Friday, December 29, 2017

Why Is Everything So Hard...

Why Is Everything So Hard, Morning Sunrise, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...
Early Morning Sunrise was breathtaking...

Why is everything so hard?

Why Is Everything So Hard, Endurance, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

The reason everything is so hard is so we might learn patience!
And so we will build spiritual endurance and strength...

After a long period of trials you acquire inner stability!
Every step forward requires an ice pick to grab and pull yourself up!
But notice it is being plunged into the ROCK...

When things are tough and do not go smoothly, we must stay steady!
This world is filled with many slippery slopes.

We are all walking and moving in different directions,
Yet, we are all doing the same thing;

In my own small way I try to encourage those I have
contact with daily.

Don't get me wrong, there are days I want to lay down on the
Floor and kick and scream!

But mostly, I may shed a tear and I get myself going with
Prayer, and I quick shower and a lot of lipstick (smiles)

I can still hear the geese honking over the house this morning!

Look your world is not coming to an end!
But rather your striving and clinging to the only thing that matters!

I am just so thankful for the moments or seasons where things
are going smooth or are a bit peaceful;
I have learned to treasure these times of (calm) before the (storms)

If life was easy and always bright you would be weak in your faith!

Easy Peasy is just a word
But there is HOPE in the very air we breath...

Living From Glory To Glory


  1. Very true Roxy, although sometimes it seems as though the storms may break us. Thank you for these words this morning.

  2. Life can be very hard at times, I am in one of those very slippery slopes in life. On December 4th my dear husband lost his battle with cancer. I never dreamed when 2017 started that this would be the path God would have us on. Life can change so fast we went from thinking things were going good to the Tuesday after Thanksgiving being told the cancer would take him. God took him home in less then a week. I will not say that it has been easy at all, I do struggle, but I do know God is in control and that he will see me through this. My prayer is that others see God working in me through it all.

    1. Dear Cheryl, I am praying for you daily!! I do hope you can try to continue writing on your blog. I was so glad to have received your comment as I have been thinking about you! I am so sorry for the loss of your dear husband!
      Much love and concern, Roxy

  3. We would like to extend the best wishes from our family to yours! May the New Year bring only good things to all of you!

  4. Yes, and sometimes the calm is in the midst of our daily life (which overall might be very busy or emotionally difficult). Sometimes in a very hectic period, I will notice moments of peace or something naturally lovely, or find that I am smiling in amusement or appreciation. I will pause and give thanks for that moment of peace, or contentment, that period of rest and relief. Thanks for the message Roxy, and sympathies to Cheryl in her time of bereavement. May you have grace and a measure of strength for each day.

  5. I've been enjoying a bit of calm before my radiation storm next month. Happy new year! Laura

  6. Honestly this is just what I needed to hear today. I just found your blog by chance. I am a Christian but some things that have happened in my life has caused me to question what I was always taught by my family and my church. I feel like the world is happening all around me and I am aimlessly just trying to keep up. I love Christmas and all it stands for Jesus, family, and love. But this holiday has been less than bright. I have a lot to be thankful for and I know the Lord has been active in my life in the past. I just do not feel him now. I feel alone. I am ashamed that I have said that out loud. All my life my family has taught me and the church has taught me to turn it over to the Lord. I have prayed and prayed begging him to please shed your grace on me and my family. Have mercy on us all. I know I have no control in these situations it is the Lord's will. So I just wanted to thank you for writing your blogs and someone like me who needs the reassurance or comfort from your writings will read them. Even though they are not meant for anyone special, it has helped someone.

    1. For anonymous, I also just found this blog. I feel you also need a Christian person to be there for you. Someone who understands part of what you are going through. They will help you with staying on track!

    2. Well, all I can say is that this post may have been just written for you! There has been seasons in all our lives we can feel all alone even in a crowded room of people we love! I have been praying for you!
      Hugs, Roxy

  7. Yes, we ALL go through tough times. I like how you painted a word picture of climbing a rocky mountain.
    “But notice it’s being plunged into the Rock”... great reminder! He IS our Rock!!!
    We need to plunge our ice pick into Him! He won’t do it for us.
    Appreciate this End of the Year post!
    ( I have my Ice Pick, my hand!)

  8. Each and every trial and struggle to bring us to the Lord, and to learn to rest at His feet and allow Him to carry the burden. Patience, long suffering, grace, and many things to learn. Then to be able to say in it all, " It is well with my soul".

  9. Happy New Year Roxy. I pray for a good year for all of us, keeping our hands firmly in His. xo

  10. Hello Roxy, Your letter to us today was thoughts from Heaven. Thank You💟

  11. Thank you, Roxy, for the encouragement today. It was much needed.

  12. Yes, you are right Roxy. I have learned it is the refining process. He will refine us all till we shine like Him! Blessing to you for this new year! May you and your family be blessed friend!


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