Saturday, January 27, 2018

How To Start Making Your Own Necklaces...

How To Make Your Own Necklaces, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Making your own necklaces can be fun and very rewarding!
I am finally posting this post that I have had for a very long time.

But, I have been in the mood to start making necklaces again!
You can make any solid color top or sweater look dressed up;
Simply by adding a colorful necklace!

I have so many of them, and do I really need more

Here is my spot in my craft room that I use to lay out my beads and tools!

Materials Needed For Making Your Own Jewelry, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Have you used or seen these lights, they are amazing?

They make it so easy to see and the colors are true, you can even see in the evenings.

Using a bead board allows you to lay out and design your necklace.
And you are able to make it into the length you desire.
I prefer a longer one myself.
But I like a few to be shorter with just a single pendent!

Here are just a few that I have made!
Hope to have every color of the rainbow...
Make Your Own Necklaces, Living from glory to glory blog...

Because I like turquoise so much, I have made many in that stone!
It is a very rich stone and makes me happy and I think of
My dear hubby's heritage.

Beads, Beads and more Beads
Beads Galore, living from glory to glory blog

When you start buying beads for your necklaces you will be in
Paradise over the colors and the shapes being offered.
Types: metal, stone, glass,wood, pearl.
Shapes: round, ovals, teardrop, nugget, rectangle.

And when Hobby Lobby or your favorite bead store has half off;
You can buy a few extra for the next project!

I like to keep my beads in these little storage boxes;
They keep them neat and organized, and you can see through them.

Buying a nice quality beading wire to use them on is a must!
Being cheap on that note is not a good idea!
Beadalone is a good brand!
And of course a few jewelry tools:
Wire cutters, Crimping tool, round nose pliers,
flat nose pliers, bent chain-nose pliers.
(You can purchase these in a small starter kit)

Using the decorative space beads is a good way to make your
Beads last longer and gives it a little pop.

Most my necklaces will be created around a pendant that I love!
The color the shape and the length.
This is where you get to be artistic and creative.

Making a piece of jewelry is so rewarding!
They also make lovely gifts and pretty keepsakes for yourself.

May I suggest getting yourself a beginner jewelry book;
And look at a few YouTube videos for ideas and how to!

It takes a small investment, but you will love the results.

Some of the beads I use are old ugly necklaces I have run across
From a yard sale or thrift store;
 then I take them apart and re-use the beads
in a new creation!

I keep my eyes opened for a unique pendant;
Then I buy the small seed beads to match and a larger bead,
Adding a small silver, or gold or bronze spacers add dimension.

Necklace Pendents, Living from glory to glory blog...

I am looking forward to making some new necklaces!

I encourage you to look at learning how making your own jewelry!

I think this may be the longest post I have ever written;

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Do You Make Time For Your Husband...

Make time for your Husband, Living from Glory To Glory Blog...

Making Time For Your Husband...

Making time for the things that matter!

We are all going to be in a place of accounting for our days and time!!

If I could say just one last thing on this Blog;
What would it be?

I do hope my posts have always led you to ponder the Great I Am...

But, I think I might have to choose how we treat our Husbands!
So Many times we get so busy as Mothers and Grandmothers,
We may forget our Husbands Needs and Wants...

If we would only just ask him, Hey Honey, can I get you anything?
Or can I do anything for you today?
Or to just notice how he is feeling or doing!

It's all about the ME
We make jokes at their expense, we may even ignore them at times.
Our needs and wants are front and center!
I don't feel in the mood!
I am tired
I am ...

No you're not "I Am"

Look, I want you to know that laying down your wants and needs are not easy.

When we serve him it is like giving a cold drink in the Fathers name!

I want to remind you that we must wash the feet of those in our own lives first!

Being at every prayer meeting and lunch social is fun;
But at what expense?

Women work hard and wear many hats;
But you are the only one who should meet his needs!!

Sometimes I will sit in the same room just being near him;
But I still sew or crochet, or read or write about something.

I do many things just for myself!!
Taking care of myself assures me that I will be happy and whole to be able
to love and meet my dear Husbands needs!

Many women have lost their husbands;
What might their advice be to us?

Let me remind you one day all the children grow up and should leave home!
Why not start now enjoying the time you have together??

I realize some of the marriages out there are not heaven sent!
But if you do what you can and love and laugh and live well, I believe
You will at least in your heart you will hear!
~Well done, good and faithful servant~

Is there a thought you might have about how you try to meet his needs?
We all love good ideas that are simple yet meet the needs.

Reminding myself of this very thing today!!
As always, Grace upon Grace
Thankful for the Goodness of the Lord...
Living From Glory To Glory

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Pearls Of Truth...

Pearls Of Truth, Wisdom Of Truth, Living From Glory To Glory Blog

~ Wisdom ~

Truth can be elusive in the life of most of us if we are not diligent.
It is not about just having facts or the right figures;

Many things that some might deem important,
 May one day be considered wood, hay and stubble.
What is of value, is something that endures through all the trials
and afflictions and those petty things that chap your hide.

Why should we worry about being led astray?

I find this very thought, upsetting because I believe;
So many are being led to the slaughter,
Like sheep with no shepherd.

Wisdom comes from the book of hard knocks for some;
Wisdom comes from being humble and is willing to learn;
Wisdom can be something that is handed down;
Wisdom is knowing when to say enough and walking away from evil or sin;
Wisdom is using words that give life and encouragement;
Wisdom is when you don't believe everything you read or hear!
Wisdom comes from precepts that hold life;
Wisdom comes in small nuggets;

I love this photo on this blog post. I took this many years ago!
I love the plate that is covered in sprigs of rose flowers and buds,
And a pretty gold edging that brings the class of richness!
Green leaves that speak of being alive;

But the pearls make me so very happy!
They work together and align in harmony!
The color and shine and endurance are superb!

Little by little...
Makes beauty and unforgetable string of pearls that will last!

Wisdom is a gift that is given from above!

When wisdom calls, will you answer?

Living From Glory To Glory

Life can be hard, but it will produce pearls of truth if you will;
Humble your heart...

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Are You A Bit Dazed And Confused In This World Of Information...

Conflicting Information, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Conflicting Information...

In a world of information overload,
 We can all be left a bit dazed and confused!

"If it's on the Internet it must be true right?"

It seems that there is nothing that is in agreement anymore.

If you Google a question you will find many answers;
And you will find that many answers will conflict with each other!

Who is right?
Who is wrong?

There is so much good wisdom that can be learned,
Yet, you can also be led astray;

God has given us all a head that contains a mind!
We must never empty it...
If you do there is a pull to fill it with garbage and untruth!
We are told to use it wisely...

Just because someone has a had an idea to do something;
Does not mean you are meant to follow along!

Take all the many diets and ways to eat out there-----
You must use your head and choose wisely
And you do not need a Guru to show you the way!

We are told; All things in moderation
Food, Exercise...

Listen, learn, and live...
Some things will get a strong hold on you and you now are a slave!

Being wise is learning to say NO
Being teachable is a good quality!

This world is trying to teach us to all look and act alike!
Sounds like cloning to me!

Look, research something and list the facts,
Not an urban legend,
God has not left us with any secret code and mystery!

He is truth and things from Him will line up and give life and liberty!
Being disciplined is great, but consider the cost, you may be paying!

Pray Hard
Eat Well
Show Kindness
Stay Away From All Forms Of Extrems
Seek His Truth In His Word, Not The Latest New Best Seller

Too Much Information can cause more confusion...

Beware of sharing too much to too many!!!!

Don't live your life in a fish bowl...
Use some discernment people...
Names and ages
You might as well list everything you do every day on the internet!
Do not allow the internet to form who you are called to be!

Be private and lead a quiet life!

~ ~ ~ ~

~Stay close to the only true source~

I appreciate your input and interest...

Growing in HIS LOVE
From Glory To Glory

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