Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Disciplines Of A Godly Woman...

Author Barbara Hughes

Being disciplined is not something we do naturally!

The scripture says
  Train yourself to be godly
1 Timothy 4:7

I really enjoyed this book, I found it biblically sound and interesting.
We need a book that instructs us from a non-feminist view.

This word Train is derived from the Greek word which in English is
In other words a spiritual workout!

Like the Greek athletes who lay aside every encumbrance,
We Christian women need to get rid of every
(association, habit, and tendency that blocks godliness)

This is not to be confused with legalism;
The legalistic heart does things to gain merit with God;
The disciplined heart says
 "I will do this because I love God and I want to please HIM"

Firstly, you must be saved;
The Gospel is about what God has done!
The Gospel is the amazing news about God's son
Jesus Christ accomplished on the cross.
His death, burial and resurrection!
He was the only sacrifice accepted by God for our sins!
(Romans 10:9-11)

Philippians 2:10-11
We must see that submission applies to every area of our lives;
Choosing God's ways over our ways!
Submitting YOUR will to God's loving rule in daily life.

Ephesians 6:18
Prayer is not pulling God to my will, but aligning of my heart and will
to God's will and perfect plan for myself and others.
"That is why we must pray not my will, but God's will be done"

Word Centered
1Timothy 4:13

God Centered

Christ Centered
Luke 10: 41-42
Do not become so busy you lose sight of daily worship in all you do!
"Martha, Martha...
You are worried and upset about many things.
But only one thing is needed!
Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her"

Our Character
Our Mind
Romans 12:2
(Reading and Studying God's Word)

1Timothy 6:6

A godly woman is something we aspire to be, and it will take time and training!

Nothing worth anything is really going to cost you nothing!

Everything I do requires a part of all these character traits;
Look, we will never stop learning and growing in the things that glorify Christ!

Just because we are women does not mean we will make good wives or mothers!
~We need godly examples and the truth to be read and understood~

Applying truth and biblical principles are an everyday process!

I know each of us could find fault with ourselves or even our own parents;
But we are called to continue...
That means just because we did something wrong does not mean we should stop trying!

When I think about giving up in a certain area, I have an inner compass
That reads due north...
Keep YOUR eyes On the SON
(Jesus Christ)

Remember, it is not what you FEEL
It is what the Scripture's teach us;
Therefore, we THINK...

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Amazing Strength And Beauty Of The Hummingbirds...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

We all just love hummingbirds!
They come in many different colors and yet they are all the same size.

I just realized that you can hear them easier than seeing them!
They zip around like they are on a mission.

When we are up in the mountains, they are so brightly decked out in so many colors.

Yet some are just plain brown and with very little color!

I guess they're one creature that has ADD and we think they're special!

Moving too fast can  make us miss something we are right in the midst of.

Slow and Steady is my action mostly!
But for a little Hummingbird we think it is perfect.

So many of us even really enjoy setting out our Hummingbird feeders,
They eat pure sugar and it must produce the energy and endurance they need!

What is it that we need to fuel our hearts and minds?

We all know pure sugar would do us harm,
Yet, everything we eat does turn into glucose,
We need sustainable energy throughout our days!

We need things with substance!

We all know what cotton candy smells like and looks like;
Spun sugar, delicate and smells sweet!
But if you had a diet of just cotton candy we would plummet and drop!

I was wondering, what is the Hummingbird a bit like each of us?
We are all not going to be arrayed in bright colors;
We all do not move quickly;
We all look for a place to be fed and nourished;
We all want to be heard:

We are not made of spun sugar
But we do want to be loved and appreciated!


Hummingbirds are small, colorful birds with iridescent feathers.
Their name comes from the fact that they flap their wings so fast (about 80 times per second) that they make a humming noise.

Hummingbirds can fly right, left, up, down, backwards, and even upside down. They are also able to hover by flapping their wings in a figure-8 pattern. They have a specialized long and tapered bill that is used to obtain nectar from the center of long, tubular flowers. The hummingbird’s feet are used for perching only, and are not used for hopping or walking.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Do You See Giants In The Land Or Do You See The Promises In The Land...

In This Life...

We are either going up a hill or we are going down an incline!

And when we are given the brief moment of the flat straight away;
It is like a walk on the beach!

~So many things appear to be but fleeting moments~

But we can learn to embrace each special portion of our walks!
And we have had a little saying in our home;
Look, we cannot both have a bad day at the same time!!

Everything at times can seem like a test...

But each thing we go through will teach us to be flexible and patient,
We build endurance and perseverance!

Once we get to the ocean shore;
We are either in heaven or on a holiday...

If life was but an eternal holiday, we would become weak and spoiled!
Our skin would even become tough and wrinkled.

Why must we always feel we need to be perfect without trials?
It is in these very trials that transforms us into mature believers!

I think when you do not believe or understand God's sovereignty;
You will not trust that even these trials and the walks on the beach,
Can and will be used to bring us into a closer walk with thee!

12 spies went into the promised land;
10 can back with a report of how they could not overcome the giants
2 looked to God and not at the giants

Where is your focus?

I for the grace of God look at the Sovereign God as my Lord and Savior
I will choose to enjoy the new land He has given me!
And each new day is part of His promise to you!

As I walk in this land of promise I know He has given me a better country!
I will keep my eyes open for the treasures along the shore;
Far in the distance I can see the prize awaiting me;
But if I do not give up and fall by the wayside!

Ask yourself what is needed?
Another recipe for you to prepare?
Another craft to make?
Another committee to be on?

Or to walk and not grow weary until you no longer see the giants;
But, are bound to dwell in the promised land...

We are but on a journey!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Practice Happiness ...

A few days ago when I was at our local health food store buying some things;
We always get one of those free nutritional magazines.

Well, this one's front covers message or quote just spoke to my heart!

Why do we think Happiness just comes naturally?

Well, it does not!
Out little natural self has a "me me" mentality;
And the world tells us to just do whatever you want!

Some days you may just naturally feel happiness.
But most days we need to practice those very things that do give and bring happiness!

I am not going to get all weird or spiritual with this;
But I am telling you that we need to learn to practice some really good things!

We will practice playing an instrument
We will practice how to be good at a sport
We will practice as to be a good writer or speller

But we need to practice being HAPPY
Happiness is a central key to not being an unhappy person!

Happiness is a wonderful gift you can give your Husband
Happiness is a gift you can freely give to your family
Happiness is a gift to the whole world...

Look life can get hard and hot and sticky and just plain messy!

But don't let the Buzzards of life wait for you to be roadkill!

Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself
~You Will Practice Happiness~

What Is Going On In Our Neck Of The Woods
Our State Fair Begins
Going To Oregon 
The Flies are in full force
I have been making Necklaces
I have been killing flies
We are expecting our 9th Grandchild
The Yellow School Bus is going down our road again
Our Pig is ready to have her babies soon
We got 22 eggs yesterday
I was wondering if Blogging is a thing of the past
Russia has stopped blasting my blog
Need to start back to my piano lessons
Got new boots (That's another post)
My Blog is to ENCOURAGE...

I am a real women wife and mother and grandmother...
I will practice what I preach and speak about on this blog...
Where do you think I get all my material from??

Down On The Farm

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Different Personalities Can Blend And Enhance Life...

Salt and Pepper

It is so wonderful to have something that compliments you.
We are in need of those people and even moments that enhance us!

To compliment or to enhance a situation is wonderful!

At times we can all feel like we are wearing two left shoes!

I get that...

But we can be used to help others not to feel unworthy;
Or not important. As we know how it feels to just blend!

And I am not talking about being the center of attention!
But rather to look to help others to feel validated!

I think the enemy wants us to feel insignificant...
But God has already validated His own!

When you think of a good marriage
A great friendship;
We think we must match!

But, really we are better to be more like salt and pepper
In our own ways than we can complement one another!
Not be the same...

It helps us to blend better together and to grow!
We are better able to respond!
There can be too much of the same thing!

Too much salt will make your mouth dry
Too much pepper will make it hot.
But a bit of both makes it just right!

After all, we know that God sees the heart;
And He knows what we need in our relationships.

(I have asked God to remove people from my life that was not good for us)
~This is a must in discernment in who you allow in your life~

Learning to balance areas and things in your life!
Look, just because it is good for you or your kids or marriage,
Does not mean you have to do it all the time!

I feel that so many ladies look like their hair is on fire!
Reevaluate your schedule!
Pray about what your family is committed to!

Look, we need both salt and pepper in our lives!

Allow God to give you the true spice of life...

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Learn To Gather When Things Are In Abundance...


Being Frugal, Living From Glory To Glory Blog

Gathering when things are in abundance...

We will all experience lean times!
It may be in our finances or it might be in our health or emotions!

You can become weary at times and that is why we are told to
"Not grow weary while doing good"

I have learned to be quick when something is in abundance.
At these moments and seasons do not last forever.

These blueberries are in abundance!

Take them and wash them and freeze them for use in the long winter months.

We need to learn to gather things when they are their cheapest;
And are in the peak of the season!

It is hard to spend almost five dollars on blueberries in the winter,
When you can get them for very little now!

When we stop to think about how everything comes in short spurts.
That is why it is so important to enjoy and gather and things in season.

Yes, I am talking about blueberries right now;
But I think this applies to everything else!

Alone times with loved ones;
Place those memories in your heart and those sweet little notes or gifts;
Treasure them!

For there will come a day that everyone is going to work
 Or busy with their own lives!
Our little ones do not stay little for long!

The peace in a day when it is not storming and foul weather is brewing;
Take comfort with the warm sunshine on your face!

You will not always have to plow your fields;
Some day a harvest will come and fill your basket to overflowing!

I realize everyone wants real;
But there are times we need to be pampered and enjoy.
It might be a quiet walk for just yourself;
It could be your quiet time in the morning!

We need to gather in the calm!
For when the lean times might hit, you my dear will have an abundance
Stashed away for a time such as this!

I think that a wise woman will take the time to put back!
It can be money or gifts bought or made from very little.
Foods purchased when were cheap in cost;
Then you have it to use when there is a need.

And if you are able to only shop less often you will save money!
Every time you go into a store, you will buy something!
Be aware of the Dollar Store you run in for a card;
And come out with all these little things you could do without!

Each pay day, try putting something back in your stash!
It may be food item or even a yard of fabric.

These learned ways of being wise or frugal;
Is what allows us to stay home and be keepers of our homes!

Have you noticed so much waste in our world?
At least our food scraps go to our chickens!
Just finding ways to make things last and to be there in a time of need!

Do you think your husband would say that you are being
Frugal and wise with your income?

Do you always find yourself in a bind;
 When it is a Birthday 
or the holidays?

We can all find ways to save and to be wise!

Friday, August 12, 2016

I See Your Mouth Moving, But I Can't Hear Anything...

Communications, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Tell me what are you thinking?

So many of us get lost in our communications with others;
We can be somewhere in between of spilling your every thought,
To be tight lipped and no response.
Neither of these are good!

I find if we can ponder a bit on how we should respond;
We can be true to our hearts and share what we think or believe.

We are living in a world where there are no absolutes;
Everything seems like it is in the gray area...

Now this should not be!

Why will some people never take wise counsel?
Why must we be a people of no wisdom!

We must learn to lovingly share our hearts in truth!
But we also must speak a warning or a bit of wisdom;
To those we love and sometimes it may be a total stranger!

I am running out of things to say to you ladies!

I guess I could just do recipes or crafts;
But then I would not be being true to myself!

See why we need to keep communications opened in our lives!
We all have gifts and talents and we need to use them!

Try to be watchful for an opportunity to tell others something,
That will bring encouragement!
Or a word of caution...

Can you become an older woman without learning something that is of value?

Keep trying to communicate and learn whom is listening!
(Just another thought here)
Sometimes wisdom is learning to back off;
Sometimes you just need to stop trying to get through to them;
Sometimes they harden their hearts to you and or to the truth!
So now you must do this next thing, Start...
Trusting God with them!

Taking your hands off and telling them look;
I will not bring this subject up again.

~But we can pray for them~

Keep yourself busy doing the next thing!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

How To Use Old Useless Stuff To Create A Charming Yard...

There is just something so charming about old vintage bicycles.

Days of summer fun and places to explore!
A mode of transportation to school or a friend's house.

I wish we had kept all those old bicycles from our childhood days!
Or maybe of the ones we had of our older brother and sisters.

I think these old charmers are getting harder and harder to find.
This little beauty is in my sisters garden area;
She has a huge flower garden and it just adds an ambiance to the natural landscape!

I have tried many different items in my flower gardens to add charm!
Old metal tubs and vintage plates places in the soil sticking half way up.
Old cowboy boots and old boxes and planters!

I truly love finding old wheelbarrows and placing them around our estate.

We use to even place old bottles and cans in some of the smaller dry beds!

Learning to use an imagination and decorating outside of the box!

After the end of our summer season, I gather most of the items and
we store them in an old log cabin out back.
It stops some of the fading and wear during the long winter.
Then when spring comes again we pull everything out and place it in all the
different spots to add color and interesting schemes.

We have a lot of the old metal chairs and we have painted most of them all red!

I think having a lovely yard and some unique decorating pieces is fun!

Everything takes work and time!
But if we keep our eyes open while at goodwill or garage sales;
You can find some great treasure for yard decorations!

Just remember to keep your yards clean and filled with garden charm!

Sweep of your sidewalks and fill planters with flowers!

Outside work can help keep you fit and a bit strength building!

This is such a easy way to make your home look inviting and charming!
Pick a couple of colors that match your outside scheme;
Then paint fences or tins or planters to match;
Doing it now is a good time to get a jump start on it!

Make it fun and ask others to keep and eye out for what you're looking for!

I have used broken off shovels and pitchforks, they really look nice!

I have gone down to the river bottom and brought home
old stumps and large limbs that are weathered and look wonderful!

Even a large rock placed in the right place looks good!

My kids when they were young or may still say it now (smiles)
What the heck are you going to do with that old thing MOTHER...

I have many old farm implements and have spray painted some of them bright red.

Country, cozy and cheap and so filled with charm!

Old birdhouses and birdbaths are lovely!

Any type of fencing can look vintage and charming...
Paint it or stain it!

Plant seeds every spring as you never know what might just take off!
Remember to try to plant a few new bulbs each fall!

I believe we can take what God has given us and make it a little slice of Eden...

Small yard or extra large you can make it pretty and lovely!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Ways To Help You Be Content...


I have seen so many things that rile my emotions;
In this world we have three things that will lay- way you.
Lust of your eyes
Lust of of your flesh
And the pride of yourself

We have an insatiable hunger for things and stuff...

I am always leaning towards a simpler way of life;
When we can just enjoy a moment with a good book or a craft!

Just staying home more often and not running to and fro.
Many things we put upon our own plate and it is not beneficial to us!

We are now living in an information age...
So now you really can see daily just exactly what you're missing!

I must say that I now think every woman alive has her own blog;
You now have your own personal spot on the world wide web (W.W.W.)

We can record and download and ebook everything
So what is it that you desire?
As the genie in the bottle said
"Your wish is my command"

Well lets stop and really think...
Not feel your way through this precious life;

If you gained the whole world and lost your soul!
People are selling their minds and hearts and bodies for lies!

I guess you do not need me to tell you how easy it is to get off
the narrow path!
This world and with a touch of a click, your able to view and buy and sell!

What are you craving for?
Goods, more stuff, and bigger and better things!

As soon as you get the next thing you start the whole process over!
Never enough...

But if we keep close to the truth of what is going to last.
We can stop the running and seeking and rest in the very fact.
He will never leave you or forsake you!
He will add all that is needed by you!

Here is a great post written by Lydia from Home Living;

Home Living, The Christian Lady And Contentment

Ask the Lord to help you be content!
Learn to say NO to all the running around town!
Ask yourself if this is a need or a want?
Keep your hands busy doing things that are wholesome (knitting, crafting, cleaning, reading)
Do not compare yourself to others...
Take care of what God has given you!

~Contentment with Godliness is great gain~

What are some of the things you have learned to be content?

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