Thursday, July 13, 2017

How A Spritual Pearl Is Made...

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~ How A Pearl Is Made ~

A little grain of sand or a parasite gets into an oyster, mussel or clam shell.
As a defense, a fluid is used to coat the irritant.
Layer upon layer is deposited until a lovely lustrous pearl is formed.

Do you want a string of pearls of your very own?

Well, Dear Ones you surely can have a collection of single pearls.
"You can attain a pearl as often as you get victory over an irritation"

A true pearl is made out of a little thing that was not welcomed.
But as we all know life will send little irritations into your lives.

When these irritations come into our hearts or thoughts or home,
We must be quick about them and cover them with prayer!
This will be the layering of God's word and His love and grace...

When we look at a pearl we think, how lovely and light and
 Yet how strong and durable, these pearls are.

I believe they are so strong because it was formed out of a
Unwanted particles that the clam just refused to be injured by it.
So it just kept covering it with the substance that would heal it!

A pearl is simply made by getting a victory over those irritations!

So every irritation that comes into our lives is
An opportunity for becoming a pearl.

The more irritations the devil flings at us,
the more chances we have to get another pearl.

Learning to cope and to overcome is so important!
That quote "don't sweat the small stuff"

You can do it the worlds way or you can do what truly
Brings victory...
Pray and walk away from what is pointless.
Some people just look for chances to rob us of our peace and joy
And our PEARLS...


  1. Well, there's no shortage of opportunities for making pearls in this world, is there? :)

  2. Great thoughts - I especially like the pearl image in my head. We do have to turn irritants into shiny pearls, don't we?

  3. I should have a full string by now! A beautiful post, Roxy. Hugs!

  4. The way life's has been lately, I hope I have lots of pearls! Thank you for this lesson Roxy. I want to show God's way of dealing with these things instead of my worldly way.

  5. That's a great illustration of how God works in our lives. When bad things come our way, we can either react or let God turn it into something good. Good lessons.
    xx Beca

  6. Beautiful words, Roxy. I had a definite irritation last week. I know better. I let that little thing irritate the stew out of me. I should know by now to trust HIM, but I had a weak week last week. I love pearls, so I am going to remember your words the next time.

  7. Such a wonderful insight! Pearls God's way.

  8. What lovely imagery. I will try harder to coat each irritation life brings in God's healing prayer. Thank you for a beautiful and thoughtfull post.

  9. This makes me love pearls for a whole other reason. I was lucky enough to inherit a beautiful set of pearls from my cousin (her mom's). I treasure them. xo Diana

  10. Very thoughtful insight on the making of pearl, thank you for sharing, I was so blessed.

  11. "When these irritations come into our hearts or thoughts or home,
    We must be quick about them and cover them with prayer!
    This will be the layering of God's word and His love and grace..."

    Love this, Roxy. Wise words from you in this post. I've had lots of irritations, and then, lots of big, big trials in my life. Regardless, both are a cause for us to pray and plead with our Father in Heaven for whatever is needed.

    Hope you are well ♥

  12. As usual, perfect pearls of wisdom coming from you, Roxy.

  13. I sure needed this post Roxy, thank you for the imagery and the lesson.
    I think I feel some irritations getting smoother already.
    Thank you for being used of God for us.
    Bless you, Janet

  14. Awesome post Roxy! Daily pray to the Father for the protection against these irritants a must! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  15. Thanks for sharing Roxy! I will feature this today at HSH!


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