Friday, November 27, 2015

The Tablecloths Great Comeback...

The simple elegance of the great American tablecloth's!
I think that when we see a tablecloth it immediately takes us back to the
Days of early homemaking styles.

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They can be very simple or very intricate...
Fine linen to lace
Bright colors to patterns of just about anything.

Red and white checkered says country or Italian.

White linen says your special and company is coming!

Fall festive says harvest and plenty
Christmas says Merry To all 

Why has it become so much work or effort to use a tablecloth?

I know all the practical reasons...

But now days you can cover your tablecloths with a clear plastic if you have
Children, or would rather have the option for an easier clean up.

You can also find many plastic ones with the flannel backing;
With so many pretty colors and patterns.
(But please be careful as those tablecloths can leave a lint film on your wood)

I prefer tablecloths and I also use place mats.

Tablecloths come in about every size you can imagine!
Also, you can purchase them for a very reasonable price;
I always look for them at second hand stores, 
and after seasons change clearance section.

My reason for writing about this particular home decor and its uses!
We can change our whole presentation of either our kitchen or dining room
By using a simple large piece of fabric that is placed upon our table.

Social graces and simple, cozy feelings!

If you simply prefer not to cover your table, may I suggest using some place mats!

I have very sweet memories of being a child in my Grandmother's kitchen,
The old percolator was making coffee and toast was being served,
with fresh butter and cream for the coffee.
But what really sticks out was the fresh tablecloth on the table
Every morning had a new beginning...

Here is a very great tip for keeping tablecloths crisp and wrinkle free.
Wash them and line dry them if possible, as then there is no need for ironing.

A tablecloth can really make the style and a statement...
Home is everything!


  1. ''...Home is everything!''
    How I love what you wrote about tablecloths and the home, dearest Roxy! How right you are...there is something so lovely and special about a tablecloth adorning the table! As there are many messy littlies at our table, we take our tablecloth off at each mealtime, and then put it back on when we are done...this cuts down on already biiig laundry pile, but still adds elegance to the home during the day...but of course when a special occasion arises we leave it on or replace it with something fancier!
    Sending much love and hugs your way...

  2. Oh, beautiful post Rox; lets make a tablecloth the next time we get together. I do love them, and feel so much more cozy and complete with one on the table. For every day use, I use placemats, and for special it is tableclothes.... although hearing about your cozy memories at your grandmother's table makes me think how wonderful to have a fresh tablecloth on the table every morning.... so we should make some for the every day uses. I had my harvest red one on our table yesterday for Thanksgiving. I took it off directly after dinner, because it was very well covered by the children's eating pleasure. Today will be a much needed day of rest. Steve has a nice fire in the fireplace and has plowed the roads. No need to cook of course, because the leftovers are plentiful... and I can't seem to move any way. Have a lovely rest by your fire, and hope you have a wonderful weekend; perhaps we can catch up on the phone.

  3. Hi Roxy, I love to use tablecloths and place mats. I use them all the time, it just seems to add to the meal.

  4. Home is definitely Everything! I love the thought of a tablecloth, but until my boys move out, I'll have to pass. Lol. My grandma always had pretty tablecloths in every color of the rainbow. It always gave her home that warm and cozy feeling.
    I hope you are enjoying your day inside!
    The snow is so pretty, isn't it?
    Hugs, Amy

  5. Hello Roxy, I love table cloths too.I was blessed to inherit my sweet mother's-in-law collection. Most are linen with matching napkins,some are cotton that she used daily-always freshly starched and ironed.
    They remind me of the home-keeper she was.


  6. Roxy, I love tablecloths! Both elegant, simple, and even rustic burlap. I always jump at vintage ones. I have a small collection, but don't run across them very often. That last photo had me drooling. :) Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving!

  7. Fellow tablecloth lover here! I have a large square table and finding cloths in the right size is always a challenge. My favourite cloth is for a rectangular table, I bought it last Christmas. It is a silvery grey with a sparkly silver thread. It's the largest size you can buy and falls to the ground. I used it for our Silver anniversary dinner and for a bridal table display I set up at a wedding expo that I set up with white plates, silver cutlery and crystal. I popped maidenhair ferns into silver jugs. I think it was one of my favourite settings. I also love crisp white tablecloths but not the most practical for every day use. I have a small collection of vintage tablecloths to use for high tea tables. At my son's wedding we used navy linen tablecloths on the bridal table with a white lace runner and white table cloths on the the guest tables with navy lace runners. The runners were bought by the metre on Etsy from China and were very reasonably priced. Much cheaper than buying lace by the metre here and making them.

  8. My darling Roxy
    I also love tableclothes, especially those I have inherited from my family, I love ancient things, you need just a little look at my blog to understand it.
    Thank you for this lovely post,
    I heartily wish you a most beautiful end of the week,
    sending blessings

  9. I do like tablecloths and my dining table is wearing a Christmas one right now. Very pretty pics with lovely tablecloths.

  10. I usually just use placemats and a runner. I have a very long table and not only is it kind of hard to find a tablecloth that is big enough, when I do find them they are always at least $100. I would like to use them, so I will have to try looking for some at the thrift stores. These are pretty pictures. I especially like the blue one at the end.

  11. I also love tablecloths and we use them daily. The fabric ones for guests and the oilcloth for our daily grind. They truly make a difference. Thank you for sharing this with us. I am smitten with that last picture!!! That tablecloth is beautiful! :)


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