Thursday, November 12, 2015

Panning For Gold And Get Rich Quick Schemes...

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Looking For Gold...

Everything in this world will cost you something!

I have had the opportunity many times to look into a flowing
Stream, coming out of the mountains. And I will tell you, seeing a gold speck,
Always makes my heart jump!

But every time we picked it out of the stream it was but fools gold!

Many years ago we had what they called the Gold Rush in California.
I can only imagine the heartache that so many women endured during
That season of a wanting to get rich quick by leaving their families.
And going out west!
So many never even made it back to their homes or families!
Life was brutal and hard and so many would kill to take another's claim.

There really is no sure way to get rich quickly...
Most wealth is produced by hard work and being frugal and being a giver!
A good day's labor will give the increase!

I have always wondered about a man that will not work
I believe it causes unrest in their souls!
The statistics say that when a man retires they lose interest in life!

We must learn to be rich in things that do not pass away!
Finding the real gold nuggets in the stream called life.
We can be rich in many many things in this world...
Schemes that require no work or effort always leave you with fools gold!

Another thing that seems out of line anymore is what we consider,
To be of worth or might be considered prosperous!

Being able to work and still wanting to contribute to
the well being of one's family structure.
By this I mean helping...
Coming along side one another, pulling your own weight and helping another!

When you have your health you have great wealth...
Strive to do a body good;
Sleep, drink plenty of water, take a supplement daily.
Keep your mind stimulated; Read a good book.
Walk everyday (This is simple to do and cheap)
Eat good foods that are dense yet hearty and simple.
This time of year is plentiful in acorn squash's and butternut squash
Sweet potatoes, Velvety red potatoes.
Bake them in your oven and it warms up the house.
And smells wonderful and makes your mouth water.
Take your walk while they're in the oven baking.

Plan and prepare your course of action;
Do what is in front of you!
Be rich in praise and thanksgiving...

Do the duty that has been assigned to you!
It is your job and task...
Be not lazy, work and you will have sweet sleep...


  1. Hi Roxy,
    Thanks so much for your advice and I agree with you!
    Enjoy the rest of the week.

  2. You know what jumped out at me, Roxy...was about a lazy man. I think that this is the worst kind of provider...and sometimes they DON'T provide. Blessings- another good post. xo Diana

  3. I enjoyed this post. It is true that the simple things in life are our real treasure. Riches take flight...they leave as soon as someone tries to grasp and keep them. I like the vision of delicious squash and potatoes baking. Kelly

  4. I wish I had your disciplines. I am working on it and trying to take better care of this temple. After a few months of staying sick, God is speaking to me about how I have misused his sanctuary. Thanks for sharing. I'm glad that I am rich in the things that matter most. That's what I tried to teach my children. We don't have much, but we are rich!

  5. You know what is said..."If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is"....great post and a good reminder to all of us! Have a wonderful weekend, Roxy!

  6. EXCELLENT post Roxy!! I agree with you. Ain't no easy horses.

  7. Wonderful post the wisdom and advice. I always wonder about the "me generation" and expecting someone else to contribute to your life....make it on your my dearest parents taught me. Hugs!

  8. We don't have to be extravagant to be healthy and happy.
    It is very important to stay heathy and you shared just how simple it can be.

  9. Roxy, for the past year I have been reading your blog. Your writings have been a blessing to me.Thank you for sharing your womanly heart. I have gained wisdom because of your ministry in being a homemaker. It is truly rare to find a woman of faith who will talk freely about loving her home and desiring to please her husband. God bless you and your family.


  10. Preach it sister!!
    We live in a resort town. The transplanted people are mostly retirees that have worked all their lives, and are now in this community to enjoy what is left of their lives. They still work hard to keep what they have looking nice, and still enjoy a good life.
    The people that are from this area are mostly low income. The men live off the women, and the women are on welfare. It's a cycle that the children end up learning. It's a sad state of affairs. They've learned to work the system.....and use the churches to get what they want.
    I work in a pharmacy, and see it everyday.
    WE need someone like you preaching from the pulpit, Roxy!!!
    Love you!


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