Tuesday, February 9, 2016

What The Different Colors Of Roses Mean...

There is just something so wonderful about the Rose flower...
The smell is intoxicating,
The symbolism is powerful!
A rose is worth a thousand words...

Enjoy a little symbolism that is dedicated to each different color of each rose.
Each color has some special meanings to them!


Red Rose...

The Red roses are of course the traditional symbol for love and romance.
They say I Love You!
The red rose speaks life!
This rose says beauty and perfection.
A bouquet of red roses is a perfect way to express your deep feelings!

Pink Roses...
A pretty Pink rose is a symbol of grace and elegance.
It is used to convey admiration, or appreciation.
Also the color says joyfulness.
The pink rose is considered the oldest garden rose.

Yellow Roses...
This bright and sunny color of yellow brings feelings of
warmth, happiness and cheerfulness.
this is a great rose to send with a get well wish!
True friendship!
Feelings of joy...

White Roses...
Now, the white rose represents innocence and purity.
New beginnings (marriages, births)
A white rose shows honor and reverence.
These are often an expression of  remembrance (death of a loved one)

Orange Roses...
Orange roses speak of desire and enthusiasm.
Energy, passion and excitement.
Theses send a meaning message.
Emerging romance.

Lavender Roses...
Majesty, Enchantment,
Love at first sight!

I always love looking at the roses;
Every part of the rose has a special meaning.
The fragrance is heady and speaks of love and romance;
A rose scented oil or a perfume is beautiful!

I think each petal is thick and lush and is a treasure,
when they fall off the stem and dry in the wind!
They can be scattered or placed in a bowl.

Even the thorns can remind us of the sorrows and pain that come
in the life we live each day.

The beginning of a rose bud, speaks of new beginnings;
And beauty is on its way.
Never give up and look for the beauty in each day.

May I suggest you consider buying some roses;
They are worth the beauty and symbolism once in awhile...

Give a gift that speaks love and affection...
To your mate or child or friend


  1. My mother only had one rose bush. It produced a deep burgandy, velvety rose and the smell was scruptuous. Do you have any idea it's name?

  2. What a wonderful post Roxy. Thank you so much for reminding us what beauty, joy, happiness, love, peace, grace and mercy, that our Almighty God gives to us all each and everyday. Even when there are times of sorrow and hurt, God still let's us know that he his greater than anything and that though it all he is still carrying us though and that he has never not once left our side.

  3. You know, sometimes when someone gives us "permission" to treat ourselves, it feels good.
    I forget to trade myself. So thank you. With all the flowers in the stores, it will be hard to pick a color. So I'm going to go with the pink, joyfull!

  4. Hi Roxy, Thank you for sharing the meanings of the rose colors. I have always loved this and knew a few but did not know lavender and orange.
    God's the true artist and always an inspiration!!!
    Blessings to you sweet friend. xo

  5. I love roses...fresh or dried. I think I have kept almost every one I have received. Thanks for the information, Roxy...a beautiful post!

  6. Roxy, I love Roses and your images are all so pretty! If I wasn't having Spring fever, I certainly am now! lol!

  7. Loved reading about the meanings of the different rose colours.
    Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful post :)

  8. Sweet friend, this post is right up my alley {{smiles}} Such beauty and meaning in a single rose...

    Thanks for sharing with Roses of Inspriation. I hope you have a lovely Valentine's Day! My husband, son, and I are headed off on an adventure and we leave in a couple of hours {I should be packing right now!} :) Hugs to you, dear Roxy!

  9. Wonderful post, my darling Roxy, both interesting to read and so enjoyable to watch, I love your photographs !
    You have to know that roses are the flowers I do prefer and their bushes dominate the gardens of Tenuta Geremia, the place I live in.

    May your day be blessed with love, my dearest Roxy,
    sending so dear hugs to you across the many miles !


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