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How I Make Iced Coffee And It Is Super Easy To Make At Home...

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Iced Coffee...

One way to be frugal with coffee is to make your morning coffee and take
what is left over in your pot and add some cream and sugar and 
Pour it into a glass jar for an afternoon refreshing treat.
I just place it in the refrigerator to chill it well!

 You can pour it into a glass with a little bit of ice,
and you can add some whip cream and chocolate syrup.
Add then you have a very inexpensive fancy coffee!

Or just drink it plain!

Or you can drive for miles to your nearest coffee house!
And spend Five Bucks...

I have really enjoyed getting myself a fancy rich coffee when out,
But there are times they are so rich and a bit too much caffeine.

There are so many ideas for adding sweetened condensed milk,
and other ingredients. But you can also make a separate pot
Of coffee and make it a bit stronger,
 so when you add the ice it is not watered down!

I usually buy a can of real whipped cream this time of year,
So it is handy for a quick batch of homemade iced coffee!

Some Tips and Tricks:

 Use some chocolate milk for a mocha iced coffee

 Freeze leftover (sweetened) coffee in an ice cube tray to make coffee ice cubes.

 Place coffee ice cubes together with milk, cream or chocolate milk
 in a blender to make a slushy iced coffee. YUMMY

 Use flavored creams (such as vanilla) instead of regular cream.

 Skip the sugar and use coffee flavoring syrups instead.
(You can purchase these at the Dollar Store)

 Skip the sugar and use chocolate syrup instead.

  Try sweetened condensed milk instead.

 Iced coffee is best with darker-roast coffee blends or
Try grinding some fresh coffee beans...

 To make your coffee stronger try this:
 Brew a pot of coffee, then pour the brewed coffee back through again, using the same filter.

Do you enjoy drinking ice coffee?

Or do you make up fresh iced tea for a beverage?

My Hubby does not drink coffee, but he loves ice tea!
So I make flavored tea for him as he likes Earl Grey tea and Blueberry flavor!
By adding these to his regular flavor tea it gives it just a hint of pizazz!

Remember to ask your Hubby what he might have a hankering for?
Make him a priority when planning meals!
This is a way to honor him and make him feel special and loved!


  1. I love iced coffee. If people shop at Trader Joe's, their med. blend is amazing black. I hate black coffee, and I make once of these a day.

  2. This just says SUMMER.
    Oh, what great ideas, too!

  3. Perfect summer time treat! Actually I love iced coffee any time of year. I love how easy it is to make at home and I do make it often. Great tips! Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs, Amy

  4. Good morning, Roxy! Great ideas! I found out that Sucanat and cream do a good job of mimicking those store creamers in my hot coffee. And mocha-flavored coffee adds a nice chocolate note. I love the idea of drinking iced coffee in the summer! Why don't I do that??

  5. Mom, I just love this post! I can't wait to try some of your tips! During the summer there is nothing more refreshing then a nice cup of ice coffee! Love Ya

  6. I like my coffee hot and black unless I grab an iced one-once in a while- at Starbucks. That is my guilty pleasure. Yours sounds great though. Last year was the first time I ever drank iced coffee. As much as I love coffee I do not like anything that is coffee flavored. I'm weird----just plain weird! xo Diana

  7. This looks delicious…I am going to have to make up one of these very soon.

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