Thursday, November 12, 2020

Be As Wise As A Fox, In A Good Way...

Be As Wise As A Fox In A Good Way, Living From Glory To Glory Blog

~Be As Wise as A Fox~
But in a good way...


"The fox is said to be one of the most intelligent animals in the world"

 In this culture that we are all living in we need elegance and to be very clever!

A fox even looks beautiful and majestic and in my opinion very smart!

So many people like to make us think we are stupid; 

And can't think for ourselves!



Like a Fox we need a heightened sense of awareness.

Not as the saying goes sly as a fox, but rather alert!

The Fox has many qualities, but what I like they find what they need.

They act quickly and can sense danger!

I think many voices being heard is appearing foolish and strange;

But actually are very cleaver!

Don't be deceived ...

What your hearing is not what is really being said.

My Mother use to say you better read between the lines.

They think we are all asleep and they are acting like the side of

A Fox that is fighting for what is not theirs.

But I will need to act like a Fox and overcome their own game!

They are being crafty and sly;

So I will need to be elegant and intelligent,

And fight with wisdom to be able to think and discern.

To be able to see through the deceptions!

Don't take the handout! They are baiting you to enslave you!

Work hard

Grow in wisdom

Be Elegant

Be Quick

Discern between lies and truth

Blessings to each of you!

Stay safe and keep your eyes and ears open!

Hugs, Living From Glory To Glory

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