Thursday, July 27, 2017

Being A Tadpole In A Whale World...

Not Praying To Angels, Living from Glory To Glory Blog

Keeping It Simple...

When you try to live in a way that causes you to add this and that!!


Enjoy this day as you are not promised a tomorrow!
Abiding in the peace and joy and liberty of the Father's Love...

I don't look for angel's I don't pray to angels;
But, I can attest to God's protection over my life!

I think we all love the idea of Angels and their ideal image we have of them.
But when you read Ezekiel the seraphim sound rather wild, compared
To our idea of them being like, little babies with wings.

So, when I feel overwhelmed and tired;
And my compass feels broken, I stop!!

I do not think it is wise to jump on band wagons!
Look my life is not a parade for everyone to watch and stare;
To hoot or holler

My walk with the King Of Kings;
Is pretty simple
Yet, deep and rich and full of depth!

I have learned to wait for the leading of the Lord;
I often ask for the Lord to search my heart!
I examine myself to see if I am in the faith!

Life is uncertain, eat dessert first, Living from Glory To Glory Blog...

"We all need to remind ourselves of this sweet little saying"

Life may seem uncertain to us at times;
But we can be comforted in knowing we are in good hands!

Tadpoles, Living from Glory To Glory Blog...

Being a little tadpole in a whale world...

~Christ Being Formed In Me~

Jesus, loves me, yes, I know,
For the Bible tells me so!
I am weak, but He is strong...
Yes, Jesus loves me***


  1. Your words just pierced my heart!
    (thank you)

  2. Yes! Jesus Loves ME! I love that song. People consider it a children's song but I find it a comfort, even at my advanced age of 57! I find it a comfort in know that I can ask God to send His angels of protection when I or a loved one need it, but pray to the angels? Nope. Not this girl. Thank you for another thought provoking post. I am definitely a tadpole in a whale world.

  3. Roxy, you always have such wonderful words of wisdom! Thank you for sharing.

  4. Yes- sometimes we just need to rest quietly and wait upon the Lord. Blessings to you, Roxy. xo Diana

  5. Beautifully said Roxy! Life certainly is uncertain. Things can change in just a moment. It did just that for me last week. I'm staying positive and know that it is in God's hands.

  6. I agree Roxy. My life is simple. Significant, but simple. I don't mind being a tadpole. God sees me and what I do, and that's all that matters. Love your encouraging posts. :)
    ♥♥ Beca

  7. I found comfort in your words today. I have been surprised how many have given me things with angels on them. I don't find comfort in those things, but I try to be gracious, because I know the giver means well.

    You're right about the seraphim. Rather scary if you ask me. There have been a couple of times where I've had some miraculous intervention that has made me wonder though....

    Be blessed my friend,
    who sometimes feels like a whale
    in a tadpole world. Tee hee!


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