Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Do You See Giants In The Land Or Do You See The Promises In The Land...

In This Life...

We are either going up a hill or we are going down an incline!

And when we are given the brief moment of the flat straight away;
It is like a walk on the beach!

~So many things appear to be but fleeting moments~

But we can learn to embrace each special portion of our walks!
And we have had a little saying in our home;
Look, we cannot both have a bad day at the same time!!

Everything at times can seem like a test...

But each thing we go through will teach us to be flexible and patient,
We build endurance and perseverance!

Once we get to the ocean shore;
We are either in heaven or on a holiday...

If life was but an eternal holiday, we would become weak and spoiled!
Our skin would even become tough and wrinkled.

Why must we always feel we need to be perfect without trials?
It is in these very trials that transforms us into mature believers!

I think when you do not believe or understand God's sovereignty;
You will not trust that even these trials and the walks on the beach,
Can and will be used to bring us into a closer walk with thee!

12 spies went into the promised land;
10 can back with a report of how they could not overcome the giants
2 looked to God and not at the giants

Where is your focus?

I for the grace of God look at the Sovereign God as my Lord and Savior
I will choose to enjoy the new land He has given me!
And each new day is part of His promise to you!

As I walk in this land of promise I know He has given me a better country!
I will keep my eyes open for the treasures along the shore;
Far in the distance I can see the prize awaiting me;
But if I do not give up and fall by the wayside!

Ask yourself what is needed?
Another recipe for you to prepare?
Another craft to make?
Another committee to be on?

Or to walk and not grow weary until you no longer see the giants;
But, are bound to dwell in the promised land...

We are but on a journey!


  1. Hello Roxy, what a lovely post you wrote today. I hope all is well with you and that you are enjoying the end of summer. Take care and have a nice week.

  2. Oh Roxy, I've been seeing giants lately. Thank you for the encouragement!


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