Sunday, August 21, 2016

Practice Happiness ...

A few days ago when I was at our local health food store buying some things;
We always get one of those free nutritional magazines.

Well, this one's front covers message or quote just spoke to my heart!

Why do we think Happiness just comes naturally?

Well, it does not!
Out little natural self has a "me me" mentality;
And the world tells us to just do whatever you want!

Some days you may just naturally feel happiness.
But most days we need to practice those very things that do give and bring happiness!

I am not going to get all weird or spiritual with this;
But I am telling you that we need to learn to practice some really good things!

We will practice playing an instrument
We will practice how to be good at a sport
We will practice as to be a good writer or speller

But we need to practice being HAPPY
Happiness is a central key to not being an unhappy person!

Happiness is a wonderful gift you can give your Husband
Happiness is a gift you can freely give to your family
Happiness is a gift to the whole world...

Look life can get hard and hot and sticky and just plain messy!

But don't let the Buzzards of life wait for you to be roadkill!

Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself
~You Will Practice Happiness~

What Is Going On In Our Neck Of The Woods
Our State Fair Begins
Going To Oregon 
The Flies are in full force
I have been making Necklaces
I have been killing flies
We are expecting our 9th Grandchild
The Yellow School Bus is going down our road again
Our Pig is ready to have her babies soon
We got 22 eggs yesterday
I was wondering if Blogging is a thing of the past
Russia has stopped blasting my blog
Need to start back to my piano lessons
Got new boots (That's another post)
My Blog is to ENCOURAGE...

I am a real women wife and mother and grandmother...
I will practice what I preach and speak about on this blog...
Where do you think I get all my material from??

Down On The Farm


  1. Busy over there Roxy! Is it your DIL I met who is expecting? Great news!

    And yes, it is so important to cultivate a cheerful heart. So easy to slide into whining or complaining or poor me. Cheerfulness and gratitude have such a ripple effect to all those around us.

    Oregon? I hope you have a wonderful time. xo Deborah

  2. That's it!
    I need to practice, not just wait for it to happen!
    Thank you!

  3. You did encourage me with this post,Roxy, today I WILL practice happiness.

  4. So true Roxy! I totally think that happiness is a choice. Yes, it's easier for some people to be happy than others, but if you set it as a goal and practice it you can accomplish it! Have a wonderful week!!


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