Thursday, October 31, 2013

Shifting Shadows

 Good Morning
This is the day that the Lord has made;
I will rejoice and be glad in it!
Today is a new day, and I wanted to just speak a word
of encouragement to all you wonderful ladies!
We are in the last day of this month,
May we stop and give thanks to the
Holy One!
May, Mercy always Triumph,
In your lives and in your homes.
James reminds us;
Don't be deceived, my dear brothers.
Every good and perfect gift is from above,
Coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights,
Who does not change like shifting shadows.
James 1:16-17
Because judgement without mercy will be shown to anyone
Who has not been merciful.
Mercy triumphs over judgement!
James 1:13
May we be kind and tenderhearted to all!
God has forgiven us much!!
Speak the truth in Love...
Let your light shine before men.
For in the last days men will
Call evil good ,
and good evil!
Do not walk in the shadows,
I call these the gray areas...
Do not merely listen to the word and so deceive
Do what it says.
James 1:22

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

How To Make your Own Vanilla Extract...

You Are Going To Love This Vanilla Extract...

Homemade Vanilla Extract. Living From Glory to Glory Blog

 Making your own vanilla is so good!!
And much better tasting than store bought.
Also, the cost is much cheaper in the long run...
Here is how I make it;
First buy a bottle of dark rum
(Not spiced rum)
It's not like I am an expert in Rum :)
Use any bottle or jars you have;
Then poor the dark rum into the jars or bottles.
I prefer to use little jars, so then I have them ready
To give away as gifts!
So, maybe using the half pints is a better idea!

Now, you must have some fresh vanilla beans.
I purchase mine from Vitamin Cottage in the
Refrigeration section.
They come in about 3 to 4 beans per bag.

Now, take your vanilla beans and slice them with a slit down the middle,
Scrap each bean to loosen the vanilla paste in them.
I cut some beans in half, so I place a few small ones
in the little jars, and the longer ones in the
bigger jars or bottles.

See, how pretty they look!

Living From Glory To Glory Blog

I now take these jars and put them a cool dark place,
 allow them to steep for at least a month or longer!
(I do shake each jar a few times while curing)
Now you have a natural and delicious vanilla
With its own amazing
 Fragrance and taste.
There is NO comparing in store bought,
for your baking!
My friend adds it to her coffee and tea also!
If you start this now,
It will make a perfect Holiday and
 Christmas gift!
You can tie a pretty ribbon around it with a favorite
cookie recipe attached to it!
You can keep it all!
It will last forever on your shelves.

Monday, October 28, 2013

May I Not Complain...

May, I not complain this day while preparing our meals!
I am so grateful for the women who have
Weathered many a storm!
They have stood and endured hard times in this country,
When we were not so prosperous.
Many women still today,
are having tough times!
I feel, so blessed to have a very large kitchen,
with running water, and cupboards filled
with food and provisions!
We sometimes can forget that not too long ago,
This country of ours was in dire straights.
May we give thanks now while we have plenty!
I always think of the story of Joseph...
He prepared and put back for seven years,
while there was plenty...

I want to encourage you women, to be wise homemakers!
  We have to learn to take advantage
of the sales of food items!

Also to buy vegetables and fruits in season,
so you can either freeze them or learn to can them.

This growing season is now over for most of us.
But, may we start where we can;
Purpose in your heart, and plan to put together
A pantry that will sustain your family,
for at least a month!

You must be wise, and buy on sale!
Date and rotate all items!
Buy only what you will eat!
Take a class and learn to can food items!
Always have plenty of drinking water put back!

I have learned this one thing;
No matter the crisis, my family still gets hungry :)
God, has put it in a Mommas heart to feed and
To take care of her family.
I do not want to complain or murmur,
But rather give thanks!
We are very rich indeed!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Prayer For Being A Provebs 31 Wife


 These confessions will infuse His life
into your marriage!
Being confident that He Who began a good work in me
will continue until the of Jesus Christ, 
 I confess that;
I am capable, intelligent and virtuous woman,
far more precious than jewels.
I rise early and get spiritual food for my household.
I seek first God's kingdom and all good things
are added unto me.
I reverently and worshipfully fear the Lord.
I give of the fruit of my hands and my
works praise me.
I am industrious.
With my savings I plant fruitful vines.
Strength and dignity are my clothing and my position
is strong and secure.
I rejoice over the future knowing that my family
and I are in readiness for it.
I open my mouth with skillful and godly wisdom,
and in my tongue is the law of kindness,
giving counsel and instruction.
The bread of idleness (gossip, discontentment
and self-pity) I do not eat.
I am worthy of respect and serious, not a gossiper,
but temperate and self-controlled,
thoroughly trustworthy in all things.
I pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love
patience and gentle heartedness, and the
joy of the Lord is my strength.
I am submissive and adapt myself to my own
husband as a service to the Lord.
He is head of me as Christ is head of the church.
I respect and reverence my husband.
I notice, regard, honor, prefer, love and
admire him exceedingly. The heart of my husband
trusts in me confidently and relies on
and believes in me safely.
I comfort and encourage and do him only good as
long as there is life in me.
I walk in love with my husband,
 esteeming and delighting in him.
My husband praises me above all women.
When I pray this prayer;
I use my husbands name where it say's
Pray this prayer aloud!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Dust Settles

Dust settles on everything!
You can always count on finding that
 The dust has come as you were sleeping!
This is the time of the year it starts to get bad again.
I believe it is caused by our furnace running,
And the use of the wood stove burning.
And it is really noticeable on my bedroom dressers,
because of the direction the sun shines in  the Fall
and winter months.
So, this morning I said I can not stand to see this dust
this whole winter, all day long on these tables.
So, here is what I have done, I took the same thick
The material I used for my curtains, in our bedroom,
And I made a table top cloth that covers the whole top of
the night stand.
I only had a small amount of material left,
It was enough for the night stand.
Then I took  a cocoa colored sheer curtain panel,
And ironed it to the size to fit my long dresser top.
Now, both table tops are covered!
So, Now I do not have to feel irritated over
the dust that settles every night,
While I am trying to get my beauty rest.

 I found this curtain valance that I never could
use on any of my windows, so I folded it
where the vintage looking lace was on top,
And I sewed it in place.
So, now I have a double protection plan in place
 against the DUST!

 My night stand covered!
See it is the same material as my curtains.


Saturday, October 19, 2013

Her Mouth

She opens her mouth in skillful and godly Wisdom,
And on her tongue is the
Law of kindness!
(Giving counsel and instruction).
Proverbs 31:26
What is this Law of Kindness??
Is this a real law?
Yes, If you want to be a Proverbs 31 Woman.
Are we not warned in the Word to not be foolish!
What makes a woman look foolish?
It will mostly come from her mouth and the words she speaks.
What does skillful and godly Wisdom words,
sound like?
(Godly, wise, and kind).
Are we to be giving counsel and instruction in our sphere of
Yes, we are dear ones!
We can grow in wisdom as we study and pray.
Seek wise counsel ourselves on subjects of our homes
To know how to manage them better.
You will never be an expert on everything and all matters.
But we can ask God for wisdom!
To many foolish things spoken;
 will be tearing down your own home.
 Gossip, slang and critical words, bring condemnation.
These ways of speaking would not be under the heading
of the Law of kindness.
We all have a wonderful resource of information,
that we can use, to be
 able to give wise counsel and instructions
as needed !
Study the book of PROVERBS!
You can use this for wise counsel, as it is
perfect and sound.
Reading Proverbs daily and applying it will
help make you skillful in wisdom.
But here is the KEY;
You must speak these truths in KINDNESS.
(Your tone, and your volume being used )
 Feelings of condemnation.
Self righteous are not showing kindness.
I am always working on this very thing;
As it is what will set me apart.
And to be used for His Kingdom.
Many times in the Proverbs it will start with
Open your mouth;
It is what comes out that is important!
So may I be slow to speak and quick to hear.
(Read James 1:19)

Mug Exchange

Good Morning!
I just wanted to share how fun and wonderful it
Has been being a part of this tea cup and mug exchange.
I wanted to be a part of this linkup so I am posting
A picture of a lovely extra blessing I received yesterday
In the mail from a dear sister in the Lord.
Can you maybe guess who she might be?
But , I do want to tell you about the sweet
And the gracious woman who drew my name for
Our exchange:
Her name is Laura
She lives in Main
Her home is sweet and charming!
She has Chickens!
I love Chickens :)
I have not received her package yet;
BUT, it is coming...
The reason for the delay is a very serious and heartfelt
Situation as you see, her
 Dear brother Gary is very ill.
She needs prayers for Gary, but also for herself and her family!
May she not feel alone or not covered by His hand
in this time of trouble.
Please PRAY
Please visit her sweet Blog !
Click on link below;
Also I have had the greatest time getting to know Vee,
She was the name I drew for my exchange.
You can visit her here also;
Click on link below;
Thanks Stephanie!
You're a treasure!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fall Decor

Decorating For Fall
This is my first time for taking all my other treasures
off my mantel and doing a theme for the Fall season.
I really enjoyed myself , while shopping for the decor!
My favorite item was the wooden blocks,
that spelled out Harvest!
I changed out the candles from the cream yellow
To a rustic orange color.
And I added a bouquet of Fall flowers to my vase.

I have this neat old looking metal basket,
that I just had to use for something.
So, I added my Fall corn and mini pumpkins in it!
It has been enjoyable to see the festive Fall colors.
It just brings a cozy atmosphere to the room!
We Girls are all about cozy and comfortable...
Happy Fall To All!!


The Friendly Ghost!
This is a test!
Our there friendly GHOSTS?
Anyone, who really has their eyes open, can see the
spirit of death has swooped down upon this culture!
Is it okay to scare and put fear in one another?
How do you think the Spirit of God feels,
When we put before us things that are about
death, and monsters, and evil creatures!
What about making satan look cute?
Does this grieve the Holy Spirit?
YES, it does dear ones!
Do we open the door to the spirit of fear,
By interacting with these kinds of behavior's?

Many cool and popular clothing lines,
are plastered with skeletons!
Why are we glorifying the darkness?
Evil is real!
It is not cute or fun or pleasing to God!

We are looking more and more like this culture
of death!
Wanting to be scared and watching things that bring,
death and fear!
He told us to stay away from the appearance of EVIL...
Not promote it!
A spirit of fear can come upon you or your children,
Just by subjecting them to these things,
 that say death and fear!
I am telling you this because, as a child this very thing
happened to me!
I ask you dear ones to protect their hearts and minds!
This is the time to teach them about discernment and
the difference between
Good and Evil!

We must only celebrate the death and burial and
Ressurection of Jesus Christ!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Too Much

These last two weeks have been too much!
When do we as women finally learn to say enough?
There are so many things to do!
And most of these things can be really good things.
But having to be up and gone very early,
For too many days in a row becomes
 Very disruptive in being able to keep myself,
And my home in smooth running order!
 And being over extended is not wise!
Something always has to give!!
My time with the LORD??
No way...
Forget the laundry?
It doesn't go away it just piles up!
Forget making a good home cooked meal?
Pizza or Popcorn!
Dust Bunnies gone wild?
They are not family pets!
I am a Home  Maker!
Should I be at home??
You get the picture!
Learn to use wisdom and say no to most outside things,
That will keep you away from home for long periods
of time!
I do not want to look like Alfalfa!
Eyes bugging out!
My hair standing straight up.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

My Sweet Girl

Happy 30th Birthday

Where does the time go?
Happy Birthday!

We are all having Birthdays every year!

I have learned to love Birthday's!
I know over the years we may have one that make us
Feel like a milestone has come, and gone :)
Smile and rejoice..
Grow in grace and wisdom...
Ask the Lord for clarity and vision.
For He has your day's numbered!

I have loved all the different stages,
Once I realized this is life.

So let's live and take JOY!!

I am having a Birthday next month!
Celebrate with a new song
Sing unto the LORD!

Asking the Lord for greater contentment and peace,
Is true wisdom!

Having the wisdom to be about His work.
Having a heart of obedience.
Being teachable always!

Love to all the Mommas. And Daughter's!
Sister's and Girlfriends!
We are helping and to mentor one another,
Through every Day and Season!


Thursday, October 10, 2013

Days Gone By

Fall In Love!
This is just the most amazing thing!
The changing of the season's...
I always feel a little sad when a season ends!
You finally just get use to something, and BANG...
It changes!
Like, I just got use to having my kids around,
And what do they do?
They grow up and leave home.

May I always remember!

Just what I learned from the last season :)
You all have heard the old saying:
Hind sight is 20/20
But, I believe we can call to remembrance,
All the good things!
Sending you all good and loving memories;
Of the days gone by.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Our Bedroom Makeover

 Here is a picture of my old drapes.
Ten years ago I really liked them!
They were a very pretty pattern and very thick material.
I always have to line my drapes becaus my Hubby works nights.
I already had taken down all the pictures, when I thought,
take some before and after pictures for my blog. 


 This room has very tall ceilings.
Two long walls and of course to short walls.
Which means only two walls to work with for a big bed and dresser.
There is only plan A for moving the furniture around.

 Okay You all can gasp...
I had a pink wall,
HAD a pink wall!
Pepto Bismal anyone?
(Really I liked it!)

 Teal carpet...
It was in style 20 years ago!
(I really liked it too!)
Now the after:

 We painted it a very pretty warm golden color.
It made the room so cozy!
It made it so calming and peaceful for us.

 Notice the lush thick beige carpet!
God is so amazing,
 we found this in the back of a carpet store.
It was on one of those big rolls way in the back.
I was praying Lord, help me find a treasure.
This carpet went for $28.00 a yard!
We got it for $2.78 a yard!!
The man said to me lady you got expensive taste.
He said we quit selling carpet like this because people,
do not buy this expensive stuff anymore.
So, it was just waiting for me. 

 My new bedspread,
 pretty white with lovely flowers on it.

 My new curtains!
We spray painted our old lamps black,and
We  bought new lamp shades for them.
 Cutting out these curtains was very hard!
My dear friend Pam came out and helped me!
I could not of done it by myself, as the pattern in this thick
material had to line up just right.
We had three windows to cover in our room.
Thank You Pam!
I Praise God for you!!

 I was smoking hot on this machine!
I did so much sewing on this project my machine
needed a tune-up afterwards.

All the designs in this print lined up perfect!
I am so blessed!
So, in another 20years will the beige carpet be out of style?
The salesman told me that this carpet was over 20 years old.
And God saved it just for me!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Bringing In The Harvest

 As Far As The Eye Can See!
I would like to share my neck of the woods with you all!

It is always so nice to see a part of other people's homes
And where they live, as we all have been placed within
the borders, God has chosen for us!

As we all have experienced the feelings of
Want or Wow, as we wander through Blogs ville.

Some of the Blogs have such amazing pictures.
Others are filled with DIY information!

So many recipe's that make my mouth water :)
Others with very important facts...

Some, that just make you feel comfy and cozy.
And apart of their family.

You are all so unique!

I am learning to be content!
There can be a peace in the country,
 and peace in the city.
For peace is a relationship!
First with God!
Then peace with all those Christ has surrounded you with!

Sometimes, when I go to town and on the way back home,
It will just hit me on how far out we actually live :)
Where am I going with this you're asking?
(If you're still reading this)
Every person out there in Blogs ville is real,
And they have many different faces and situations.
But we all have this common thread.
We are living our lives!
Will this post encourage you?
Or will this bring dis-satisfaction?
We all have our own lives to live!
Live them well!
This is not a dress rehearsal dear ones!
This is your stage, and your words count!
Your Home speaks!!
Do not want, what others have.
Rather be who He has called YOU to be!
For you dear ones ARE the Harvest!
May we be found bring in the sheaves!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Lavendar Oil

There is nothing like the scent of Lavender!
I truly think this has been my most favorite God given Herb.
I use this as a decoration in my home, because it really
Looks very rich and colorful. I like to cut it off the plant,
And place it in different baskets, and place them in my rooms.
You can use it in your bedroom or even the kitchen!
The fragrance is just so soothing to me.
I love to wear it in the evening as it brings a sweet peace to me.
After a long day, it just helps you to feel calm.
And it gives you a feeling of refreshment!

I have been using Lavender oil for over ten years !
The medicinal uses of this oil are amazing!
I use it on burns or any kinds of scraps,
It is great for skin problems.
I consider this oil as a beauty treatment for myself.
You can even use it on your tongue for canker sores!
My Grandchildren come to me with all their scraps,
As they know this oil helps and will not sting them!
I recommend this oil to everyone!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Good Woman Wanted...

Fishing can be real fun!
When was the last time you really thought about what you're,
Hubby enjoy's doing?
I always enjoy a good laugh when I find some good clean fun!
Life is way to short not to laugh.
Good Woman
Please, send a picture of boat and motor!
But, this is a real problem for most couples.
We all tend to do our own things.
There are so many Good Woman out there,
Yet, sometimes we just get too busy to take an interest,
In what our Hubby's are doing!
I remember this one newly married Lady I knew,
That while her Hubby was even working on his car,
She would sit there and just chat with him,
And even hand him his tools.
When you show a real interest in what they enjoy,
It can really support and
 Help keep your marriage happy.
Your Hubby likes to Fish,
 Go with him once in awhile,
Help him get ready to go.
Pack him his favorite foods.
Maybe your man is a hunter,
Show an interest!
 Help him get ready!
Believe me it is a lot of work.
If they enjoy watching sports,
Pour a big glass of something cold to drink
And a big bowl of his favorite snack!
Ask him, who won the game?
Help him not to only work and support your family,
But help him to be able to relax and enjoy!
Building A Strong Marriage!

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