Thursday, December 31, 2020

Learning To Simplify Your Life...

Simplify Your Life... Living From Glory To Glory Blog


I do believe we are all in the class room of learning to simplify;

When we stop to think about what really matters it's easily condensed,

To a few things...

We have all learned to do less, go less, and yet we are better for it!

It is a great thing to happy and content with the portion God has given you!

You would never be happy with what the world can give!

Firstly, because it's fleeting!!

No one takes their stuff to heaven or hell.

Being quiet and at home is a pleasant place if you turn each room,

Into a Haven of simple and clean, organized beautiful abundance!

We all really have so much in regards to things.

I enjoy cleaning and making each little corner of my home pleasant.

Take some time each day and thank God for His provisions.

Then go about arranging and using what you have!

Remember He wants you to feel His love and enjoy His provisions!

Learning the fine art of gratefulness and using your talents is a must!

I never want to be the one who buries his talents.

We are to use our fine china plates and pretty vases.

Pull out the stash of goodies in those tubs and rearrange a room!

Find ways to change out your curtains, Try covering end tables with those

Beautiful lace doilies or pretty fabrics...

Encourage yourself through prayer and reading the Word;

Then encourage those in your family. and close friends!

May your spirit, soul and body prosper.

And may you put forth the effort in making your house a HOME

To have a gentle quiet spirit is a good thing...

And when your HOME is in order you can think clearly!

Turn off the news and make a simple, yet tasty dinner!

~Pray for those who are suffering, those prayers are heard~

Never Give Up

Your HOME is a reflection of your heart!!

Blessings, Roxy

As Always, Living From Glory To Glory

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Stay On The Right Road...

Stay On The Right Road... Living From Glory To Glory Blog

 ~Stay On The Right Road~

We must learn to  be able to know when its time to take a break!

I felt very strongly that our country was in an uproar about everything.

In the last few months, so I chose to be quiet!

And I personally was fighting Covid and was very sick.

I don't l care to share all the details, but I can assure you it was dire.

Many times the Lord will allow you to stop in your tracks;

Many can continue to go on as if nothing like a world Pandemic has hit.

Much like a two time decimated Hurricane to hit a small underdeveloped country.

But really we can't take it all in and we are really not suppose to...

These are times that must be fulfilled,

Yet we must stay close to home and pray and overcome the onslaught.

I have never been so comforted and filled with peace as I stand!

I am very sensitive to things that cause unrest;

So I usually will draw close to the Lord and rest and pray.

One of the reasons we are to make our homes and families  a refuge,

Is because there are very few safe harbors in a world of unrest!

Some people are never bothered by much;

But I do believe we are seared and unaffected

 because we have been conditioned.

Many are called to cry out for justice!

But there is only one righteous judge

The wheat is growing along side the tares;

Only God can distinguish the difference between the two!

You can no longer befriend the apostates;

You can be kind and yet we are told to not even have a meal with them.

But wait we are suppose to love and except every wayward way of thinking?

I think no...

Narrow is the way

Broad is the road that leads to destruction.

I am not sure what the future holds;

But I do know who holds the future...

Take these days and hide yourself under His wings!

Comfort and Joy only come a heart fully given to Christ!

Blessings, Roxy

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Be As Wise As A Fox, In A Good Way...

Be As Wise As A Fox In A Good Way, Living From Glory To Glory Blog

~Be As Wise as A Fox~
But in a good way...


"The fox is said to be one of the most intelligent animals in the world"

 In this culture that we are all living in we need elegance and to be very clever!

A fox even looks beautiful and majestic and in my opinion very smart!

So many people like to make us think we are stupid; 

And can't think for ourselves!



Like a Fox we need a heightened sense of awareness.

Not as the saying goes sly as a fox, but rather alert!

The Fox has many qualities, but what I like they find what they need.

They act quickly and can sense danger!

I think many voices being heard is appearing foolish and strange;

But actually are very cleaver!

Don't be deceived ...

What your hearing is not what is really being said.

My Mother use to say you better read between the lines.

They think we are all asleep and they are acting like the side of

A Fox that is fighting for what is not theirs.

But I will need to act like a Fox and overcome their own game!

They are being crafty and sly;

So I will need to be elegant and intelligent,

And fight with wisdom to be able to think and discern.

To be able to see through the deceptions!

Don't take the handout! They are baiting you to enslave you!

Work hard

Grow in wisdom

Be Elegant

Be Quick

Discern between lies and truth

Blessings to each of you!

Stay safe and keep your eyes and ears open!

Hugs, Living From Glory To Glory

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Why We Must Live One Moment At A Time...


Living In The Moment, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

And This Too Shall Pass...

It does seem like we can spend a lot of time waiting for

 either something,to happen or to just waiting to get it over with!

Living in limbo and not living in the present is not realistic.

And it will cause you to miss those moments of life!

God does speak to us in those  little everyday moments! 

I have always loved the saying being in the right place at the right time! 

So if I am always trying to be in a different time space,

I would miss these moments!

Finding myself in the here and now and engaging it properly.

Moments and days and seasons will pass quickly enough.

And there is no way of retrieving those lost portions.

New Age philosophy wants to make the statement

"Living in the present"

Their motto; I don't think so!!

Because every moment you draw a breath its a gift from God!

Don't focus within, focus on God and His Glory.

Now, I am not saying to not look forward to things to come;

But rather don't hurry through the here and now!

Learning to appreciate each moment as it comes;

Some moments are beautiful,

Some moments are sad,

Some moments will change your life forever...

Blessings to each and everyone of you!

Hope your inspired for even a moment!

Living From Glory To Glory

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Be Careful Who You Follow...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog

Be careful who you follow...

Remember when you were a child, playing the game follow the leader?
Well, it was fun until they did something stupid or was really dangerous!

What is wrong with people?
Conforming to other people can be dangerous!

Do You Always Follow The Crowd?

Do you conform to what is the newest trend?
Do you want what everyone else has?
Remember we are not a herd of cattle that can be herded in any direction.
Cattle are all in the same pasture all doing the same thing!

God made all of us unique and different!

I wonder why so many want a socialistic society?
We are Americans that can live in freedom of tyranny!
So why do so many want to be told what to believe and what is right.
"In their Opinion"

Don't be wise in your own eyes...
Look at the value of protecting the core values of a society!
Values and Truth still matter!

Keep doing what is right...
Keep believing the Gospel of Truth
Keep looking for the good in others!
Keep doing what glorifies God!
Keep walking in the narrow way!

Do not try to be popular or to blend into the herd!
But rather look to Christ and love what is pure.
Walk away from the mass of any wing- right or left!

Follow the Words of Christ!
If you have built your house on the Rock, it won't be shaken!

Blessings, Roxy
~Living From Glory To Glory~


Monday, October 12, 2020

How To Inspire Yourself To Be A Blessing...

Inspire Yourself...

~Inspiration is a gift that must be fueled~

Keeping your heart is a must; I believe the Breastplate of righteousness,

Is so important to have our hearts covered and protected!

The best way to inspire yourself is to pull out your;

Cookbooks, and some of your best loved magazines, and devotional books!

We have resources that we can surround ourselves in!

Place a few cookbooks on the kitchen table, with a notebook,

And start making a list of some recipes you love or new ones to try!

Go to the library and bring a few books home on crafts to make.

You just may get a easy and great idea for your home or a gift to give.

Look in those tubs and boxes of stashed goodies that you can use!

There are many things that will try to rob us of our joy!

Taking pleasure in the preparing meals and cleaning or crafting,

And enjoying a chat with a friend or loved one is a treasure.

We must learn how to inspire ourselves to be a blessing...

But the stress in life can rob you of what is rightly yours!

We must learn to say NO to the lies and deceptions that try

To silence the inner Christ filled heart and HOME.

The enemy thinks it can come inside with all it's negative stuff!

Close the door and when he knocks don't answer!

Stay busy dear ones, by doing the things that are given by God;

To bless and inspire you in your lives and homes...

There are many things we can do to keep ourselves in His peace!

Keep doing the next thing and the next

that are lovely and pure...

"May you all stop and reflect in what is truly important"

~Create and Inspire Others Also, We Need Each Other~

Living From Glory To Glory

Blessings, Roxy

Friday, September 25, 2020

The Voice Of Reason...

Riding Out the Storm


The Voice Of Reason

How can we speak in a world filled with chatter, whispering,

Hurting, judgmental, gossiping.

Everyone is a legend in their own mind...

What exactly is a voice of reason?

: a person who influences others to act sensibly
What in the world do we call the senseless attacks in everyday situations?
Well, definitely not a voice of reason!

I have been quiet lately,
What could I possibly say or write to a people;
Who are living in a time of history that evokes such angry responses!

We are more divided in every fraction of society then ever.
A storm is on the horizon;
We see many that are weary and injured from the unrelenting,
Winds of change, unrest in the raging winds and fire!

We are called to live at peace with others;
The unrest is just not in the natural world;
But the souls of men!

We are called to be humble, and dignified!
Hurting others intentionally is wrong!

If I can not get along with someone; I will try to have the least
amount of exposure to them!
I will keep my myself from vain imagination or lies,

That try to conform me to join their opinion...
Manipulation, I am right you are wrong!

This world is flinging around more information;
About everything, possibly more then any other time in history!

Trust me everything will continue!
We will see judgment or reap what we sow;
A few try to hold back the tidal wave.
But each person will be accountable for their involvement.

Anyone who has lived long enough knows this to be true!
Also we all know that you can do everything humanly possible;
And still see those that choose to do wrong things!

Social Justice
Just another label to right a wrong that will not be fixed on this earth!
Even human judges will be accountable one day!

We are being told we must make room for every belief,
Every evil intent of the heart and to embrace it!

The circle of trust is getting smaller, be careful!
Stay quiet and realize you probably won't be able to change
Another persons opinion!
It is the Holy Spirit who convicts and changes hearts;
And direction in the way it should go...

The atmosphere will eventually clear;
But the damages will leave a scar.

Hiding in the shelter of His Wings,

"May your words be like sweet honey;

For one day you may have to eat them"

Thanks Lois for asking about my welfare, very sweet of you!

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

What Goes Around Comes Around...

Life Is But A Merry Go Round...

 What Goes Around Comes Around...

This sounds a bit like the golden rule.

 Some may even call it a full circle.

Some believe in Karma.

But I prefer the saying;

"What You Sow You Reap"

So this is a stern reminder we are all planting everyday!

Seeds come in many forms;

Word Seeds

Deed Seeds

Financial Seeds

Grace Seeds

Encouragement Seeds

Joy Seeds

Can you think of some more Seeds in your own life?

Everyday we must first breakup the fallow ground!

Being kind to someone or praying for them will start breaking up the hard soil.

We can understand this concept and begin to plant good seed!

I have seen that the Lord is true to His Word;

Yes, I know there are still so many weeds to contend with.

But in due season you will have a good harvest one day!

We are not suppose to run around in circles;

But rather run a race in a direction that is God paved!

~Hope You Are Intentional In Planting Healthy Seeds~

Blessings, Roxy

Living From Glory To Glory

{With Great Expectations Of What Is Ahead}

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

How To Make Your Home Unforgetable...

May We Never Forget The Need For Home...

Taking care of my home has become like a warm and

comfortable sweater to me;

Cozy and clean and so very soft from everyday wear!

Being at home is truly a pleasure,

That is why the saying

~Home Sweet Home~ 

Is forever written on plaques and over our hearts!

It's the simple things really

The smell of the first cup of coffee or tea in the morning.

It's the feeling of warm sudsy water running over my hands,

While washing dish's as I look out the kitchen window.

The feeling and smell of clean sheets as you climb into bed,

After a long day and needing a good nights sleep.

Being able to prepare and cook a meal that makes you happy!

I so enjoy keeping my home a haven of calm and joy, and happy!

Life has a way of wearing a person out, but we can become,

refreshed and revived in our homes!

It's not about money or bigger or better;

It's about what matters in a heart!

The feeling of belonging...

"May you never grow weary of keeping the home fires burning"

Never allow anything to rob you of the joys of home!

Keep watch and do a something each day,

To make your home beautiful and cozy and clean and organized!

"May it show the wear of being used everyday and being loved"

I can drive down any street in any town and I can say;

That house is a happy house!

Being happy is not about stuff, but a place that has love,

Comfortable, and Clean and filled with memories and treasures!

Make your home a place of Joy!

So if I drive down your street, I can say,

"That there is a happy house"

What says Home Sweet Home to you?

Hugs, Roxy

Monday, August 17, 2020

Blogger Has A New Format...

Everything Changes

Blogger has a New Format...

We can all get a bit weary over all the different changes life throws us!

But. there is always a but...

If we do not go with the flow and learn the newest curve is some things,

We will become stuck!

There are some things I never plan on changing; But here again lies a problem,

We are always being renewed day by day!

Every ten years our bodies change. And once again we must adjust.

We are given an option to revert to the original format on Blogger.

But then, I become not able to change with the times of Blogging!

Can I be molded in such a way that I become hardened, not teachable?

Technology is always updating.

Sometimes I just want to give up and say I am sick of these new normal's!

Wearing a mask everywhere you go!

Still not feeling completely comfortable or safe!

Blogging has been a great source to connect with others;

Some are like minded, some come from a very different culture and nation!

This year 2020 has been such a challenge friends;

I can't even go into all that...

Because we must learn to grow in Christ and learn the new things.

Some our even required of us!!

Well, I have some new things I plan to share with you a bit later!

I am working daily in my home to complete the remodel,

 and I have purged a few items big and small.

What are your thoughts of the new format in Blogging?

I have a problem already on this new format-

My new Blog Posts are not showing up on my followers sidebars or mine for that matter!

Have you noticed any problems if you have a Blog?

What are some things you are doing to learn something new?

Hugs and a big miss ya all!

As Always, Living From Glory To Glory



Monday, August 3, 2020

Where The Roses Never Fade...

Where The Roses Never Fade Hymn, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Everything can be but a passing faint memory;
Or it can be something we hang onto with grace!

Some things in this life we must release and let it go,
Some moments in time are etched in our minds and hearts!

Forever is a long time, but eternity is without end...

When we learn to relax and breath from resting in what will last;
We will become more thoughtful and a stronger commitment to truth!

I love flowers, but a Rose is symbolic of something we may not be
Able to describe, but the fading away that happens, we all feel it.

We want to hang onto those beautiful moments and days and years.

Some days you are not even aware of the fade;
But other times it's almost an ache within.

Children grown and now grandchildren grown;
You may not be needed by others that once depended on you.

You even get used to the dull ache of remembering when.
You even become comfortable in your own skin.
The rhythm of your days is slow and purposeful...

"But we will always long for when the Roses will never fade."

The Hymn called Where The Roses Never Fade...

Here is a very sweet, very old hymn that I love...

I am going to  a city Where the streets of gold are laid,
Where the tree of life is blooming, And the Roses never fade.

In this world we have our troubles, Satan snares we must evade;
We'll be free from all temptations Where the Roses never fade

Loved ones gone to be with Jesus, in their robes of white arrayed.
Now are waiting for my coming Where the Roses never fade

Here they bloom, but for a season, soon their beauty is decayed.

~I am going to the city Where the Roses never fade~

Never be sad for too long for all the bygone year's;
For we have a promise that will never fade.

Enjoy and totally embrace the here and now and know the future
Will be blooming with beautiful, fragrant Roses that will never fade.

Blessing to each and every one of you, dear saints,
For we will one day meet on that beautiful shore!
Hugs, Roxy

Hope this inspired you and gave you a bit of JOY

Friday, July 31, 2020

This Covid Virus May Leave A Nasty Trail Of Side Effects...

Storm Over The Water, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

This Covid virus has a nasty trail of side effects for some;

We all have done one of two things, totally extreme or nothing at all!
We must find the solution that works for you!

The guidelines we have been given are a small price to pay;
Have you heard of the group called the long haulers?
 This group of well meaning people is trying to make others
realize the huge range of symptoms that have lingered for them.
These symptoms are the after effect of having the Covid virus!

I believe we will be experiencing a storm of side effects!

These people are trying to get the word out, so others,
will realize this virus can have long reaching, life changing problems.

This virus is not as simple as either having the flu
for a couple of weeks or being high risk and dying.
"There's so much about this virus that our medical field,
knows nothing about! 
There are many things that we don't understand,
This has been in our country for only about six months,

My point is this, there are many people already living with
long term effects that we are just learning about.

Staggering List Of Symptoms
Cough, chronic fatigue, memory issues
Vision problems, chest heaviness, drastic heart rate,
Oxygen changes, reflux, nausea, dizziness, vertigo,
Joint pain, mild fever, tremors, dry mouth...
Many more according to the site,
I believe you can find the site through Facebook;
I do not have Facebook, so I found what I could to inform myself!
Just thought I would share, just in case you or someone else;
May be going through this 

I have a dear friend in this situation and its very hard to function!
Maybe I only know of one, but that's enough for me!

How long will these people suffer?
Well, I do not think they really know that now!

Wear masks, social distance and look out for each other!

But, please don't forget to live as normal as possible!
Enjoy your loved ones using some caution;
The big deal is this, there truly is no known pattern,
For how this might affect each person with their own health issues,
Or their body's response!

I for one, believe I had the virus late January;
I have experienced a few long lasting effects myself.
Vertigo and fatigue.

I am using essential oils and have added some supplements!
Building up my immune system!

We must all Plod On and Persevere...

Enjoy this day and time in your life!

As Always Living From Glory To Glory

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Beware Of Seeing Only The Faults In Others...

Ocean, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Having Eyes For Beauty

Or, Seeing Only The Faults...

I still believe so many men and woman walk this earth,
That are radiant people with gentle and kind character.
Their lives shine with bright and shining qualities;
They are filled with the Holy Spirit!
They have a desire to think the best of others!
Seeing the goodness and the life flow of Christ of true believers;
This is a quality that pleases the Lord.

Let us all strive to be one of those that look for the goodness!

But, sadly we have many that only see the faults in others!
They have no eyes to see these lovely qualities.
But for every fault and blemish, they have the sharpest eye.

Maybe because it may be easier to have a fault finding character.

Why we must be watchful about taking part of having a
Self righteous, critical spirit!
Or rehearsing and remembering every wrong or hurtful word
Spoken to or about you.
Don't allow others abuse you!

Beware of this also;
 Do not spin words or lies about others!
They feel they can do this, because it's easy to be self righteous!
Or maybe anyone of us can get caught up in the moment
 Of a good gossip session!

For many years, I have prayed to not be self righteous;
See your wrong and confess to God

But yet we are to judge between evil and good!

It is how we do this, without destroying someones character or life;
Which is the most important step in looking for the good.

Having grace for others, when they do make a mistake in judgement,
Is a sure sign of a maturity that only comes through trials.

Treat others the way you would like to be treated!
Verify the truth...
Be slow to anger and judgment!
Remember, he said, she said, is a very slippery slope!

Dear Wounded:
Remove yourself from the ones that cause the Pain!
Beware of being lulled into thinking all is okay, when they are on better behavior.
Once or twice is human;
But once you see their pattern of abuse!
Stop and do not expose yourself to their manipulation!

(You will never be able to overcome their view and control)
"It's their way or nothing
They will always get the last word in
They will always call you what they really are
You will never be able to change their opinion of you
They always remember things that happened in their version of the story"

So anyways, if you have been living in this cycle;
Stop and get out or off...

Insanity= doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result

Learn to take your own life under control
Manage your own life and keep only relationships;
~That are biblical and healthy~

As Always, Living From Glory To Glory

Hugs, Roxy

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

An Additive That Can Make You VERY Sick...

Milk Additives, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

What's this additive?

Well, firstly let me state this personal fact;
Every time I drank certain lactose free milks,
My stomach started rumbling and hurting.
It got so bad, I just knew there was some additive in these liquids that
Were making me so sick!

It took me a long time to realize that Carrageen made my stomach hurt.

Then other things started, my stomach hurt;
Alas, I have now found the culprit;

Any stabilizer made from these products that have been
Grown as fermented became in the same family of acidophilus.

Guar gum
Xanthan gum
Gellan Gum
Gum Arabic

These are a stabilizer used in many foods

One reason that food additives like emulsifiers may be potentially dangerous is because they can alter healthy levels of intestinal bacteria, which may contribute to chronic, low-level inflammation that promotes changes in cells in the digestive tract, It is like drinking a super cocktail filled with bacteria.

This can cause SIBO... 
(Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth)

Guar Gum has shown to cause digestive and abdominal stress.

Xanthan Gum is a product of bacterial fermentation.

Gellan Gum is an exopolysaccharide produced once again by
 Bacterial fermentation.

Gum Arabic acts as a powerful prebiotic, which stimulates the growth of bifidobacteria and lactobacilli.

Carrageen can cause inflammation in your digest track!

I am now drinking Rice milk which contained none of these ingredients.

Also The Brand Lactaid 2% has none of this stuff in it!
But, the Calcium enriched does!

Do you have any of these issues?

I am finally free of tummy issues related to the prebiotic addative!

I do hope you are all doing well!
I am still being very cautious because of the Covid,
But, I am still living and enjoying my life!

It seems we are always dealing with something, but it will keep us humble!

And it always keeps me drawing near to the Lord!

Happy Summer!
Drop me a comment and tell me how you are doing!
Hugs, Roxy

Living From glory To Glory...

Sunday, July 5, 2020

To The Republic For Which We Stand...

American Flag, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

To The Republic For Which We Stand

We have fought many battles to keep our Country Free...

But, I never really knew how many anti Americans lived in America
I thought everybody loved our flag, and what it stands for!

But as we can see so many think we should erase all of its history!

I never thought I would see the day of the land of the free and brave;
Be terrorized from within!
They want to rule and reign and to hold us captive!

We are citizens of another better country; HEAVEN
We are told to protect life and to build and not tear down!

We are told we are not tolerant!
Now, that is a lie, because this is a melting pot of the whole world;
But, one wants to dominate all...

I feel so sorry for our children and grandchildren!
Teach your little ones well, they are not born intolerant!
Someone else is teaching hate!

I have traveled and lived in this great country, and all I have
Seen is love and concern for one's neighbor very kind people!
Willing to help!
But as we all know one bad apple can spoil the whole basket!

If you poke a hornets nest while its just doing what it does,
I can promise you will get hurt and even innocent bystanders.
We must be able to defend our America and love our country!
No one has to stay here in the USA...
Go, Leave us alone!!

Who are these people that incite others to kill and destroy?
There is an agenda to wipe out everything...
They only want you to see, hear and do what they think is acceptable!
"Think One World Order"

That sound like control. Marxism, not freedom!

If there is another outbreak of Covid, we can blame those,
That have protested and have not followed the social distancing,
And wearing masks, and washing their hands!

Oh wait, they don't follow our rules in our country.
They have immunity to do whatever they want!

They say we are not accountable to no one!

Foolish and heart breaking...

Do not bow to this tyrant of a wayward child...

We are not suppose to kill, steal, and destroy...
We are told to obey and to build each other up!

Every election year we see this kind of behavior!
Ask yourself, who is behind this?
Who pays these to kill and destroy?
Is this normal behavior?
Who benefits from this disruption?
Who is really behind this evil smoke screen?

Sometimes just ignoring a problem, is not the responsible thing;
Pray and fly the American Flag...
Somebody better stand or all our rights and History will be gone!
Once something gets a foothold, things never get better.
~Only Worse~

Stand up and do what is right, sit down and pray!
Set your hands to build!
Live and Love this Wonderful Country
~ God Bless America~

Blessings, Roxy

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Why We Must Teach The Younger Women...

Cozy Kitchen Corner. Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Who Wants To Be Trained?...

We definitely have seen a decline in younger Women being willing to learn;
The art of Homemaking!

I believe we are seeing the fruits of training not being given or received.

The world marches to its own set of rules, And the need for income or just more!

I feel that the older women do not have the willing participants;
Because many empty nesters no longer have those that are at home or are willing to learn!

Maybe, we just keep sharing resources when we can and they just learn on their own.
And in my opinion that is fine also!

But, we must continue to teach through our own life's actions.....
It's in our willingness to encourage with words and to cheer them on!!

May we hope that we will have a movement that draws them HOME

I think most women still desire to take homemaking as a privilege;
And embrace all the joys of HOME

 I have learned and I'm still learning;
To be a wise homemaker in times of plenty and want.
In times of world upheaval and drought,
Trials and tribulations
Rain or shine, storm clouds and storms!
Sunshine and Warmth...

Some time we have tough seasons and other times smooth sailing.

Learning to live on a dime, yet being extravagant in some things in a time of plenty!
Keeping our homes, furnished and filled with resources is just wise!

Trusting the Lord in lean times!
Sharing when we have more!

If you're a young woman, keep your heart open to learn a skill or two!
If you're an older woman be willing and watchful to share a bit of wisdom!

But also a reminder to myself and to you dear readers;
We can all learn a thing or two from each other

That they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands,
 To love their children, 
To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home,
 Good, obedient to their own husbands,
 That the word of God be not blasphemed. 
Titus 2:4, 5

We are doing well, yet have been feeling a big hit in the aerospace market!
Remember, many of us are still reeling financially from this world pandemic

As my husband said slow down and put on the brakes!

"This all happened after we bought all new windows and flooring"
Now, I just stay home and enjoy my home more than ever for the duration.

Always, Living from Glory To Glory

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