Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fall Decor

Decorating For Fall
This is my first time for taking all my other treasures
off my mantel and doing a theme for the Fall season.
I really enjoyed myself , while shopping for the decor!
My favorite item was the wooden blocks,
that spelled out Harvest!
I changed out the candles from the cream yellow
To a rustic orange color.
And I added a bouquet of Fall flowers to my vase.

I have this neat old looking metal basket,
that I just had to use for something.
So, I added my Fall corn and mini pumpkins in it!
It has been enjoyable to see the festive Fall colors.
It just brings a cozy atmosphere to the room!
We Girls are all about cozy and comfortable...
Happy Fall To All!!


  1. Roxy- Your mantle and fireplace look beautiful. I love the chunky orange candles and your blocks! It looks great!!! xo Diana

  2. Your Mantel looks just gorgeous Roxy. I love those blocks. It is all inspiring. Such a lovely post.

    Steve is doing better this morning... thanks so much for the prayers; I will call you later.

  3. Yes Roxy, you did an amazing job decorating. It just feels so inviting, warm and cozy! It really does change the atmosphere in the living room.
    I think I need to go back to the craft store and buy me a set of the Harvest blocks. They are so adorable!

  4. Mom, I love it!!!
    I think it came out so adorable. I love fall and It makes me miss Colorado and you guys! I think I would have to say I love the blocks too!

  5. Those wooden blocks are gorgeous. As we aren't big at decorating by the seasons in Australia, these sorts of things aren't that easy to find. And the candles must smell wonderful too.



  6. It looks so inviting and cozy! I enjoy the changing colors of the seasons!

  7. Roxy, I can see that this is the first of many new mantle changes to come. lol! You did a fabulous job. Love it! Thanks for sharing it with SYC.

  8. Oh its gorgeous Roxy!! I love catching up on your POSTS!! I feel like I can get a part of you any moment of the day. I land on your page and instantly feel refreshed :)

    Oh and I am sorry my site has been having such difficulty loading. I am waiting on Marie's hubby Jon, he will be putting it on a different hosting site. I just have to be patient :)

    Love you sweet friend!


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