Friday, August 12, 2016

I See Your Mouth Moving, But I Can't Hear Anything...

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Tell me what are you thinking?

So many of us get lost in our communications with others;
We can be somewhere in between of spilling your every thought,
To be tight lipped and no response.
Neither of these are good!

I find if we can ponder a bit on how we should respond;
We can be true to our hearts and share what we think or believe.

We are living in a world where there are no absolutes;
Everything seems like it is in the gray area...

Now this should not be!

Why will some people never take wise counsel?
Why must we be a people of no wisdom!

We must learn to lovingly share our hearts in truth!
But we also must speak a warning or a bit of wisdom;
To those we love and sometimes it may be a total stranger!

I am running out of things to say to you ladies!

I guess I could just do recipes or crafts;
But then I would not be being true to myself!

See why we need to keep communications opened in our lives!
We all have gifts and talents and we need to use them!

Try to be watchful for an opportunity to tell others something,
That will bring encouragement!
Or a word of caution...

Can you become an older woman without learning something that is of value?

Keep trying to communicate and learn whom is listening!
(Just another thought here)
Sometimes wisdom is learning to back off;
Sometimes you just need to stop trying to get through to them;
Sometimes they harden their hearts to you and or to the truth!
So now you must do this next thing, Start...
Trusting God with them!

Taking your hands off and telling them look;
I will not bring this subject up again.

~But we can pray for them~

Keep yourself busy doing the next thing!


  1. Oh I'm so glad that you have brought your comments back Roxy! I tried to comment last month, and saw nowhere to be able to share. I've been so busy this summer, and it is a joy this morning to have a wee bit of time to visit my blogging friends. I agree with your heart sharing in this post... listening is what I do best, and I'm learning more and more by saying less! Hugs to you today dear friend :)

  2. Amen Roxy! Hard to remain silent sometimes, but absolutely the wise thing to do.

  3. Praying for wisdom for when to speak and when to be silent.
    I have found as I'm getting older that some things are becoming clearer and I"m so thankful to the Lord is what he has been teaching me. The most important thing is to take everything to the Lord in prayer!
    I love your line "We must learn to lovingly share our hearts in truth."

  4. Colossians 3:23-24
    Be encouraged...


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