Friday, August 21, 2015

Why It Is Never Too Late To Start Homeschooling Your Children...

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It is never too late to start homeschooling your children...
It does not matter what their age is or grade level.

Homeschooling was the very best thing for our family!
We will always be so thankful for training our children with a curriculum that
was consistent with our value system.

We were able to give them a one on one approach!
Also to provide a tutor when needed for tougher subjects.
Also, we were able to enroll them in art classes!

They also had the chance to be involved with many field trips!

They were able to make friends that have lasted into adulthood.

We were blessed to see their growth and maturity levels blossom!
~Learning to learn is the greatest gift we were able to give our children~

When you have your children home, you are able to be quick in responding
To a need that they might have,
 And you will be better able to provide it quickly so they can move to the next level!

So many children just can fall between the cracks in the system.

Also, when a child has to be gone from their homes and family for such long hours,
They can become unattached and very withdrawn!

We have seen that children that our home schooled, have a stronger
Bond with their siblings and parents!

They also seem better rested and less stressed!

They also can interact with every age level;
Less peer pressure...
Less bullying...
Less homework...
(Because you do it during the day)

We have never regretted homeschooling our children!

We watched how God developed their ability to think and create and
Problem solved real life situations.
 They learned real life skills!

Also, we had more time each day to work and develop Godly character...
This was accomplished through prayer and Bible study!

We were able to see their hearts grow in compassion and wisdom!

Our children have a deep love for reading 
and have learned :

The great art of being able to teach themselves 
almost anything and everything they have wanted to do or explore.

Building, cooking, creating, running a business, being a Mother and Father!

Learning should never stop...

We have a whole generation that has never learned to think for themselves!

A mind is really a terrible thing to waste...

~ ~ ~

Just like coming home, homeschooling your children
has to be a calling and a conviction!

Ask the Lord if He just might be calling you to take your children Home!

I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me!

Pray for our children and grandchildren.

Train up a child in the way he should go!
And when he is old, he will not depart from it.

Proverbs 22:6


  1. I wanted to Homeschool our children, way back when. I loved the idea of teaching them what they needed.
    I had no support from family or friends. Back then there wasn't support groups or even curriculum, so I thought.
    I'm so glad my daughter is Homeschooling! I even get a chance to help out, once in awhile.
    Yes, Homeschooling is the way to go!

  2. I am very blessed to homeschool my children. I have had wonderful support from both of you and throughout our home school community. I love being able to teach my kids all that interest them. I get to see them grow in leaps and bounds each day and the love for Jesus shows in each of my boys. It's a blessing and a journey and I'm so glad God called my family to do it.
    I hope you have a lovely day! Amy

  3. Thank you for this! I needed to hear this today. I am so convicted to homeschool, but my husband would like me to work and we live in a high cost of living area. I have a part time job and am trying to come up with any way I can to homeschool, even with a job. Ironically, I am a teacher -- sometimes it is teachers who realize that the school system is not working! I taught at my daughter's school, and I thought how strange it was to be teaching other people's children with my own daughter just down the hall. No one will care for your child more than you. I am hoping to enroll my child in a Bible-based online program that meets as a group twice a week. A Christian woman would provide some childcare for us one day a week. My non-homeschooling and secular friends think I am crazy for this arrangement. People say, "but you can send her to school for free!" There must be other mothers like me out there, who feel convicted to homeschool any way they possibly can despite circumstances! Thank you for the encouragement, it is needed. Also, I would love to hear about other mothers who had to work outside the home for a time but still homeschooled.
    Best wishes to you! Best wishes, Jane

  4. Homeschooling would have been a good idea for one of my now adult sons, the other one did really well at school and he certainly flourished at school, particularly in his older years. I don't think it is for every child - I loved going to school and personally would not have enjoyed being at home all day with my three older brothers - I am too much of a people person. However, my two older brothers would have done very well at homeschooling (as they did at school).

  5. I love successful stories of homeschooling and as the world continues to decline in values, I think it will become more and more attractive for the Christian home. However, I didn't have that luxury. It was hard with both of us working. Sometimes we wondered if we would have food enough to last til payday. I feel like we were blessed with a small town community with shared values. I was very involved in the lives of my children. We had a parents of public school group who met weekly for a while and then went to monthly. We were also on the teacher/parent council who decided the circiculum for the school. I believe that God took what we could do and favored us with children who chose HiS way and influenced others to do the same.

  6. Excellent! Ditto all. Of course, we had no choice as we were evangelists on the road for three years before going overseas 15 years ago. I felt many shortcomings as a homeschool mom, but it's the highest compliment to hear my kids are homeschooling the children they have yet to birth. I guess we didn't do too bad then, huh? I know it taught them the discipline they needed to find their names on the dean's list every college semester. Way to go, kids!

    Letters Unfolded

  7. Our homeschooling days were also our happiest days Rox. Its hard to believe that we have another generation with their children well on their way. It seems like our kids were just the age of that their kids are now… where has the time gone. Homeschooling has truly imparted the self learning and self thinking in our grown children. I love that they are still constantly learning and doing. I am so thankful that we were able to homeschool our children, and thankful that they too are happy to homeschool theirs. It is truly a gift from the Lord. It wasn't always easy, but was always rewarding. My favorite times with them were our first of the morning times, with bible study, a cup of cocoa or coffee (me) and the most wonderful time of interaction; I will never forgot those most precious moments of our lives. We loved all of the field trips and get togethers with others who were like minded, and we all loved learning together; truly a joyous journey. I too would encourage the next generation to "go for it". You will be so glad that you did.
    Have a wonderful week. Give our love to all.
    Blessings, Pam

  8. Amen, amen, AMEN! I was homeschooled from 3rd grade until I graduated high school {my hubby was also homeschooled} and now we are homeschooling our little one. I am thankful for the opportunity to teach my child at home for I truly believe it makes a great difference.

    Your post was fabulous, my friend. Thanks for sharing with Roses of Inspiration. Have a joyous weekend. Hugs!


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