaceable...
Life is the most valuable thing we are given;
Firstly, physical life, but it is the converted, regeneration state of
Our very souls that we must truly understand
The gift of God that really matters!

Trees that have graced the neighborhood for 30+ years,
Were tossed around as if they were but a blade of grass.

Storms will come!!

~We will find peace in the eye of the storm~

Living From Glory To Glory
Even when fear strikes our hearts!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Wind In My Sail...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

About this time of the year I long for sunshine and warmth...
But it is the sound of the ocean that I find so alluring.

It may be such a strong draw because we live so far from the ocean air and winds.
Because we;
Made our home and life on the flat lands of the prairies.

It is a funny thing when you think about how God places
us within our boarders!
It is no surprise to the Lord that we live miles away from an ocean!
As a matter of fact, we live smack dab between the Pacific and the Atlantic.

But I find that even in the middle I feel a draw to the water!
Not really the sunbathing or water sports,
But rather the tide that comes in and returns to the sea.
Over and over again...

The sea can be very calming and soothing to our souls;
But there are times the water becomes wild and out of control.

It is the wind that brings the turbulence!

The sea can be smooth as glass;
or rough and choppy...

And that is my point!
Life is like the sea...
When the winds of adversity strike it can cause damage.
But if we can set our face and sails into the wind.
We can build momentum and speed ahead in the direction,
That is the right course that the Lord has mapped out for you!

Why do we act shocked when things do not go
According to our plans?

Do we not trust God with all the details in our lives?

The ocean and life have an ebb and flow...

How I long for a breath of fresh air!

Sometimes this air smells of wood smoke from the chimney above.

Sometimes the air is filled with the smell of coffee and bacon frying,
In our early morning campsite in the summer time.

Sometimes it is the aroma of the Russian Olive trees in bloom!

Oh the smell of the rain that causes us to breath deeply!

I write this to encourage those that have had the wind knocked out of them.

Do not give up, the wind will surely once again come around
And help propel you to the new thing that is coming your way!

Comfort one another...

Friday, February 19, 2016

Pearls A Great Treasure...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog

What do you consider to be a great treasure?

Jewels and cars and big beautiful houses, can be a powerful lure.
But we know deep down inside;
Money can't buy us happiness or love...

Have you ever really wanted something so bad, But then when you got it,
It was such an anticlimax moment after maybe a day or a week or a month.
Like maybe when the due date for the payment came due.

There is a mix in this world of the real and the imitation;
Or shall I call it what it is (A Fake)

We are not trained to tell the difference anymore!
So many of us cannot afford the real;
So we now have fake diamonds and pearls to your heart's content.

But there are just some things that cannot pass for the real!
Margarine instead of

Cool Whip instead of
"Whip Cream"

Stuff instead of

True and real love is the one thing that sustains life...

Love in a true relationship
(Husband and Wife)

The love you have for your children and grandchildren!

The love of a peaceful and joyous evening or day at home!

A good nights sleep...

Why do we run around looking for the next thing?
Why do we allow the need "more" syndrome rob us of the now?
Or the real foundational truth that it is love that conquers all!

May I give you a word of wisdom?
Stop missing the moments that are real and in your face!!

Dreamers and schemers and a false expectation...

Do what is required of you!
Give and enjoy and take pleasure in all you set your heart and hand too!

And you will find true love and joy and peace in the middle
of every season and trial or fearful thing that comes your way.

I can make this promise to you because I know it is true;
Christ love will sustain you
And His joy will fill you!

Love as if it were your last day upon this earth...

Living From Glory To Glory

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Learning To Play The Piano In My Spare Time...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog

Learning To Play The Piano

I am beginning to wonder about the wisdom or shall I call it the bravery;
In the reality that I am learning to play the piano...

I can hear the scales in my sleep

But learning where each note sits on the staff
Is a new learning curve for me!

These little notes do many things...
They step, skip and repeat!

I felt rather discouraged last week when I went to my class
And I found out I had learned a song incorrectly.

I tell you I almost wanted to quit...

Tell me when are we too old to learn something new?

I tell so many of you often in my blog posts
Never give up!

Keep running your race!

Well, now I need to apply this very same thing to myself.

If I wrote about every aspect of my life,
Or if you told me every woe and trouble in your lives.
We all would become a 
Debbie Downer
(From Saturday Night Live)
Yes, I have watched it a few times many years ago!

I do not live under a rock...

Our internet is not an unlimited kind...
(This thing gives you warnings;
You are about to exceed your time limit)

But, I am pretty sure life does not give you these warnings
So you can hurriedly squeeze all the things into your day or life;
That you have had a desire to do!
So Just do it...

Look, if you would only...
Brush your teeth for 3 minutes a day
And Study your Bible for an hour daily
And if you would walk for 20 minutes every day
And eat five fruits and vegetables every single day of your life
And you must practice the piano every day at least two times a day
And remember to remember to do all these things!

You my friend would be a robot or a computer...

So there you have it...

Wait, one more thing;
We are supposed to encourage one another daily, while it is yet day!
So here it is, my dear sweet friends!!
I appreciate each of you!
Sometimes I can only just get on the computer when
I am NOT either brushing my teeth, or eating my fruits and vegetables,
Or walking, or playing the piano!
Or if I have not exceeded my limit...

~I do hope you all got a good laugh~

Living From Glory To Glory Blog

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Looking For Color In Every Day And The Majestic Cardinal...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

The Cardinal

This beautiful bird is one of my most favorite!
But sadly in this part of the country we do not have them.
When I was a child growing up we had them;
And even then I thought they were all dressed up for a party!

There is just such a lively and robust way about them!
I think they are always dressed for a festive holiday!
There just majestic and regal!
The King and Queen of the winter forest!

Because of my love of these birds I am now,
I am on the look out for some fabric with these bright red birds on them.
And maybe a picture or a bird figurine for the mantel.

It is interesting how one can become interested in many different things,
That may have never even crossed my path or radar before.
But I have taken a keen interest now!

Learning to broaden your horizon and interest is healthy and,
Keeps us young...

I always thought bird watching was silly or boring,
But I now think watching the birds and seeing the many
Splendors that God has created is eye opening!

We can become dull in noticing the little things, as we become
Bombarded with the big and loud!

These beautiful birds are so very cheery and bright!

I know this is the time of year we need to really look for;
Bright Spots in our days!
It is the time of year where the landscape becomes really brown 
All colors are gone and things can appear dreary.

I hope to travel soon and I will be on the look out for these lovely birds!

The color red is such a cheery color!
I always like to have a bit of red in most every room of my home!
Just a red flower a geranium just makes me smile.
A red rose says lovely to me.
A red frame around a picture just pops!

Why we need to keep an eye always opened;
Beauty and color is everywhere, we just have to look
More intently...

Lord, give me eyes to see all your beauty and to appreciate it!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

What The Different Colors Of Roses Mean...

There is just something so wonderful about the Rose flower...
The smell is intoxicating,
The symbolism is powerful!
A rose is worth a thousand words...

Enjoy a little symbolism that is dedicated to each different color of each rose.
Each color has some special meanings to them!


Red Rose...

The Red roses are of course the traditional symbol for love and romance.
They say I Love You!
The red rose speaks life!
This rose says beauty and perfection.
A bouquet of red roses is a perfect way to express your deep feelings!

Pink Roses...
A pretty Pink rose is a symbol of grace and elegance.
It is used to convey admiration, or appreciation.
Also the color says joyfulness.
The pink rose is considered the oldest garden rose.

Yellow Roses...
This bright and sunny color of yellow brings feelings of
warmth, happiness and cheerfulness.
this is a great rose to send with a get well wish!
True friendship!
Feelings of joy...

White Roses...
Now, the white rose represents innocence and purity.
New beginnings (marriages, births)
A white rose shows honor and reverence.
These are often an expression of  remembrance (death of a loved one)

Orange Roses...
Orange roses speak of desire and enthusiasm.
Energy, passion and excitement.
Theses send a meaning message.
Emerging romance.

Lavender Roses...
Majesty, Enchantment,
Love at first sight!

I always love looking at the roses;
Every part of the rose has a special meaning.
The fragrance is heady and speaks of love and romance;
A rose scented oil or a perfume is beautiful!

I think each petal is thick and lush and is a treasure,
when they fall off the stem and dry in the wind!
They can be scattered or placed in a bowl.

Even the thorns can remind us of the sorrows and pain that come
in the life we live each day.

The beginning of a rose bud, speaks of new beginnings;
And beauty is on its way.
Never give up and look for the beauty in each day.

May I suggest you consider buying some roses;
They are worth the beauty and symbolism once in awhile...

Give a gift that speaks love and affection...
To your mate or child or friend

Friday, February 5, 2016

Gods Grace Overflows And Where Your Treasures Is...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog

These Young Ladies Inspire Me...

I have known each and every one of them for at lease
Two decades or more!

They desire to be Godly wives and mothers!
They have shown me honor and love...
I am so grateful that I have been able to speak truth and love
Into their hearts and families and marriages!

Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

We were all having a little tea party lunch for sweet fellowship;
As these two young women were here visiting their Mother!
Which just happens to be my dear friend from our youth.
These two were best friends with my daughter growing up!

Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

The one in the middle is my most precious Daughter In Love;
She was given to me as a gift through marriage...
She has blessed me beyond words!
You Can Find Her @
Gods Grace Overflows

Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

This lovely lady and friend has been a part of my life

The two young ladies with me above our her two girls
"They are twins"

Here is Pam's Blog
Where Your Treasure Is
(Treasure In Earthen Vessels"

We have had many years to grow a friendship that we always
pray brings glory to God!

Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

These young Godly Boys;
Belong to the women of the first photo I showed;
These are the young arrows these ladies are raising!

And of course, these boys are a few of Pam's and my grandchildren!
We both have more grandchildren that were not with us on this occasion.

I think it is rather very sweet to all be together for a few glorious hours!
The boys had so much fun...

We girls had a lovely day!
Tea and a yummy lunch!
And Love

( I just wanted to mention that the two girls in the photo with me;
Are the very ones that got all of us to start a Blog)
They are the very reason I have gotten to know so many other very special
Blogging friends all over the world!


Wednesday, February 3, 2016

How To Make A Very Easy Heart Banner...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog

~A Heart Banner~

This is a super easy way to make a very cute Heart Banner.
It would look very cute over the mantel.

All you need is a deck of cards
(You will need to punch holes in the cards
You will use all the heart cards in the deck!)
There will be thirteen of the heart ones.

Some different colors of ribbon
(Red and some white with some polka dots, stripes, hearts)

Also, you can use strips of fabric along side the ribbon!
The more the merrier...

You can purchase small amounts of a Valentine theme fabric!
You will have fun picking these out!

You can use any cord or rope or a heavy twine to string the cards on!
 Then add some ribbon and fabric strips placed between each of them!

You will also need a hole punch!

This is a rustic and heart and homey look!
You can also add some clothes pins to clip a cut out heart between the cards.
I like to use those pretty heart lace doilies!

Use your own imagination!
Have fun...

You can buy a few packs of playing cards at the Dollar Store!

You Will Need

Deck Of Cards
Twine or rope or ribbon
Hole punch
Fabric strips
Clothes Pins

I do hope you give this a try as it is very cute and cheap to make!

You can make one for yourself and one for a friend!

And really this is so easy your children or grandchildren
 Would love to make one!

Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Monday, February 1, 2016

Open Your Eyes And See Faith At Work...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog


It is very hard to understand faith;
And as a Christian we can have nothing,
Yet possess everything!

We can become sorrowful,
Yet we are able to rejoice

We may be poor in finances or in our health;
Yet we are rich with things money can not purchase.

This faith is very real yet invisible to the naked eye.

Faith gives  spiritual substance to the invisible...

"Faith is what will enable us to see God as a God of love at work;
Through all our hurts and hardships in our lives.

I have faith that I am doing just what God has called me to do!
Yes, I have doubts at times;
Yes, I could do more.
Yes, I could do and do and do...

But this faith allows me to wait and rest and be at peace.

I have put my hand to the plow;
I have days ahead of me that will require a purpose and a plan!

Keep your hands busy dear ones,
These days are requiring you to not look back!

Take each day one day at a time;
And create a lovely meal for your loved ones!
Bake some fresh, quick bread!
Paint your nails!
Read a Good book!
Work on some mending, sew on a button!
Write an encouraging card to someone!

Do not become discouraged!

Faith is the substance of things hoped for and certain
Of what we do not see.
Hebrews 11:1

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