Thursday, August 18, 2016

Different Personalities Can Blend And Enhance Life...

Salt and Pepper

It is so wonderful to have something that compliments you.
We are in need of those people and even moments that enhance us!

To compliment or to enhance a situation is wonderful!

At times we can all feel like we are wearing two left shoes!

I get that...

But we can be used to help others not to feel unworthy;
or not important. As we know how it feels to just blend!

And I am not talking about being the center of attention!
But rather to look to help others to feel validated!

I think the enemy wants us to feel insignificant...
But God has already validated His own!

When you think of a good marriage
A great friendship;
We think we must match!

But, no we are better to be more like salt and pepper
In our own ways than we can complement one another!
Not be the same...

It helps us to blend better together and to grow!
We are better able to respond!
There can be too much of the same thing!

Too much salt will make your mouth dry
Too much pepper will make it hot.
But a bit of both makes it just right!

After all, we know that God sees the heart;
And He knows what we need in our relationships.

(I have asked God to remove people from my life that was not good for us)
~This is a must in discernment in who you allow in your life~

Learning to balance areas and things in your life!
Look, just because it is good for you or your kids or marriage,
Does not mean you have to do it all the time!

I feel that so many ladies look like their hair is on fire!
Reevaluate your schedule!
Pray about what your family is committed to!

Look, we need both salt and pepper in our lives!

Allow God to give you the true spice of life...

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