Thursday, February 25, 2016

Tornado Drops From The Sky...


Our daughter and son in law and their children were in that tornado that
Struck in the night in Pensacola, FL.

God truly protected them all...

When they saw all the damage that had hit the other homes;
They praised God for His hand of protection!

And we thanked God for answering our prayers!
As you all know we ask for God to protect our loved ones!
Even in the  path of a fierce storm He delivered them.

All the stuff is replaceable...
Life is the most valuable thing we are given;
Firstly, physical life, but it is the converted, regeneration state of
Our very souls that we must truly understand
The gift of God that really matters!

Trees that have graced the neighborhood for 30+ years,
Were tossed around as if they were but a blade of grass.

Storms will come!!

~We will find peace in the eye of the storm~

Living From Glory To Glory
Even when fear strikes our hearts!


  1. Hello Roxy,
    I am praising God with you that your loved ones are safe.
    We had tornadoes here in Virginia yesterday also. Some folks nearby lost their lives. I was looking around my home wondering where I was going to go in case it got really bad here. The storms were battering the house but they did no harm right here. I have been in 3 tornadoes that caused damage and they are a tremendous force. Praise God as your picture says...He IS stronger than any storm we face.
    Please send your daughter our love.
    Hugs and more hugs to you...Shirley

  2. Praise God that your family is alright but also praying for the families that lost loved ones and their homes. Life changes in the blink of an eye.

  3. Roxy, I am so glad to hear that your family is safe! Yes, these were definitely some wicked storms! Thank God for His mighty hand of protection!

  4. Oh my Roxy! I am sorry to hear that but thank the Lord for protecting them from harm! We had some terrible weather night before last here where I live and had tornado watches but none hit anywhere near us. Tornados are a scary force of nature as they don't give much warning like a hurricane. I am so happy your daughter and her family are OK! Hugs and Prayers my friend!

    Blessings, Vicky

  5. So glad to hear all your family is okay!
    Blessings on you and your dear ones Roxy.

    All my heart,

  6. Prayers answered! God is good!
    I know your daughter and her family appreciate all the prayers you sent up.
    How are they doing now?
    I am praying for a quick, safe and smooth recovery.

  7. Dear Roxy, I am so glad that the Lord protected your family and brought them through the storm! We were under the gun here and our place was unscathed, but that was not the case in a county nearby. Several looses of life. :(
    Hoping you are well. {{hugs}}

  8. God is faithful to protect us in the storms of life...praising Him for protecting your family,Roxy!

  9. Praising God for His protection for your family!

  10. Your photographs put me in anxiety, I hope you and your dears are doing well, and that the damages to your poperty aren't too heavy ...
    sending blessings and prayers to you, my dearest Roxy,
    with so much dear love

  11. Oh my Roxy, the power and force of an unexpected tornado is fierce indeed! Having been through several tornadoes ourselves, many times we have sought shelter in a bathroom or basement, and once the kids and I sought shelter in a grocery store cold room, and prayed for the protection of the Lord. We lived in a town once that was regularly visited by tornadoes, they called it tornado alley. Thankfully the Lord kept us safe while we lived there. So thankful that your daughter and family were protected and safe by the Lord, and will be praying for those families who have lost loved ones, so terrible! My love and prayers are with you today!

  12. Praise God they were not harmed...we survived the April 2011 EF 5 tornado that hit Tuscaloosa, AL...I am so glad we don't live in tornado alley anymore, tornados are rare here in western NY. Keeping your family in prayer. Blessings


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