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Beware Of Seeing Only The Faults In Others...

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Having Eyes For Beauty

Or, Seeing Only The Faults...

I still believe so many men and woman walk this earth,
That are radiant people with gentle and kind character.
Their lives shine with bright and shining qualities;
They are filled with the Holy Spirit!
They have a desire to think the best of others!
Seeing the goodness and the life flow of Christ of true believers;
This is a quality that pleases the Lord.

Let us all strive to be one of those that look for the goodness!

But, sadly we have many that only see the faults in others!
They have no eyes to see these lovely qualities.
But for every fault and blemish, they have the sharpest eye.

Maybe because it may be easier to have a fault finding character.

Why we must be watchful about taking part of having a
Self righteous, critical spirit!
Or rehearsing and remembering every wrong or hurtful word
Spoken to or about you.
Don't allow others abuse you!

Beware of this also;
 Do not spin words or lies about others!
They feel they can do this, because it's easy to be self righteous!
Or maybe anyone of us can get caught up in the moment
 Of a good gossip session!

For many years, I have prayed to not be self righteous;
See your wrong and confess to God

But yet we are to judge between evil and good!

It is how we do this, without destroying someones character or life;
Which is the most important step in looking for the good.

Having grace for others, when they do make a mistake in judgement,
Is a sure sign of a maturity that only comes through trials.

Treat others the way you would like to be treated!
Verify the truth...
Be slow to anger and judgment!
Remember, he said, she said, is a very slippery slope!

Dear Wounded:
Remove yourself from the ones that cause the Pain!
Beware of being lulled into thinking all is okay, when they are on better behavior.
Once or twice is human;
But once you see their pattern of abuse!
Stop and do not expose yourself to their manipulation!

(You will never be able to overcome their view and control)
"It's their way or nothing
They will always get the last word in
They will always call you what they really are
You will never be able to change their opinion of you
They always remember things that happened in their version of the story"

So anyways, if you have been living in this cycle;
Stop and get out or off...

Insanity= doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result

Learn to take your own life under control
Manage your own life and keep only relationships;
~That are biblical and healthy~

As Always, Living From Glory To Glory

Hugs, Roxy


  1. Excellent advice shared lovingly.

  2. It's always good to be reminded so we can do a self check. And that's what I am doing.

  3. Some people are a breath of fresh air.

    You find yourself looking forward to the next visit with them just to soak up their kindness and joy.

    And some folks....well...they just need some extra prayer 😊

    It's hard to get in the middle of drama isn't it?

    Have a blessed and peaceful day Roxy....may joy fill your heart and home.

    Hugs from Shirley

  4. Your words of wisdom are graced with your loving and tender spirit. We can so easily hurt others with our words and actions, but the closer we are to the Shepherd, the more likely we will live like one of his precious sheep. Thanks for sharing your heart, and with such grace and love.

  5. Oh my goodness Roxie, if you only knew the timelines of this! Such great advice! It's so hard to have the right attitude with "toxic" people who you can't get out of your life (family)... The Lord is merciful and gracious with His help. Paul said he died daily to his self, I have to die by the minute some days!

  6. Blessings Roxy, beautiful words .. keeping our eyes on our Saviour is the key. Looking unto Jesus ghe Author and Finisher of our faith is key. Heb 12:2
    Prayer hugs Shaz in Oz

  7. Hi Roxy, i just found your blog. It's lovely, practical and very helpful. I love the spiritual/Biblical influence you provide. God Bless you. Isabell:-)

  8. Hello Roxy. Those are wise and insightful words. Thanks for taking time to record your thoughts. Alex in Maryland

  9. Wisdom seeps through your fingers to the keys my dear. God bless you for exhorting us.
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage


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