Thursday, July 30, 2015

Garlic Wonders And Ways To Use It...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog, How to Use Fresh garlic

Garlic Wonders...

Garlic is a very interesting food wonder and also a medicinal treasure.

After many years of enjoying garlic and preparing it by crushing or slicing it up,
I have found a way to enjoy it in so many different ways.
Simply by cooking it slightly;

So once again, I  have been newly reminded of its value.

Of course we all have added fresh garlic to a spaghetti sauce,
But now I can use it in so many more things.
But to eat it with other dishes as a health benefit is what I am talking about.

I have been taking a few whole bulbs of garlic and I cut off the end of the root,
 And then I place them in aluminum foil, then I drizzle them with olive oil,
Wrap it up and bake them in the oven or;
You can even use your toaster oven on the toast setting and they cook up great!
But it is best to only cook it for a short amount of time or until just tender.

Garlic Benefits
Garlic has so many benefits;
Garlic contains a compound called Allicin

Garlic has an anti-inflammatory properties in it.
Also, it has an antiviral action that helps fight infection and fungus.
Garlic may also improve our metabolism of iron.

I like to make a bunch of it up at a time and then I can use a cooked clove in many things.
Scrambled eggs or an omelet. Add it to soups and sauces!

If you ever make up your own hummus spread it taste so much better 
if you use the lightly cooked cloves instead of it being raw.
We have been eating hummus for a great healthy snack
So Add some cooked garlic cloves to it, and spread it on some crackers!
Also try adding it to egg salad it just makes it delicious!
You can use it in so many different foods when it is lightly cooked!
So Yummy!

I guess the key is to incorporate it into your daily meals, just not spaghetti sauce.
Be adventurous...

                                      The garlic has been referred to as the stinking rose!
I think our bodies adapt to the strong smell of garlic;
And we will not be so sensitive to the fragrance of it if we all eat it!
So you must share your garlic with those you love.

Do you have any ways that you enjoy using garlic?
Please share them with me...

Monday, July 27, 2015

Why Praying And Asking To Be The Kind Of Wife Your Husband Needs, Is The Most Important Prayer...


My Most Important Prayer...

Being a wife for many years has taught me a very important prayer factor!

Yes, over all these years I have prayed many prayers;
But the one thing the Lord has showed me many times is this;

I want to be the women and the wife and housewife that 
My Husband needs me to be!

Holy Smokes

We all have many needs and desires for living the good life
But as a wife we are called to be set apart for one man!

His needs and how he would like things to be...
Is that really asking too much?

Remember the world teaches we are our own person!

But a great marriage is one where we become the helpmate
That woman does not come a dime a dozen...

I want to be the ONLY women who can meet His needs the way
He wants them done or met.
Ask yourself;
Are your Husband's needs so hard and demanding that you cannot meet them?
Usually No, not at all,

Really most men just want a home that is clean and tidy
Clean socks and jeans and shirts
A meal that is being prepared or some good sandwich fixings in the refrigerator!
A wife that looks kind and a smile on her face!
A place that he feels welcomed in and where he belongs!
A room to have a chair where he can put his feet up!
And having a wife that is not always too tired!
And having a home where the people in it thinks he is special!

"What if you became
 The Woman and Wife, that your Husband was praying for?"

Believe me, things would change!

God has been very gracious to me in my marriage!
But I will say that praying to become the wife HE NEEDS is very important!

Some women have it in their head on how everything needs to be;
But sometimes it is the very small changes that can change a marriage
For the better...

Women must be the kind of wife he needs;
Sometimes we have our heads and thoughts in so many tails spins we miss,
The little things that he might need or require in any given day or a moment!

When our little ones cried, we went running, to meet their needs!

But no, our husbands are grown men and should be able to take care of themselves!

I see marriages and hear how they say things like;
They never pay me any attention any more
They never make me feel that it is important in what I say about anything
They never care about me...

Really, this is so heartbreaking!

Wake up ladies; marriage is the one thing God has given in this world
To be a picture of how He deals with us as His Bride...

"What kind of Bride are You to Your Husband?

Okay, here is the challenge;
No matter how long you have been married;
Start praying and asking the Lord to help you become;
"The wife your husband needs you to be!"

Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Frugal Benefits Of Finding Just The Right Pattern For Sewing A Skirt...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog

I So Enjoyed Sewing This Skirt...

Sewing can be very rewarding and so good for your wardrobe!
Once you find a pattern that fits well you can make so many
different skirts of many different pretty fabrics.

Finding a pattern that fits well and looks pretty is no easy task!
And once you get the pattern pieces cut out, that is half the work.

It is a pattern that requires a knit fabric, which is a favorite of mine;
Easy care and requires no ironing!
It has an easy fit and does not cling tightly.
The pattern that I am using is by NEWLOOK 6108
It only has 3 pieces and an elastic band for the waist!

Finding a nice blouse or top to go with each one is
sometimes a bit of a challenge.
So if I have a pattern skirt and then I need a solid top.

And finding fabric that is reasonable is all part of the journey.
This is where sewing a simple skirt can be a very frugal way to add
A very nice piece of clothing to your wardrobe!

I am no way a seamstress. But I am always learning.
I did find a real treasure while out antiquing today;
I found a look alike vintage dress for a few dollars!
So soft and feminine looking!

I am always buying fabric for aprons which is my weak spot,
And they only require a yard of material.

But, I did find a full fitted very old apron that is just beautiful!
But it is paper thin and I will need to cut out a pattern from it!
It has very petite tiny purple flowers and a beige background,
And the bias tape is the thinnest I have ever seen.
 Which is a deep purple!

I always wonder where the days go...
If an apron could talk and the stories they would tell!

In my sewing room, I have;
~Drawers of material that long to be cut out and sewed up as pretty aprons~

Living From Glory To Glory Blog

I did buy some very pretty yellow curtains for my living room today!
I was shocked at how bright the living room seemed!
Sunshine and Sunflowers...

I wish you all a lovely and creative season...

What are you all up to in these HOT dog days of summer?

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sunflowers Make Us Smile And Yellow Pops...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog

Sunshine Came Softly Through My Window Today...

~Sunflowers in all their glory~

There is just something about sunflowers that they just make us smile
 and they really do make you feel happy.
 Sunflowers are flowers that make you think of summer
 and being a bright yellow in color is very cheering! 

I found this picture of sunflowers  at an antique store last week.
 And so now it has found a home over my mantel.
I added some very pretty yellow  flowers in my white pitcher.
 I do love seeing the brightness  that it brings into my living room!
 I also found one single giant size sunflower for the metal vase that sits on the floor.

I believe God wants us to make our homes lovely and cheerful.
 It is so important to not be afraid of making small changes
 that can give a room a whole new look.
 Let the sun shine in!

I have never really liked a home that was dreary!
All the window shades and curtains always drawn tight!
I do love my privacy and close things up in the evenings.

But a home that is dark can be very depressing.
In the very hot weather we open it all in the early morning,
Then we close it up to stop the hot sun from coming in.
But the winter months when the days are very short;
All the sunshine and light is very welcoming!

I also enjoy fresh air and I almost always have a window cracked!

I know that having a home that is open and filled with natural
light and items of decor that bring color into a room is just becoming!

What is your color that you are using that a few years back
 you would not of even considered using in your home?

Remember to always keep your eyes on the SON...

Blessings, Living From Glory To Glory
Hugs, Roxy

Friday, July 17, 2015

How The Fine Art Of Being Quiet Will Allow You To Hear The Lord...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

How Being Alone Can Be A Gift...

The loneliness is as thick as fog at times;
But alas, this is not loneliness but rather being alone.
We live in a culture and an era where there is hardly ever real quietness!
We have background music, even while in an elevator.
When we become so uncomfortable with quiet, we miss something...

With all the noise and activity that goes on around us, we truly do not
know what real quiet really sounds like.
Quiet can be in the wind, and in the rustling of the leaves.
I believe I even heard the stars twinkle once.

We want to hear something...

Only those that can handle a bit of quiet will be able to hear that still small voice!

When we will finally learn the fine art of quiet;
We then will have a place or space that is not filled with noise or just busy!

Giving heed to the small things that do come from the Lord;
I would call these promptings...

I feel bad when a woman who has a heart to stay at home and she
is belittled for not wanting more...
More WHAT!

I understand the great demands on us all!
Overwhelming at times...

But when and if you are offered the gift of staying home;
Maybe just for a day or to come home to raise your little ones!
Give it as much thought as possible!
Money comes and goes!
Homes grow and feel welcoming when someone is in residence.
Children grow and leave quicker than anything!
Age comes and settles no matter how you think you have the fountain of youth!

We all have a very small window to catch the whisper of God's voice.
Quiet your hearts for a moment every day;
I promise He will speak to you!

(Just a note to say I was not referring to meditation as in yoga)
But rather...
Meditating on the Word Of God

When and where is your most quiet time to hear the Lord?

Monday, July 13, 2015

How To Make The Kitchen Table The Center Of Your Home...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog

The Kitchen Table Is Key...

I find great joy in simple pleasures;
The other day I cleaned off my kitchen table and then polished it till it shined!
 Then I put on a fresh table cloth and a lace topper over the tablecloth.
It feels really good to see it all cleaned off and ready for another week
of meals being served. Or a cup of coffee being enjoyed with a loved one.
Place a bowl of fruit or a snack to draw them to the table!
A plate of cookies;
Cheese and crackers
Serving a meal cooked with love at your own hearth...

When the children were little we did our school work on our kitchen table.
Now I even do a little bit of studying myself.
We might read the paper through the week there also.
We pray often at our kitchen table!
Memories are made in this very place!

Your Kitchen and Table should be the welcoming spot in your home!
Keep it clean and tidy and always pleasing to the eye.
Keep napkins in the center with some fresh spices for any dish.
Sea salt, pepper, cayenne powder and hot sauce.

There is something so comforting about a kitchen!
It Is The Heart Of The Home...

Making your home cozy and welcoming is an art!
If you can keep only one spot in your home orderly and clean;
The kitchen and kitchen table is what I would suggest to you.

You can take a very worn table and chairs and paint them and recover the chairs,
To give them a new fresh appeal!
You can find table coverings for very cheap and some great linen finds also.
Check out your thrift stores.
 Also, you can find wooden table centerpieces and spray paint them.
I did this a few years ago and it was so lovely.
Everything can be an added pretty!
You can find very inexpensive place mats in a thrift store.
 Or look at your store clearance sections for seasonal items.

 I would watch using a plastic cloth with those backings as they can stick to your wood table tops. But if it is a glass or Formica then it would be okay.

It is also very nice to change out the colors and decor for the holidays.

Sometimes when I am not even sure what I am making for dinner,
I will set the table to get myself inspired.

Please encourage yourself today and get inspired!
Look in your drawers and find what you might have to use!

Practice serving your meals and snacks at the table.
Get into the habit of keeping it clean and welcoming!

Use what God has given you!
Keep your heart alive with simple home, keeping routines!

Every meal can be a time to come together as a family
Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog

This was my table this last fall!
Chips and salsa served!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

I Am Doing A Great Work...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog

Being prepared for the unexpected...

Just a little reminder to you dear ladies, all Preppers are not crazy people!
I have been reading what some of these women have been posting!
They all seem to know something that I don't;
Or have ever experienced!

We sure have seen some wild weather in some parts of the country.
So much talk surrounding September 13...
What's the BUZZ tell me what's a happening??

I believe we all have been learning something about something...
I like to keep my eye on the weather we have had storms blow in quite
quickly on the plains, I have stuck my finger up to see which way the
wind is a blowing. We like to have a heads up for what is coming!

Did I mention that I got some new glasses from a new prescription?
Well, I can't see a thing!

Now, I will need to have another exam----
Which is better?
One Or Two?
Is 3 or 4 better?

Really, can I try a five or six??

Somebody needs to adjust their glasses or maybe have their vision checked!

We have enjoyed such an amazing green summer and looking
forward some canning from the farms this year!
We will not get much from our gardens from after the hail storms.

Do any of you have a better sense of what is going on in our world today?
As I refuse to be moved by hype;
But I do worry that we may all just be hitting the snooze button!

Remember Y2K
But 9/11 really did happen!
Do any of you have true family stories of the great depression?
Now what will we do if the grid ever really did go down;
(It would be the worlds worst hair day ever!)

I do so love my modern conveniences!

I read a good post the other day on Beautiful Womanhood, titled
I am doing a great work... A must read!

Well, I have learned this one thing;
Carry a big purse and have everything that you might ever need in it!
Bug Spray\Sunscreen/ Glass Cleaner/Tums/Hairspray/
Bullet proof vest
Extra Pair of Glasses
Bobby Pin (Ever see McGuyver)
Duct Tape
Bread Crumbs to leave a trail
A Dictionary
A Lighter
A Toothbrush
OHHH An extra Key to your house
(This is my silly list)

Really, I have to get a much bigger purse!
Happy Day To All Of You Ladies

OHHH I also had a man posing as a lady emailing me!
Scammer I tell you!

I am sewing some new aprons for myself, and eating rice crispy treats!
Hugs to all...

Monday, July 6, 2015

Living A Colorful Life...

Living from Glory To Glory Blog

Yellow. Black Or White We Are Precious In His Sight...

God is the one who gave us color!
The spectrum is a color wheel or rainbow,
There are primary colors and secondary colors,
Are any of them less important or beautiful?

In every crayon box we all have a color we use more,
Mine was always the blue one to do the background sky blue.

I think we all can really relate to color and how it affects us!
But once again we can misuse colors and symbolisms.

Remember when so many teens were wearing all black?
They called it the gothic look;

We all have a wonderful memory of seeing a Rainbow in the sky!
I remember once seeing a triple rainbow,
It was perfect and three full rainbows filled the massive sky!

Sign, Sign, everywhere a sign...

We are told to careful of reading too much into a sign,
I have seen every view point imaginable that was trying to prove
Its validity by either a wrong view of scripture or just plain 
Taking It out of context.

There are so many books being written that just seem a bit odd;
Or really off!

Have you ever been duped??
I have...
And, after repenting and asking God to show what is false,
He has always revealed the truth to me!
Did I find it in another book?
No, I always found it right there in scripture!

We must be very careful...

If it sounds a bit off, check it out!
God honors those that study to show themselves approved!
Every dream is not something you should take as the gospel truth;
But, we can know that some things are just plain off.

I continue to ask the Lord to help be discerning of things!

I would also like to add a little warning here of reading too much
(Christian Romance)
Even in their simple sweetness can bring an empty feeling to you!
(Your Real Life)

We are seeing history in the making, Not something that we should
parade around town and blast your FB page with!
Making sport or tying to prove a point just becomes cheesy!
Marriage is God's idea...
We think we can change the definition of what marriage is;
But we cannot!
As God said in his word, only seed that falls on good soil will produce.

I think we will continue to see shocking things. But we can speak what 
We believe without being offensive. 
But, I know we have once again opened another door!

But, I am still called to be a keeper of my own home!
Doors and signs and books written to deceive!
May you quickly learn to not be shocked!

I feel at times all this stuff is but a smoke screen...

May the real use of the rainbow, not be forgotten in the Bible scriptures.
Do not take part in anything that will divide!
God will one day, straighten us all out...

Now is the time to shine!
Keep your eyes out for the real deal!
The Supreme Court is not God!
And even they will be held accountable!

The First Amendment still stands!
There still are a few men and women who have courage!
Seems like the left is trying to shame the right!

Did you know they have coloring books for grown ups now days!

Friday, July 3, 2015

Red, White And Blue, These Colors Do Not Run...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog,  Country Living

Country Red, White And Blue...
These colors don't run.
 They  stand up under duress!
Wear and tear and blistering sun...
These Things Will
Keep you on your toes and teaches us to keep a good sturdy pair of boots on!

I am learning to be a lady even in rough conditions;
Hail, Heat, Gully Washers!
This is the first year I have not killed at least a few rattlers....
(Thank You God)

I painted our bird feeder out front this morning.
I painted our old metal swing set also.
I started scraping the old paint of my clothes line.
I am painting all these things my country Red Color!

Yesterday, after cleaning all my cupboards out, of all the foods that,
Had now turned limp from the humidity, I thought I would go out and
Take a little rest in the kids hammock next doors tied up between two trees.
I kid you not;
 I got into that thing and it just spun around and threw me to the ground!
I could not believe it;
I said aloud....


So last night required two aspirins and some wintergreen oil on my shoulder.
I awoke feeling like I had ridden a Wild Bronco!
But no, I was just dumped out of a hammock right onto my backside.


This is how I imagined it was going to go!

A girl needs to look like a lady
Dress like a lady
Talk like a lady
But work like she can get a job done...
I am not a wimp, I enjoy getting my house painted and clean!
Sometimes it does require work gloves, work clothing and boots!!

My husband is always so amazed that I am willing to jump in!
Trim trees, paint, pull weeds...
Whatever it takes to help alleviate some of the work and burden!

I believe God has made women very strong and a bit of grit...

We have helped this country by working alongside our men!
Yes, I firstly keep our home running smoothly and something to eat!
But there are times that we just need to help get the extra stuff done!

I have never been afraid of hard work!

This country has always been under attack from either,
The enemy or a wicked person or a natural disaster!
War or a downturn in something!

But we are told to look to the hills where our help comes from!
May you all have a wonderful life!
God Bless America...
God Bless America


Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Donkey Analogy...


Hurry Up...

Why's everybody always picking on me?

Moving at ones own pace is very comforting, as none of us enjoy being
Told to hurry up!
Now, that is usually when I really forget my head!
The hurrier I go, the be- hinder I get...

When my Grandmother would be out doing her shopping, and she
Was apparently driving too slow, I could hear them yelling;
Come on Grandma, move it!
She would tell me this
Why those young whipper snappers will one day be moving much slower when they get older!
My Grandma would call those wild ones;
"Those Hooligans"

I still laugh over that when I remember riding around with her
in that big old Chrysler mobile...
It was white and I believe it had wings and could fly.
It felt like an ocean liner ship that cruised down those roads.

Why is it when you are younger you think everyone is moving too slow?
And when you get a bit older, it seems like everyone is so impatient?

I am learning to savor my days...

When was the last time you laughed till you cried?
When was the last time you just took a joy ride to get an ice cream?

Why does the last day of June make us feel like mourning?
As a child the summer lasted what seemed like a year.
But alas July is here fresh and free!
We can count on this happening year after year, this alone
should comfort our hearts!

None of us want to be like a donkey that will not do what
is being asked of it.
To be set in your ways without being led by the spirit will
make you a bit stubborn. So it is better to not just follow others.
But rather follow what the Word is saying...
If everyone is doing it, I bet it is the broad road that leads
"To Destruction"

Donkey's are hard working in a way, yet they will do nothing but graze
unless they are harnessed!
We cannot spend our time just always working,
But beware of not getting our work done!

We are better to move a bit slower, yet sure of our direction;
Be too quick, you just might miss your turn off!

We are warned that the road we are to be on is narrow!
Do not be swayed
Do not look to the right or the left
Do not stop...
Just keep moving towards the better country
Our Homeland

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