Thursday, November 19, 2015

Creating An Atmosphere That Says Special...

Getting Ready...

This little phrase can be packed with so much;
As we all have to get ready for so many different things
Getting Ready must apply to certain things we do daily;
Some things must be put in a special order for
School, work, parties and even getting out the door for a function.

So many people never really prepare for anything;
I always laughed at the saying,
"We fly by the seat of our pants"

And I do get that saying;
Sometimes being spur of the moment can work out better and smoother
"Then a well oiled machine"

But the point I was aiming for is this;
Special Occasions

We have all gotten so relaxed and anything goes belief,
We can miss the preparation of making things

And I can say that this applies to even a quiet dinner at home!

I believe it is an art to create an atmosphere that says special.

I know we can all get so busy we completely forget about,
Making things appear to be special...
Even preparing to have tea or coffee can be made into a very
Special and noteworthy portion of one's day.

I think we need to put forth some effort into presentation!

Even a glass bowl of something sweet on a table.
A tablecloth that covers your table.
A napkin that is decorated for the season we are in.
Serving your beverage in a real glass.
Setting a flat dish with some dinner candles to light.

Using your best and giving your best;
Can be easier than you think...

Get busy and clean up the kitchen and your sitting area...
Invite someone over for a dinner.
Bake something delicious and put it in the freezer!
Buy some food items that are on sale this time of year!

Elegance can be very affordable...

Happy Planning

Getting Ready is part of the whole process!


  1. You are so right! Putting forth a little effort to make even a simple occasion special is really worth it! Wonderful encouraging post Roxy! Hope you are having a blessed day :)

  2. Hi Roxy,
    I enjoyed your post today very much!!
    I am getting ready for Thanksgiving since I'm hosting it this year!
    Wishing you and your family and Wonderful Thanksgiving.
    Julie xo

  3. We think alike!
    One of my very favorite sayings, is from the book written by Florence Littauer, It Takes So Little To Be About Average.

  4. An excellent reminder dear Roxy. As I type, I am sipping a cup of coffee with Pumpkin Spice creamer in a dark, quiet house with a candle burning beside me. The family is all gone shopping. In a bit, they'll be home and hungry.
    Thanks for encouraging me today. I'm so glad we're friends.

  5. Great post my friend! Making our homes or mealtimes or entertaining does not have to be big or ornate, but it's the simple little things that says, "you're special". Lovely post Roxy!!

  6. Sometimes being Extraordinary is a good thing! And going all out on a special occasion is a fun thing to do. Making your home warm and cozy is always key.
    And of course always cooking your meals with Love is very important.
    We all want to feel special even if it is just your average evening meal.

    Great post!

    Be blessed in all that you do!

    Hugs, Amy

  7. Hi Roxy, I love this post. Getting ready for a special occasion, holiday and even our everyday life can bring great joy. Once you miss those times their gone forever.
    It's the little touches that make our days beautiful and its those things our loved ones remember
    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice weekend xo

  8. I totally agree with you, Roxy! I'm in Ohio and I'll be busily preparing Thanksgiving dinner for my 86 year old mom, who is thrilled that I'm here.
    Happy Thanksgiving blessings to you and your family.


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