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Why Multi Generational Families Are Like Golden Roses...


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Multi Generational Life

I have been giving this a lot of thought lately,
And it is about something that no longer carries much weight in today's

When I was a young mother I had hopes and dreams for our children;
It included many things. But it was a hearts desire to help them
build strong marriages and homes and children that were taught and trained!

But mostly loved and cherish...

I do think homes that equip their children to live successfully.
Tools of a trade or life skills.

But I think we have lost a valuable multi-generational family homes.
Grandparents were given the stature and love and position.
Wisdom came from this older generation!
And the younger parents gave the old ones a reason to carry on!
Maybe the wind in our sails after we had lived a long life.

Each generation is needed!

We can share the wisdom and the work and the bounty.
Our lack of multi-generational leaves so many elder forks sad and lonely.

We all need purpose and helping each other with days filled with so much to do!


God wanted families to support each other

We have all so separated ourselves from our parents and children;
We all seem rather separate and many relationships have drifted apart.

What is lost from families living either on different continents or different states.

Holidays are spent apart.
Teachable moments are non existent
If  a burden arises we cannot be much help with it.

We all know that our children will grow up, as it should be!
I just think we never realized the impact of having them so far away.

Believe me, I know the assisted living places and nursing homes,
Are just filled with people that never thought they would be alone.

Many older folks even sell their homes and move to their retirement homes
Far, far away from all grown children and grandchildren.

We may be in any one of these stages on purpose or by a bad choice!

But I am just saying so many families do not stay together or get along!

So if you have the pleasure and blessing of having your children
 Or grandchildren, or even your parents close in proximity.

Look at it as a good thing and treasure it!

We need to learn to value multi- generations...

This Post Is written for all you women who have made your calling sure...
Home and Family


  1. Roxy this is such a timely message. Thank you.

  2. Yes- we have lost something along the way, Roxy. Well, we haven't but lots of families have. My grandfather and my grandmother both came to live with us at different times when I was young. They needed assistance and it was a good thing for our family.
    My mother lived with us when our kids were little. She had Alzheimer's so that was not so good. I did what I could for four years and then had to place her in a facility.
    I think we do the best we can do -when we can- as we can- and sometimes we just have to turn things over to God to take care of someone sometimes.
    Great post- xo Diana

  3. I just love your Blog!! I check it out just about everyday. It has become a place of peacefulness for me. Thank you for your testimony for our Lord!

  4. This is an important subject for me Roxy! Thank you for sharing it. I do live far from my parents and it is hard... But I do tell them that when it is time to close up their home, I do hope they join me in mine.

    Thank you for sharing this on the Art of Home-Making Mondays! :)


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