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Are You A Bit Dazed And Confused In This World Of Information...

Conflicting Information, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Conflicting Information...

In a world of information overload,
 We can all be left a bit dazed and confused!

"If it's on the Internet it must be true right?"

It seems that there is nothing that is in agreement anymore.

If you Google a question you will find many answers;
And you will find that many answers will conflict with each other!

Who is right?
Who is wrong?

There is so much good wisdom that can be learned,
Yet, you can also be led astray;

God has given us all a head that contains a mind!
We must never empty it...
If you do there is a pull to fill it with garbage and untruth!
We are told to use it wisely...

Just because someone has a had an idea to do something;
Does not mean you are meant to follow along!

Take all the many diets and ways to eat out there-----
You must use your head and choose wisely
And you do not need a Guru to show you the way!

We are told; All things in moderation
Food, Exercise...

Listen, learn, and live...
Some things will get a strong hold on you and you now are a slave!

Being wise is learning to say NO
Being teachable is a good quality!

This world is trying to teach us to all look and act alike!
Sounds like cloning to me!

Look, research something and list the facts,
Not an urban legend,
God has not left us with any secret code and mystery!

He is truth and things from Him will line up and give life and liberty!
Being disciplined is great, but consider the cost, you may be paying!

Pray Hard
Eat Well
Show Kindness
Stay Away From All Forms Of Extrems
Seek His Truth In His Word, Not The Latest New Best Seller

Too Much Information can cause more confusion...

Beware of sharing too much to too many!!!!

Don't live your life in a fish bowl...
Use some discernment people...
Names and ages
You might as well list everything you do every day on the internet!
Do not allow the internet to form who you are called to be!

Be private and lead a quiet life!

~ ~ ~ ~

~Stay close to the only true source~

I appreciate your input and interest...

Growing in HIS LOVE
From Glory To Glory


  1. A very well-stated word! I am not on any social media site. Occasionally, I try to post an encouraging word on 4 different blogs by Christian women that I have come to respect. I cannot find anything biblical about Facebook. I have a number of friends who always tell me that they find this the best way to keep up with friends and their extended family. I find an old-fashioned card or letter, a phone call, or a personal visit to be a much better expression of genuine friendship. I have really come to appreciate the fact that I am not involved in social media when I hear about the hurtful comments others post. I love your constant reminders of biblical womanhood. Thank you so much! I find your insight to be a gentle nudge to stay centered on Christ and not let the world creep in. ~ Pam ~

  2. Good advice Roxy. I purposely do not research cancer treatment on the internet. Too much conflicting info that upsets and confuses me.
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  3. When I get to feeling a bit overwhelmed, anxious, or too much information coming in, I shut down my time on the Internet as well as 24 hour news. I snuggle back in to a quieter time so I can hear the Lord above the noise of life. A quiet life is not bad for sure.

  4. Thank you for reaffirming that my decision to not look on the internet for questions on the bible, church beliefs, etc., was correct. I would end up more confused than when I started. By the way, I made this decision on Friday and you wrote your post on Saturday. God's hand was in the timing.

    Bless you and your family!

  5. Thanks for your words of wisdom! With everything (internet included) one must take everything back to the Word of God.
    It is good to lead a quiet life sharing the truth of God's Word when able. Keeping our minds free of clutter that can so easily distract us from what is most important.

  6. Love your sage words of advice. There is so much confusion out there that it is not wise to open our hearts and minds to it without using much discernment. I have a rule that if any site wants my birthdate, I am done with it.


  7. What an excellent post, such good advice. I always enjoy your posts they are so encouraging.
    Thank you for your kind words, I would like to keep in touch. Prayers are what is getting me through this time.
    God is good, I may not understand his plan for me at times, but I know he is a loving Father and will take care of me each day.
    I cherish the prayers of friends like you!
    Hugs, Cheryl


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