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Bearing Fruit In Every Season And Learning To Preserve Them...

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Bearing Fruit In All Season's

And we're not talking dried fruit either...

This is a lovely old bowl filled with fresh strawberries
 These were hand picked by myself and my Husband and sister and brother in law
 It was such a beautiful day!
A strawberry field smells just wonderful!

 This is the picture of them after they were washed and hulled
 And put into this beautiful large antique bowl.

 Shortly before becoming delicious desserts,
 We're talking Strawberry Shortcake strawberry preserves,
 Strawberries with vanilla bean ice cream, strawberry delight.

 Isn't that bowel absolutely lovely? It does belong to one of my sisters.
 It is very beautiful in her kitchen, of course, it  is only used a few times of the year
 When we pick and gather a large quantity of strawberries it looks so pretty filled to the top.

 And it made for such a pretty photograph, I think I overdid it,
 I think I took about 50 snapshots of that one bowl of fruit.

 I will say that not only were these strawberries, beautiful
 But they were some of the sweetest and tastiest strawberries I've ever had in my life. 
They were not even very large, but the flavor did more than make up for the smaller size. 
I think it is the same way in our lives,
 It is the small things that we do can really bring a sweeter aroma to the Lord
 When they're done in love.
When was the last time we did something special for someone in secret?

Maybe you might know someone who could really benefit from
Giving them some of your extra purchased bounty this fall.
We all know that zucchini is plentiful this time of year!
Be sure to wash and shred some and put it in  the freezer for bread!
You will be glad you did when those zucchini double and triple in price this winter!
Being frugal is something you do as you think ahead for something you will
eventually need and use at a later time.

Get busy and put a few things in your freezer if you do not know how to can!
Everyone can buy freezer bags and clean and prepare something!
"Peaches, Strawberries, Shredded or slices zucchini for soups"
My DIL even gets fresh corn and cuts off the kernels to put in in casseroles
and soups in the winter months!

If you even put back small amounts will be enjoyed and appreciated.
A fresh peach cobbler is a delight when it is snowing outside.
Buy more jars or cans of the items of the things that are on sale!
Peanut butter gets really cheap as school is starting,
 buy a few and put them in your pantry.
Dried Pinto beans will be picked soon in the fields, these last all year.
Buy some of these things in bulk.
Learning to use the income God has given you wisely is what makes you a wise woman!

~ ~ ~
 I do hope you keep an eye out for all the fresh fruits and veggies,
 That you can still find for a very good price this time of year;
When you can purchase a few fresh items for a good price and
Freeze them, this helps with cost in your food budget!
"Be Wise And Put Back"

 For harvest season is upon us...


  1. Lovely post Roxy...lovely photo of those yummy berries and that beautiful bowl! Great advice and tips to prepare us for the upcoming cooler months! Now you got me thinking about soup!

  2. Hi Roxy, Love this post. The strawberries in that gorgeous vintage bowl is beautiful!!
    I have always put up foods for the winter and more. My mother canned and I learned from her to do this and also to blanch and freeze veggies and fruits. It's so nice to have these foods on hand when the wind blows. I don't can as much now, but I always freeze and bake to freeze too.
    I still love to make jams and jelly. We had several plum trees when we lived in Indiana and I miss those trees but with farmers markets we can still get the produce we need.
    Yes, harvest is upon us and time to make hay while the sun shines!!
    So nice to catch up with you after my time away from the computer.
    Wishing you many blessings. Enjoy those berries!!

  3. Beautiful strawberries. I have really enjoyed strawberries this year. They have been good. Very good advice you give about storing up and frugality.

  4. Yes, Rox, it is such a beautiful bowl… and the strawberries are beautiful as well. Such lovely memories surround the sweet and simple things don't they. I stopped and got some of those heirloom zucchinis on my way home yesterday; I'm looking forward to making Steve some of that yummy fried zucchini you made me. I got some nice corn too. We may run out there again and get our chills before we head out of town.
    Love and Blessings,

  5. Strawberries are one of my favourites fruits! Your posts are always filled with such wisdom! Enjoy the rest of your week!

  6. Lovely post Roxy! I love this time of year. It is such a blessing to have an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables. Your photograph is beautiful. The strawberries look so vibrant! Last weekend I canned a crate of peaches, and I am hoping to start canning tomatoes within the next week.

  7. Good ideas! Good to hear from you, Roxy. Have a great weekend.

  8. Hello Roxy. What a sweet and beautiful post. I adore harvesting from my own garden, and one of my favourite things in the world, is gifting produce to family and friends, or families in need. Would you share your lovely ideas with us at my Five Star Frugal linkup? We're all like minded ladies, and I know my friends would welcome you with open arms. Love, Mimi xxx


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