Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Why We Must Live One Moment At A Time...


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And This Too Shall Pass...

It does seem like we can spend a lot of time waiting for

 either something,to happen or to just waiting to get it over with!

Living in limbo and not living in the present is not realistic.

And it will cause you to miss those moments of life!

God does speak to us in those  little everyday moments! 

I have always loved the saying being in the right place at the right time! 

So if I am always trying to be in a different time space,

I would miss these moments!

Finding myself in the here and now and engaging it properly.

Moments and days and seasons will pass quickly enough.

And there is no way of retrieving those lost portions.

New Age philosophy wants to make the statement

"Living in the present"

Their motto; I don't think so!!

Because every moment you draw a breath its a gift from God!

Don't focus within, focus on God and His Glory.

Now, I am not saying to not look forward to things to come;

But rather don't hurry through the here and now!

Learning to appreciate each moment as it comes;

Some moments are beautiful,

Some moments are sad,

Some moments will change your life forever...

Blessings to each and everyone of you!

Hope your inspired for even a moment!

Living From Glory To Glory

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Be Careful Who You Follow...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog

Be careful who you follow...

Remember when you were a child, playing the game follow the leader?
Well, it was fun until they did something stupid or was really dangerous!

What is wrong with people?
Conforming to other people can be dangerous!

Do You Always Follow The Crowd?

Do you conform to what is the newest trend?
Do you want what everyone else has?
Remember we are not a herd of cattle that can be herded in any direction.
Cattle are all in the same pasture all doing the same thing!

God made all of us unique and different!

I wonder why so many want a socialistic society?
We are Americans that can live in freedom of tyranny!
So why do so many want to be told what to believe and what is right.
"In their Opinion"

Don't be wise in your own eyes...
Look at the value of protecting the core values of a society!
Values and Truth still matter!

Keep doing what is right...
Keep believing the Gospel of Truth
Keep looking for the good in others!
Keep doing what glorifies God!
Keep walking in the narrow way!

Do not try to be popular or to blend into the herd!
But rather look to Christ and love what is pure.
Walk away from the mass of any wing- right or left!

Follow the Words of Christ!
If you have built your house on the Rock, it won't be shaken!

Blessings, Roxy
~Living From Glory To Glory~


Monday, October 12, 2020

How To Inspire Yourself To Be A Blessing...

Inspire Yourself...

~Inspiration is a gift that must be fueled~

Keeping your heart is a must; I believe the Breastplate of righteousness,

Is so important to have our hearts covered and protected!

The best way to inspire yourself is to pull out your;

Cookbooks, and some of your best loved magazines, and devotional books!

We have resources that we can surround ourselves in!

Place a few cookbooks on the kitchen table, with a notebook,

And start making a list of some recipes you love or new ones to try!

Go to the library and bring a few books home on crafts to make.

You just may get a easy and great idea for your home or a gift to give.

Look in those tubs and boxes of stashed goodies that you can use!

There are many things that will try to rob us of our joy!

Taking pleasure in the preparing meals and cleaning or crafting,

And enjoying a chat with a friend or loved one is a treasure.

We must learn how to inspire ourselves to be a blessing...

But the stress in life can rob you of what is rightly yours!

We must learn to say NO to the lies and deceptions that try

To silence the inner Christ filled heart and HOME.

The enemy thinks it can come inside with all it's negative stuff!

Close the door and when he knocks don't answer!

Stay busy dear ones, by doing the things that are given by God;

To bless and inspire you in your lives and homes...

There are many things we can do to keep ourselves in His peace!

Keep doing the next thing and the next

that are lovely and pure...

"May you all stop and reflect in what is truly important"

~Create and Inspire Others Also, We Need Each Other~

Living From Glory To Glory

Blessings, Roxy

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