Monday, June 19, 2017

A Little Faith Goes A Long Way...

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~A Little Faith Goes A Long Way~

A cool breeze blowing in the late afternoon, what a sweet little thing!

Flowers blooming everywhere...

"I have been practicing the fine art of being appreciative"

I can feel my heart beating!
I can smell the sweet smelling aroma of flowers in my yard!
The birds are singing such a sweet lullaby tonight.

When you are so very tired;
Lie down and lean into Jesus!
Being tired allows you to totally depend on Him!

We do not always have to take the easy way;
But we sure can stop and rest for a while.

When you learn to look for beauty;
"You will find it"

Anyone who prays for the ability to see beauty;
Will never be denied and will never grow old!

Take your faith and create;
Take time and spend it with seeing with the eyes of an appreciative person!

How you spend your days
Matters more than how much money you make!

What you do matters!


Linda said...

Beautiful encouraging words Roxy :) Thank you for them. Just what I needed today.

Laura Lane said...

Beautiful and true! Thank you!

Betsy said...

So true. When I remember to include a Jesus in every part of my daily life, it is so much sweeter. Thank you for these encouraging words.

Deborah Montgomery said...

Yes, gratitude, and the old stopping to smell the roses really does bless us and draws us closer to the Lord! xo Deborah

Debby Ray said...

Wise words, Roxy. I practice them often :)

Jennifer said...

Beautiful words. It is the heart of contentment that can be still and see the sweet details in life, and appreciate them. You yard sounds beautiful! I love to smell the flowers. I even stop when I'm in town walking by a yard that has flowers over the sidewalk and smell theirs. :) Soon we will have wild roses blooming in our of my favourite times of year.