Saturday, August 29, 2015

How To Embrace Everyday Love In Your Marriage...

Everyday Love

After being  married for many years, it can bring about such a soft and comfortable love.
Some may even call this a boring love;
Not, I

Love in the beginning is young and is exciting, everything seems new.
But really you don't even know one another!
When we are courting or dating we are putting our best foot forward.
We are always seen at our very best...
We have not been tried or pushed out of our comfort zones.
Having conflict and issues in our differences allows us to grow.
One thing my husband and I have said is this;
We can agree to disagree...
We are not cookie cutter people,
We allow each other to have a difference of opinion!
We allow each other to have the space and a portion to speak
(What is in our hearts, without interrupting them)
A good marriage is not a dictatorship...
But rather a team that has to have a good leader!
In our God given roles, it has been given to him to make the last or final decision.
But I am so blessed that he inquires of me as to my thoughts,
An opinion on every major decision in our lives!

Also a good disagreement can even be healthy to clear up little
Irritations that can just start mounting up in our daily lives!
We must always be ready to resolve conflict and work together!
We always try to pull for the best outcome!
I believe God has used a marriage to teach us so many things.

Years of walking side by side, we have experienced many landscapes.
Valleys, and plains and mountains.

We are not wise to run away from the little tougher seasons or just a day or two.
In our walk with Christ it is in the very valleys we run from that we can
Become better acquainted and intimate with Him.

If You have not walked any valleys as yet;
May I tell you this dear ones,
 The valleys will come...
It is in the valleys that we are placed in the shade of the Mountain
The weight of His Glory can be seen in the shadows.
Being in a marriage for a long time is what makes a marriage vow grow
 and presses out the wimpy within us.

What started out as a wrinkle free wedding license surly can become
These wrinkles begin to show up on
 our wrinkled brows and our bed sheets,
Our wrinkled tummies from bearing the babies, we held within a once firm tummy.

Slowly you will blend and compliment one another
One day you will become familiar with what his sighs might really mean!
But only if you take the time to really listen...

You will learn that when they are silent
It does not mean that, they are angry or mad at you!
Maybe they have just had a hard day.

Marriage will change you!

But, I give you this bit of advice
 if you will love and forgive and roll into each others side
(Every night and hold each other tight)
You will live to grow comfortable and warm and not critical...

Love has many hues of color;
But it is in the dark of night or in a valley you must trust instinct.

~ keep your eyes on the Son~
Not each others faults;
For you both have many...

Real life has real challenges...
But if you resolve to love your spouse!
God will help you to become comfortable with old fashion love everyday!

May we learn to embrace Everyday Love;

Not what a romance novel might portray it to be!
God has written the greatest romance of all!
He gave it all, He held nothing back,
Why should you?

~Loving is the prize dear ones; even if it is not returned~

Love is truth in action and in words and deeds daily...

Do not become hard hearted dear ladies;
Keep your heart tender
Think the best of him always
Finding his faults will make yours grow!

Do you want to be found irresistible?
Keep loving even if it becomes hard as we are all being molded into His image.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Gift Of A Good Memory...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog

Why memories are so powerful

We have one of the greatest gifts!
Our memories are a portion of us that has been tucked away into
In the recesses of our minds.

Firstly, I want to address so many of you out there that have had to 
live with a terrible memory, my heart cries out for you.
I do know the sorrow of those memories also.

But, What I want to share is the real love and the power in a good memory!

I was a little girl sitting on my mother's lap while she is visiting with her
Girlfriend and neighbor. Even as a child, I know this was a special time.

I remember the smell of the coffee aroma and the sound of it as it percolates in the kitchen;
Momma pours two cups of coffee into two of these lovely
Rose coffee cups, they are placed upon the little saucer that match.

Each cup is doused with cream and sugar...

~I can still hear the tinkling of the spoon as it mixes the cream and sugar~

My mother is so busy chatting away that she only has one sip of her coffee;
She kisses the top of my head and tells me this
Sweetie, why don't you drink the rest of mommy's coffee...

I do this very thing that she has spoken to me;
And I remember that moment and memory forever!

It was tender and sweet as the sugar made my little mouth happy.
I am sure I was not even five!

What's love got to do with it?

I do hope when I have finished my days here on earth,
That my dear ones will hold a memory of love, that I showed to them!

God gives us strength and grace to create sweet memories.
May we learn to ask for more of them in our prayers.
Being a mother of influence does not have to consist of huge or big things!

This one gesture has been tucked in my heart for years...

God Bless each of you amazing women of God,
Stand your post, guard your loved ones.
Never turn back...
Run to win the prize.
Be sure to leave a memory to someone that will always bring a smile to their face and
Warm their hearts and keep them tender for what really matters in this life!

Find as many little opportunities to create a good memory...
Trust me it has a huge impact for little or big people;

When we see in this world that so many have lost their memories;
So much is truly lost for all of us!

I have heard that when the elderly have shown signs of dementia,
Many can not remember  many things. But can recall facts and memories
from their childhood. I think this is so amazing,
Many can remember scripture and songs.

Think of a memory that brings a gentle tug of happiness to your hearts today

Monday, August 24, 2015

How To Safeguard Ourselves and Our Loved Ones In This Day And Age...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog

The Beach Is Calling And I Must Go...

 I got a good laugh out of this cute little thing saying. 

When I think of the ocean and crystal clear waters, and amazing white sands;
The word paradise pops into my head.

I love the salt water and the sand and the wind that blows off the amazing blue waters.
I find great joy in hunting for seashells and small pieces of driftwood.
I would love to find some sea glass this time!

But I do always feel a sadness over the half naked ladies that parade as if
it is the most natural thing in the world.

Can you be in the midst of this and not really even see it?
I do hope so...

It really does not matter where I go anymore;
I have to guard my eyes and my heart!

I would have to become a hermit and do nothing and go nowhere;
To avoid the over exposure of people being half dressed.
All in the name of what?
Getting Tan
Parading oneself for all to see; young and old

Can we still go to the beach as Christians and not have to be assaulted?

We do hope to go to the beach and look for shells and enjoy;
God has given us such beauty!

I refuse to be robbed of all the wonderful things out there in my life!

I don't care if we have to move our chairs 10 times to not have to sit
Next to half naked people.
 We may even just go in the late evening time!

"As a Godly woman it is my responsibility to help safeguard my Husbands eyes also"

I am very thankful that I still want to protect even myself;
I believe we can grieve our Father by inappropriate dress and behavior!

Some woman think they are being stylish by what they wear;
Yet, it is never fashionable to show what only belongs to your husband!

We have heard and seen too many stories, to not take heed
To Cover Ourselves
To Cover Our Children

No locker room dressing in the open
No sleepovers
 No Male babysitters
No No No

Trust no one;
Keep your Eyes and ears open!

But remember, if you use a few innovated ideas you can still enjoy some beach time!

What are your thoughts in this overly exposed and s** crazed society?

I appreciate each of you lovelies that stop in for a visit!
You're always welcome to comment and encourage those that visit...

Living From Glory To Glory

Friday, August 21, 2015

Why It Is Never Too Late To Start Homeschooling Your Children...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

It is never too late to start homeschooling your children...
It does not matter what their age is or grade level.

Homeschooling was the very best thing for our family!
We will always be so thankful for training our children with a curriculum that
was consistent with our value system.

We were able to give them a one on one approach!
Also to provide a tutor when needed for tougher subjects.
Also, we were able to enroll them in art classes!

They also had the chance to be involved with many field trips!

They were able to make friends that have lasted into adulthood.

We were blessed to see their growth and maturity levels blossom!
~Learning to learn is the greatest gift we were able to give our children~

When you have your children home, you are able to be quick in responding
To a need that they might have,
 And you will be better able to provide it quickly so they can move to the next level!

So many children just can fall between the cracks in the system.

Also, when a child has to be gone from their homes and family for such long hours,
They can become unattached and very withdrawn!

We have seen that children that our home schooled, have a stronger
Bond with their siblings and parents!

They also seem better rested and less stressed!

They also can interact with every age level;
Less peer pressure...
Less bullying...
Less homework...
(Because you do it during the day)

We have never regretted homeschooling our children!

We watched how God developed their ability to think and create and
Problem solved real life situations.
 They learned real life skills!

Also, we had more time each day to work and develop Godly character...
This was accomplished through prayer and Bible study!

We were able to see their hearts grow in compassion and wisdom!

Our children have a deep love for reading 
and have learned :

The great art of being able to teach themselves 
almost anything and everything they have wanted to do or explore.

Building, cooking, creating, running a business, being a Mother and Father!

Learning should never stop...

We have a whole generation that has never learned to think for themselves!

A mind is really a terrible thing to waste...

~ ~ ~

Just like coming home, homeschooling your children
has to be a calling and a conviction!

Ask the Lord if He just might be calling you to take your children Home!

I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me!

Pray for our children and grandchildren.

Train up a child in the way he should go!
And when he is old, he will not depart from it.

Proverbs 22:6

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Bearing Fruit In Every Season And Learning To Preserve Them...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog

Bearing Fruit In All Season's

And we're not talking dried fruit either...

This is a lovely old bowl filled with fresh strawberries
 These were hand picked by myself and my Husband and sister and brother in law
 It was such a beautiful day!
A strawberry field smells just wonderful!

 This is the picture of them after they were washed and hulled
 And put into this beautiful large antique bowl.

 Shortly before becoming delicious desserts,
 We're talking Strawberry Shortcake strawberry preserves,
 Strawberries with vanilla bean ice cream, strawberry delight.

 Isn't that bowel absolutely lovely? It does belong to one of my sisters.
 It is very beautiful in her kitchen, of course, it  is only used a few times of the year
 When we pick and gather a large quantity of strawberries it looks so pretty filled to the top.

 And it made for such a pretty photograph, I think I overdid it,
 I think I took about 50 snapshots of that one bowl of fruit.

 I will say that not only were these strawberries, beautiful
 But they were some of the sweetest and tastiest strawberries I've ever had in my life. 
They were not even very large, but the flavor did more than make up for the smaller size. 
I think it is the same way in our lives,
 It is the small things that we do can really bring a sweeter aroma to the Lord
 When they're done in love.
When was the last time we did something special for someone in secret?

Maybe you might know someone who could really benefit from
Giving them some of your extra purchased bounty this fall.
We all know that zucchini is plentiful this time of year!
Be sure to wash and shred some and put it in  the freezer for bread!
You will be glad you did when those zucchini double and triple in price this winter!
Being frugal is something you do as you think ahead for something you will
eventually need and use at a later time.

Get busy and put a few things in your freezer if you do not know how to can!
Everyone can buy freezer bags and clean and prepare something!
"Peaches, Strawberries, Shredded or slices zucchini for soups"
My DIL even gets fresh corn and cuts off the kernels to put in in casseroles
and soups in the winter months!

If you even put back small amounts will be enjoyed and appreciated.
A fresh peach cobbler is a delight when it is snowing outside.
Buy more jars or cans of the items of the things that are on sale!
Peanut butter gets really cheap as school is starting,
 buy a few and put them in your pantry.
Dried Pinto beans will be picked soon in the fields, these last all year.
Buy some of these things in bulk.
Learning to use the income God has given you wisely is what makes you a wise woman!

~ ~ ~
 I do hope you keep an eye out for all the fresh fruits and veggies,
 That you can still find for a very good price this time of year;
When you can purchase a few fresh items for a good price and
Freeze them, this helps with cost in your food budget!
"Be Wise And Put Back"

 For harvest season is upon us...

Saturday, August 15, 2015

How Early Mornings Can Set The Course For Your Days...

How I Love Mornings...

There is just something about the newness and the clean fresh slate that is ahead...

A new day to lean in against all the oppositions that will come your way;
It also could be smooth sailing!

But one thing that we can not argue with is this;
We have the chance to make it a great day with this one very simple thing!

Your reaction and response to what is given to you with what we
"Think is others"
But really is from the hand of God...

He allows even the hard things;
Even if these are direct results of your previous bad choices!

Today is a new day!

Try today to stop doing something that even makes you frustrated;

Do not correct your husband over every single thing he suggests or does.
Do not be judgmental over everything that you see and hear.
(This will make you critical)

Smile and give someone a break;
Be kind and set the law of love in motion!!

Setting yourself up for disappointment is not a good thing;
Be flexible and not perturbed over every silly thing!

Be who God is calling you to be!
A Godly woman...

When I get down, I try to encourage others
As the scripture says if you will refresh another
He will refresh you!

Take notice of others and what they are doing!
Stop drawing all the attention to yourself;
By what you say and what you wear and how you act!

The days come and go...
But you my friend have an amazing adventure straight ahead...
Live this day like there may be NO tomorrow!

Enjoy whatever you set your hand to do!
Make this and every morning a new day...

Go and take a step in the direction that is pleasing to the Lord!

Have Mercy
Have Joy
Have Faith
Have Love
Have Wisdom
Have Quick Forgiveness Extended To Others

Enjoy the portion of working and loving and creating;
Leave behind a legacy from this day!

Take a deep breath and enjoy this day called life!

Do you delight in your mornings?
What do you do to inspire yourself to seize the DAY?

I pray for each and every one of you who visit this space;
For His Glory ...

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

As A Woman Looks Well To The Keeping Of Her Home And Lovely Bee Balm...

The Bee Balm Flower, Living From Glory To Glory Blog

As A woman Of The House...

I find myself buzzing around looking well to the ways of my household.
Being like a bee flying around each room looking and doing each thing that is required.

Sometimes I just need to do just a small little pick-up to allow the room
To look tidy and organized.
I grab the broom and sweep the kitchen floor as having a clean floor;
Is usually a top priority!

As keeping the kitchen sink free from dishes never really ends
"Except in the evening just before bed"

Being able to stay home and truly keep my home is a privilege now a days!
I am so grateful for this...

What shall I prepare for dinner?
What area of my home needs some extra attention?
Do my bathrooms need a deep cleaning?

I will need to organize that Tupperware cupboard out very soon!

Why would a lady that stays home all day long never run out of things to do?
Because, we stay at home and actually use and live in each area of our homes!

I get outside while it is yet a bit cooler in the warm weather and pull weeds
And even clean up our outside area that we sit in the shade to visit or read a book.

Having a home is a gift from the Lord...

Even if you live in a tiny apartment or a rustic home;
We can make each room lovely and special and filled with love!

We are the Queen of our homes and we must fulfill each duty as it is
so important to keep things from getting out of order!

Being a housewife has been frowned upon;
Yet, this has never deterred me from my calling...
What does a woman who has never known the skill that is required to run
A HOME efficiently and properly have to say that what we do is boring or
Not really worth anything to society?

Well, I know one day the balance sheet will be read...
And I do hope that mine will not be found wanting.

I find that at every turn my calling is undermined;
But if you have done it long enough, you will surely see the benefits!

I have also seen a woman who takes great delight in being a Queen of their home!

Maybe we all just need to look at the ways of nature and see that God has a good plan!

Being at home is a powerful testimony that we trust God for our provisions.

Would you rather each room of your home be filled with stuff
With children and loved ones and your Husband resting and at peace?
A home that is governed and has a heart that can sense and feel the needs within!
Now, this is where we learn to become the body of Christ!

The ways of this world are not producing the peaceable and
productive people that God is wanting;
When we are all so unhappy of our living situations and always wanting more
And bigger and newer...
We are telling the world that we can do a better job...
Doing it our way

Just keep your heart at home and continue to ask for guidance!

What is the one thing you take the greatest pleasure in,
Doing your daily chores?

Living From Glory To Glory Blog

I think we bring great pleasure to the Father when we learn to do a job well,
Without grumbling and complaining...

I have always said that if you do not do what is required or asked of you
With the right heart, there will be no blessing in it!!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Are You Following After Every Wind Of Doctrine...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog

The Wind Is Blowing In So Many Directions...

I have felt and seen such a strong resistance from so many people.
I believe it is because no one wants to be corrected or instructed in anything.

We all need to be willing to learn and to be able to  respond to wise direction!
Just because it's not new or improved, does not make it incorrect!

It seems that everyone is the boss and their own master;
Do we not summit because there is no one capable to lead...
 That could be the problem, or we are just not going to listen to sound doctrine.
Hey, if my ears are not being tickled what fun is that!

Now, what has happened to the older teaching the younger?
Oh wait, I forgot...
You all know everything//
Before you get your hackles up; I am also referring to myself,

Being teachable is a gift that some just do not have;
If we are very quick to respond when we are being spoken to,
This can be a sign of not being teachable...

If you find that you do not agree with anyone that does not hold to your
Personal ways of doing things, not able to see error easily.

Being dogmatic, is a sure way for us to find ourselves in a valley.

Even in the book of Ezekiel, he was in the valley
And I can just imagine he was wondering well these are just old dead bones;
But it was God who told him what and when to speak to the dry bones,

Even, This Prophet had to do it in just the right way!
Instruction is good if we will listen!

As a child, I did not take kindly to people telling me what to do and when to do it!
But as an older mature woman, I now see the wisdom in listening to instruction.
Our God has been so gracious to us by giving us all an instruction book!

~ ~ ~

The Holy Bible

~ ~ ~
I think we have all taken way to many new ideas from books written by mere men

I was wondering as I walked through a Christian bookstore;
Are we to take all this in as a new revelation?
Has a new book that you may have read left you feeling empowered?
I tend to think so many of these books appeal to the flesh and the natural man!

Maybe I am just very cautious;
But, I tend to see how they always turn into what I need to do...

I believe God can still do anything that has been written in the Bible,
Old or New testament!

But I also know that we can not just go to a school or read a book;
 And become equipped to do everything!

Always error on the conservative side,
 I would rather be a bit slower
And not jumping on the bandwagon of every new doctrine that is being taught
In so many books and ministry!

~ ~ ~
Trust me, when God shows up you will know it!
This could be the rapture or judgement;
He does tell a group of people in a parable this;
Depart from me, I never knew you;
(What was their response?)

Why did God warn us of false doctrine and apostasy that would come?
Oh that's right, you can't be deceived...
Your too smart for that!

Well, it sure wouldn't hurt to ask the Lord to reveal any false belief systems
You may be involved in...

I have seen or heard so many fleeing from the church's;
They have said it is because the church is embracing so many false doctrines.
These people have been in these church's for twenty or thirty years.

 We can choose sound doctrine and wisdom,
Or believe every powerful man made doctrine and book and do just what you want;
Or is this just being stiff neck and not teachable?
Sound doctrine looks boring after you have had a dose of the supernatural programs!
You very well may start thinking that we all should be doing that!

And mind you that is possible, but only if He wills it!
I know you must defend your way of doing things; I guess I have seen
So many ways that people defend each person's position and belief.

So, I think I will just keep busy sweeping off my own front porch;
And always be ready in season to tell others the Gospel!
And hopefully I will not add my own things to it;
As it is truly all about Him and His finished work...

No New Revelations, it's all been written!

But He does tell us not to despise prophecy;
Or have words of wisdom and knowledge to love and encourage the body!

Are you seeing a false doctrine or apostasy creeping into your church or lives?

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Lovely Skin At Any Age...

~ ~ ~

How to have lovely skin at any age!

I want my skincare routine to be effortless…
And for the methods being easy and practical to follow.
It does not have to be a 10 step program.
If it gets complicated… You may become disinterested and not bother!
(That is not an option)

If I could only have one beauty product… I would choose a cleanser.

If I could have two, the second would be serum.

~ ~ ~

But I have always used a good moisture cream also.
I have had great results with a DayWear moisture cream.
~I use it day and night~

The older I get, the more I feel these products are essential to my skin’s well being.

I don’t believe in product miracles…
 No product can return us to our former glory like when we were twenty...

But that’s okay...

I want my skin to feel smooth, nourished and have the lovely glow and a soft texture
That comes from taking the time to nourish ones face and skin.
 I am convinced that good facial care pays off down the road!

The wrinkles will come, but as long as they are accompanied;
With a smile I can know that growing older and wiser is a god thing!

I have noticed that even using products in my earlier years
Were a help in keeping my skin from drying out and being prone
to wrinkles that were premature.

I think it is a huge thing we can do to help us feel pretty!

We are the temple and we must take care of all aspects of our health.
And keeping your skin clean and protected is not vanity!

Keep it simple and use what you can afford!
I have used plain soap and water as a young woman and Olay moisturizer.
But I do enjoy the luxury of a nice product!
They really do last a very long time...

~But just do something~

~ ~ ~

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

How I Make Iced Coffee And It Is Super Easy To Make At Home...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Iced Coffee...

One way to be frugal with coffee is to make your morning coffee and take
what is left over in your pot and add some cream and sugar and 
Pour it into a glass jar for an afternoon refreshing treat.
I just place it in the refrigerator to chill it well!

 You can pour it into a glass with a little bit of ice,
and you can add some whip cream and chocolate syrup.
Add then you have a very inexpensive fancy coffee!

Or just drink it plain!

Or you can drive for miles to your nearest coffee house!
And spend Five Bucks...

I have really enjoyed getting myself a fancy rich coffee when out,
But there are times they are so rich and a bit too much caffeine.

There are so many ideas for adding sweetened condensed milk,
and other ingredients. But you can also make a separate pot
Of coffee and make it a bit stronger,
 so when you add the ice it is not watered down!

I usually buy a can of real whipped cream this time of year,
So it is handy for a quick batch of homemade iced coffee!

Some Tips and Tricks:

 Use some chocolate milk for a mocha iced coffee

 Freeze leftover (sweetened) coffee in an ice cube tray to make coffee ice cubes.

 Place coffee ice cubes together with milk, cream or chocolate milk
 in a blender to make a slushy iced coffee. YUMMY

 Use flavored creams (such as vanilla) instead of regular cream.

 Skip the sugar and use coffee flavoring syrups instead.
(You can purchase these at the Dollar Store)

 Skip the sugar and use chocolate syrup instead.

  Try sweetened condensed milk instead.

 Iced coffee is best with darker-roast coffee blends or
Try grinding some fresh coffee beans...

 To make your coffee stronger try this:
 Brew a pot of coffee, then pour the brewed coffee back through again, using the same filter.

Do you enjoy drinking ice coffee?

Or do you make up fresh iced tea for a beverage?

My Hubby does not drink coffee, but he loves ice tea!
So I make flavored tea for him as he likes Earl Grey tea and Blueberry flavor!
By adding these to his regular flavor tea it gives it just a hint of pizazz!

Remember to ask your Hubby what he might have a hankering for?
Make him a priority when planning meals!
This is a way to honor him and make him feel special and loved!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Our Family Summer Picnic...


This family picnic only took place about 100 years ago...
See the covered wagon in the background?

That is my Great Grandmother on the right;
The one laughing!!

I guess I come from a long line of those that know how to laugh,
And knows how to enjoy a good picnic.
In this case a day at the lake!

I just love that picnic basket that is sitting next to her.
I like to use my imagination as to what this picnic basket just might hold for lunch!

The lady on the left is wearing a full length apron over her skirt;
I just love seeing the ladies wearing aprons!

Also the swim suit that my Great grandmother is wearing looks
very modest and of course the nautical design.

Having a lovely day has always been the summer thing to do!
As a child, I have so many wonderful memories of being on the lake.
We went fishing and swimming and of course a picnic.

Being a woman that is not afraid to enjoy oneself is very becoming!
Not being overly loud and drawing attention to one's self;
But rather a person with a personality that others enjoy being around!

I have learned to laugh at myself and am not a spoil sport!
I enjoy making my husband laugh and smile;
Not a joker, but a good sense of humor!

I want to enjoy a few special days that come with every season!
Let us get outside and enjoy the simple things!

Sometimes by just being outside and filling your birdbath with fresh water,
Or watering your vegetable gardens and flower beds can refresh oneself!

In the very hot weather we like to be out very early
 And the latter part of the evening!

Why is it that a picture like this can evoke such a happy feeling?

I think that we must always look well to the way of our households!
~ And to remember to have fun ~

Our days are all numbered and so we can enjoy a restful and peaceful
Day of fun and family and friends...

Do you try to take and make regular days of rest a part of your life?

Just think that your very next outing could be a blog post a 100 years from now!
(I am so funny)

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