Monday, February 13, 2017

A Little Cake And Heart Health...

A Bite Size Cake, Living From Glory To Glory Blog

A Little goes a long way...

I have noticed that we usually desire something small and sweet to eat after
A meal or dinner or a luncheon...

I have been making some smaller loaf size of quick breads and freezing them.
And I enjoy a smaller cake, so I believe you can take just about
Any kind of cake batter flavor, and put them a small cupcake size pan.
They cook faster and they are easier to serve.

So many after the first of the year go out to an all out war;
Against sweets and you name it!

But we all know we are going to crave something sweet...
(If you are gluten free, just use a mix that is gluten free,
Or just make up your own homemade batter.
You can buy Gluten free flour at any grocery store now days.

I have never felt good about depriving myself of sweets!

There is always going to be a new fad or a new food;
I get that, but eating all foods that are tolerated and eating variety;
In smaller portions is always a wiser way to eat!

When my blood pressure got high;
(I was told juice, celery and drink it every day)
My blood pressure problem was genetics, so all the celery in the world,
was not the answer for me!
But I do hope we can enjoy a bit of cake without harming our health!

As we all know we have to watch our sugar intake;
I kid you not everyone you talk to is either pre-diabetic or a full blown diabetic.
So we all need to cut back on our sugars and starches
and all forms of wheat and carbohydrates.

Enjoy the good things, just don't indulge and gorge oneself.

Everything in moderation...

Heart Health

May I take just another moment to remind you all that heart health is
So important to our well being...

I know you all know about saturated fats and bad oils.
Do you know that being unforgiving in your heart
will cause you?

If you think anyone of us is exempt from forgiving others;
You are being deceived...

It is not always easy, but we can do it with God's help!
True Love
Not remembering their wrongs!

Blessings, Roxy

What is happening on the home front
My computer crashed
Got a new one and it is tough learning the ways of the newer ones!
Internet was down
My car was no longer reliable!
Got a new one, well new to me...
I have learned to not worry and just trust the Lord
He makes all things new in His timing!

~May your HEARTS be filled with Love & Joy~


  1. Life's too short not to enjoy a piece of cake! Everything in moderation has been the thing for me for years. Someone mentions diet and I gain weight. Ha!
    Heart health is huge and I always want to be right with God. No matter the outcome. Sometimes putting your full trust in him is hard, because your darn flesh thinks differently. I'm learning to stop, pray and talk all things over with Him.

    I hope you have a wonderful day and have a Happy Valentine's Day!

    Hugs to you!

  2. I am one of those people who is on a "diet". Because of all of my health issues the past few years and becoming more sedentary as a result, I've gained an unwanted amount of weight. However, it is everything in moderation. I'm following Weight Watchers, which doesn't deny anything, you just have to realize what you've eaten and make adaptations. So far, so good. I'm losing, even with being immobile with my fractured back. I know it's important because of my family history. I'm not obese, but was heading in that direction. But....far more important than my physical health is my spiritual health. I'm so grateful for my Father who helps me cut out the things in my life that are harmful to my heart. Thank you for this thought provoking post Roxy.

  3. I hope you get to like your new computer! It sure is hard to make a change. I am not a diabetic but I have a bad reaction to sugar...even the tiniest amount. so I don't eat any sugar and I know I'm better off without it. Other foods tastes so much better and sweeter now! I haven't eaten sugar in over 10 years. Enjoy your week and Happy Valentine's day!

  4. There are so many things we have to say no to, that a little cake(gf of course)and chocolate can make the world a nicer place. Some things you just have to enjoy! I have high blood pressure too-genetics, got off meds last summer but back on them again. However, your truth about forgiveness and grace are so important to keeping our focus where it should be, which helps our blood pressure drop naturally.
    Great post Roxy!
    Hugs and Happy Valentine's Day!

  5. I do love have been craving a lemon cake with lemon filling for some strange reason. I do try to stay away from the sugar as it is very addictive to me. I could probably drink and not have a problem with one drink at all---but give me a box of chocolates and

    Heart health is so important, Roxy, so this is a good reminder to people.

    Hope you have a beautiful Valentine's Day. xo Diana

  6. Yes, everything in moderation. It's much easier to eat smaller amounts of sweets than to do away with them altogether. Sounds like you've had quite the eventful last few days. I'm so glad that the Lord has provided for you newer things that you needed so you could be online and go out for those things that are needful.
    Praying for you some lovely sunshine! and a little sweet treat. :)

  7. I'm afraid I don't deprived myself of sweets, but I am trying to do better. Have a happy day!


  8. We also enjoy something sweet after a meal or for an afternoon snack. I also like to bake. I need to work on smaller portions and freezing some of it. Need to see if I can find a smaller cupcake pan I have the mini and the normal size one.
    It is so important to have the right heart spiritually!
    Enjoy your posts.

  9. If we all concerned ourselves with our true "heart" health like we do these days our regular health, how many relationships would be mended!

  10. I agree it is hard to get used to a new just takes a little time...and Aaron (our very own personal awesome mechanic) tells me that I should start looking at another vehicle before too many other things go wrong with my 2004 Jeep. I am also blessed with another son who has a great knack of finding great deals on good used cars :) But yes, God takes care of all those things and we should just trust Him! Oh...and I like a little cake once in a while too :) Happy Valentine's Day, Roxy!♥♥♥

  11. Moderation really is key. Sticking to just a small amount works when we set our minds to it and not give in to those sin full lusts.
    Forgiveness on both ends brings such joy and peace.

    Love and Hugs ♡

  12. Hi Roxy, what a great post sharing the importance of moderation in our foods. I find I feel so much better staying away from sugar but I do enjoy a goodie when I crave it. This way I don't over eat by depriving myself completely.
    Heart Health is so important and easy to get off track when we don't pay attention. I am thankful to have great blood work and excellent heart health. It's a challenge to keep it that way, but so worth it.
    Hope you enjoyed a great Valentine's Day. Blessings my friend and thank you for always bringing attention to important issues we all need to be aware of.

  13. Hi Roxy, thank you for commenting on my recent blog posts. I think I have stunned my readers with my new content this year. My heart has changed and I no longer just want to share decorating or just tea. I will always take the pretty pictures but, the Lord has called me to share much more at this time. I appreciate you reading it and giving feedback. We are also cutting out the desserts. I was making sweets for the blog about once a week and a week would go by and I would be throwing it out. So, I will probably share more healthy food pics this year. So glad to see you back and blogging. I hate to get used to new software. Have a great week!

  14. You are so right about moderation. I need to lose a few pounds, but I'm not going on any crazy diet where certain groups of foods are off limits. That is a set up for feeling deprived. A little sweet keeps us sweet, right?! Moderation is key.
    Sorry about your computer problems. Hope you're able to figure it all out. xo

  15. Nutrutionists say when all the cooking oils came out, there was more health trouble than when people were using lard or butter. Also we do not have as much control over what is in our foods since we dont grow the family gardens, so we do not control what goes in to the soil. I hope to have a better garden this year.


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