Friday, September 25, 2020

The Voice Of Reason...

Riding Out the Storm


The Voice Of Reason

How can we speak in a world filled with chatter, whispering,

Hurting, judgmental, gossiping.

Everyone is a legend in their own mind...

What exactly is a voice of reason?

: a person who influences others to act sensibly
What in the world do we call the senseless attacks in everyday situations?
Well, definitely not a voice of reason!

I have been quiet lately,
What could I possibly say or write to a people;
Who are living in a time of history that evokes such angry responses!

We are more divided in every fraction of society then ever.
A storm is on the horizon;
We see many that are weary and injured from the unrelenting,
Winds of change, unrest in the raging winds and fire!

We are called to live at peace with others;
The unrest is just not in the natural world;
But the souls of men!

We are called to be humble, and dignified!
Hurting others intentionally is wrong!

If I can not get along with someone; I will try to have the least
amount of exposure to them!
I will keep my myself from vain imagination or lies,

That try to conform me to join their opinion...
Manipulation, I am right you are wrong!

This world is flinging around more information;
About everything, possibly more then any other time in history!

Trust me everything will continue!
We will see judgment or reap what we sow;
A few try to hold back the tidal wave.
But each person will be accountable for their involvement.

Anyone who has lived long enough knows this to be true!
Also we all know that you can do everything humanly possible;
And still see those that choose to do wrong things!

Social Justice
Just another label to right a wrong that will not be fixed on this earth!
Even human judges will be accountable one day!

We are being told we must make room for every belief,
Every evil intent of the heart and to embrace it!

The circle of trust is getting smaller, be careful!
Stay quiet and realize you probably won't be able to change
Another persons opinion!
It is the Holy Spirit who convicts and changes hearts;
And direction in the way it should go...

The atmosphere will eventually clear;
But the damages will leave a scar.

Hiding in the shelter of His Wings,

"May your words be like sweet honey;

For one day you may have to eat them"

Thanks Lois for asking about my welfare, very sweet of you!

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