Friday, May 27, 2016

No Worries Even In Turbulence Skies...

Flying, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

A comfortable plane ride was about to get bumpy. 
The voice of the captain interrupted in-flight beverage service and asked passengers
 to make sure their seatbelts were fastened. 
Soon the plane began to roll and pitch like a ship on a wind-whipped ocean. 
While the rest of the passengers were doing their best to deal with the turbulence,
 a little girl sat through it all reading her book. 
After the plane landed, she was asked why she had been able to be so calm.
 She responded, 
“My daddy is the pilot and he’s taking me home.”

Whether the storm we encounter today is the result of  or some trial or sorrow
 or just a rough and bumpy ride,
we can be confident that all is not lost. 
Our Pilot can handle the storm. He will get us home.

This is a partial portion of a devotional from 

Sometimes life can be so uncomfortable;
But yet others around us are just smooth sailing.
We are all in different places and in different time zones!
But may we all put our trust in the only hope that will allow us a smooth landing!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Get Back On Your Horse And Ride...


Ride Like The Wind

Sometimes we just need to face our fears!

Riding into them at times can push back the doubt and the unknown!

When my son was a young man he use to go camping,
Sometimes by himself or at times with a friend.
I will always remember what he told me one time that his best friend said
on a very dark evening when it was time to go to sleep.
My son told him not to be afraid of the dark!
His friend shouted back,
I am not afraid of the dark!!
"But rather what's in the dark"

We either have the choice to ride into our dark spots,
We all can attest to the fact that many times the dark clouds will
Just dissipate and up ahead, is the clear blue sky and a smooth plain.

The thing I feared the most came upon me...

As I have read that before I had a resolve to not fear the unknown!

But we all know fear is just that fear.

But there are going to be times that sensing fear will be your friend!

Being aware and not being naive is a powerful tool to use!

I have a voice and so do you,
We must speak the truth in love and work on our own hearts!

I do not want to allow the enemy of my soul to be allowed to silence me;
Or to stop me from enjoying my life, one day at a time!

Get back on your horse dear one and ride...

What is your gift?
Are you using it?
It is time to get back to the real life
And live it...

Perseverance is the only way we can have the strength to ride again!

Remember to not just tell the people what they want to hear;
Or to write what is popular, do what matters to you!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

A Stay At Home Grandmother ...

Grandchild Holding A Flower, Living From Glory To Glory Blog

What Are You Holding In Your Hand

Sometimes it is just the simple things in life that really give us a pop!
I find the everyday rituals and comforts give me a sense of peace.

Washing dishes or folding laundry does that for me now days.
It wasn't always like that;
I thought these things were mundane tasks till one day;
I realized that if I gave thanks while doing these same tasks,
I was transformed as so were the tasks.

I have also learned to do something for myself every day!
I may read or sew a little bit, I do a Bible study.
Make a special dessert, take a walk!
Call a friend!
Take some photos of something I think is lovely!

Just a special thing that is not on a To Do List...

I wanted to share this photo I took a while back and it was used for a magazine!
You can see it if you want if you click the link right under the picture.
That sweet little hand belongs to one of my grandsons.

Even as a Grandmother, I have had great rewards of being able to be
A Stay At Home Grand Mother...

What Does A Stay At Home Grandmother Get To Do?

We are available to be a big part of our grandchildren's life!

We can interact with them with more frequency.
We can tell them stories of our own childhood.
We can impart wisdom in small tidbits that can have a big impact!
We can help with things that they might need, if no one else is available.

Just being able to spend time with them!
So many Mothers are working now days, but if a Grandmother or Grandfather,
Can help and be there and engage in all different parts of their lives.

Helping them with school work
Teaching them how to do things (bake and cook and sew)
For the guys, (fishing, working on a car or truck,or sports)

Being and active and engaging Grand parent is a powerful gift!
For us and for the children...

See in every season we can be bearing fruit for our families!

What is one of your special things you get to do with your children
Or grandchildren?

Be The Best Grandparent You Can Be!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Evil Is Now At The Gates...


Jury Summons

The word brings a chill to one's spine;
Okay, maybe you're one of those that love getting one of these summons in the mail
Or maybe you're a reader from another country and you are not familiar with these!

But when I think about having to sit in a court room and having
To listen to things that on a normal day I try to avoid!

It does not sound like much fun to me!

So many do not want to obey the law;
We may not even think we have too!

But we do have to obey and follow them!

These laws keep us safe and it keeps others from doing anything
that they think is right in their own eyes!

But I have realized something lately;
Maybe it is just me, but I can see the evil is now at the gate!

Evil can flood into a home a city or a country!
The way to keep it out is to obey!
To humble our hearts and to do good!
Pray for our Husbands to be wise!
Pray for our Leaders in our cities!
Pray for Godly Judges!

We can change the world by doing what is right and true;
From within our homes and our city and country!

We are called to be a light!
Even when it gets darker, our light must become seen in all we do!

After an encounter with evil, I still will do and be what is required of me!
Sometimes I wish I was an ostrich, and I could stick my head in the sand!

Stand your guard!
Watch at the gates!

No evil shall enter our hearts...

Monday, May 16, 2016

Start A Blessing Book Today...

Go Up, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

You Must Learn To Go Up And Forward...

We ladies can truly miss the days that have come and gone!
And because of this, we must be careful we do not get stuck!

I miss so many things about the way life that use to be;
But I have been turning into a new person,
It has not been very easy or a lot of fun, "until I changed my attitude!"

I am going up and in the right direction!

I am going to embrace this season and change in my life!

I am going to count my blessings and agree to disagree with some!

I am not going to allow the liberal way of thinking to rob me of my peace!

Have you felt discouraged?
Have you felt like quitting everything?
Do you spend time thinking how things didn't work out as you planned?

Well, join the club, but we are to never give up or retreat!

I choose to be filled with joy and respond with hope!

If we all wrote down all our woes on one page,
And we wrote down all our blessings on another, which one would be longer?

Start a blessing book this season!
~It is really very easy and simple to do and will bring you hope~
Every day or evening write down a few things you are thankful for!

Look up, for your redemption draws nigh...

I appreciate each and every one of you that have come here to read these humble 
Blog entries of my life and heart that I live!

Living From Glory To Glory

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Attempted Attack...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Attempted Attack...

Well, I have been a bit twitter patted this past week;
Do you want to hear about it or not?

I could just write a nice cozy blog post and pretend it did not happen!

Well, it did,
And I did not get bit by a dog either.

I went to town to go to my hair appointment
(I was getting a Body Wave Perm)
It was early afternoon, and I decided I would run into Walmart,
And to get a few items while I was in town.
(I try to get as many things done when I make trips to town)
For those that do not know I now live in the country;
I have for over 20 years...

I pulled into the parking lot and I parked my car away from other cars
 And there was just one car parked next to me,
 And I can say this as soon as I popped out of my vehicle,
 The door on the car next to me swung open and a young
Man with sores all over his face was holding a gas can.
And he asked me if I had any spare change for gas.

I told him; maybe when I came out.
But he was looking past me and I just knew something was going down!

I saw out of the corner of my eye two sets of people coming 
up on both sides of my car.
Instinct kicked in, I had not locked my car yet, which was a miracle!
I jumped into my car and locked the door and I had my keys in my hand.
I started my car and pulled away fast quickly
 and as I watched them in my rear view mirror.
Screaming at each other, saying why didn't you grab ****

My heart was beating and I felt sick to my stomach.

Remember when I said before;
Be aware of your surroundings!
I wrote is it wise to be out alone after dark?

Well, I was mugged in NY many moons ago,
I was punched in the face and they stole my purse.
I had a broken nose and two black and blue eyes.

Not sure what their full intentions were this time,
 But they wanted what did not belong to them!
 And wanted to cause me harm!
 I am sure of that!

I am still trying to rethink how to keep safe and enjoy life!
Being alone anymore as a lady is like a target anymore.
It really always has been, but I believe it is getting worse!

Well If you have never been mugged you have no point
of relating to this type of attack!

But it is happening way more often than you can imagine!

How can you protect yourself??

Do not be out alone!
Carry a Pepper Spray or a gun!
Stay in your car till you check your surroundings!
Keep your keys in your hand till safely in the building!
(Keys can be used as a weapon)
Listen to your gut instincts, they are usually right!

We have the right to protect ourselves and our loved ones!

Monday, May 9, 2016

Tend To Your Own Front Porch...


Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Tend To Your Own Front Porch

There was a Sunday school lesson that was taught to me years ago,
And I wanted to share with you what that lesson was
 And how I still try today to live up to that lesson.

Every single day we will have things that will come into our lives,
That are problems that we had nothing to do with!

Some of these things or people will try to control and take advantage of us!

We need to learn to discern which are from the Lord;
And those that are stumbling blocks to steal, kill and destroy us.


We all will have things that try to bombard us on a daily bases;
But we must be very careful that we do not try to take another persons problem
upon ourselves. And subject ourselves to things never intended for us.

God has given each of us our own homes and front porches.
We need to tend to our own porches daily.
We must sweep them daily to clean off the debris that blow upon them.
(Sin, Sorrow, Unforgiveness, Self pity, Lies, Jealousy, Hatred)

We talked about the only way we could help others was when we
Swept our own front porches off;
Getting the plank out of our eye,
So we could see to help them get the speck from their eyes removed.
But we all know that takes the power of God and the leading of the Holy Spirit!

He told us way too many times we as Christians get involved with other peoples
 Problems that we were never intended to be involved in!
He was a very wise man and he spoke truth!

We now have what I see as a social gospel, we need to enable and help everyone!
When we do not forsake our sins and yet expect others to support us!
Wrong theology, and unhealthy thinking!
We are told to disciple others not enable them to live in ungodly ways!

I believe we are all seeing, so many people that do not take responsibility
for their own choices and lack of godliness and willingness to work.

Holding grudges and really not forgiving others is sin!
But when we continue to do the same thing over and over again,
Yet expect a different outcome is insanity

One thing that I am learning as I see so many people hurting from
being mistreated by others is this;
Be very wise with whom you get involved with!
Be careful what you say to them!
Do not give your time or money unless you have prayed about it!
Learn to know when to say enough or when to say NO!

You ladies have been given the charge to keep your own front porch,
Cleaned and swept off and in order.

If you are spending all your time and strength and words to enable others is 
not pleasing to the Lord or being a good helpmate to your own husband!

Do not waste your resources for a sloth or a person who will not repent!

We need to love others, sometimes by not helping and yet praying for them!

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Why I Love Linens And Lace...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog

There are just some things that just seem like whoever made or designed them
 had a special purpose in mind. And I have always appreciated their effort!

When you take the time to add something that brings just that little pop.

I little tablecloth or doily or table runner just does that in my home!

I also enjoy a nice set of kitchen towels or bathroom towels.

On a few of my widows I have the actual drapes or curtains,
 but I also like to add a lace valance, or a matching fabric for that
extra fullness and touch.

I enjoy keeping my home and rooms in order,
 but it really is just a few little things that make it
cozy and homey!

I enjoy looking at magazines or an antique shop and see how they
Have arranged some of their items on bookcases and end tables and
China hutches. Also, just a word of caution, we can overdo and have
things start to look cluttered.

I do have a drawer that I keep my linens and doilies and table coverings in.
I have a few that I use in the fall and winter months;
And some that are for spring and summer!

I have some things that I have found at thrift stores and antique shops.
I also have some that belonged to my grandmother and mother.

I always try to wash these linens and doilies on a gentle cycle and line dry them!

Every now and again, I will go through these and give a few away!
My sister has always wrapped a gift for me in a nice linen or lace.
And she adds a pretty ribbon and it makes a lovely way to wrap up a gift!

I also try not to make things too frilly or girly as my husband
enjoys more natural colors. He has a great taste in color and design.
Seriously, he has great taste!
I think it is important to ask their opinion on what they like.
But if he says whatever you like dear, then go for it!

I little bit of both and in different rooms you can do a bit different in each!
A little paint and a new throw rug can jazz up any space!

~This is the perfect time of the year to keep an eye out for a few pretty treasures~

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Why We Must Guard Our Husbands Reputation...


Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Guard Your Husbands Reputation...

"The Heart of her husband safely trusts in her,
And he will have no lack of gain."

Why guarding our husband's reputation is a powerful way to help our husbands to trust in us!
So many men are run down by their wives in their words and actions!
When we do these things it gives others an open door to think less of him.
I have even seen it when a Mother talks in a demoralizing way about their father,
and just laugh as it is a big joke.

A reputation can be smeared in an off colored joke or an action
that shows we do not respect or honor them.

We must be very careful to speak only of their better qualities;
to our parents and friend and mostly the children.

We are not to compare our husbands qualities to other men!

Praising our husband's strengths is a gift we can give our husbands!

We also must not be a source of embarrassment to our husbands.
Crude talk or joking
Our manner of dressing
The way we manage our finances
Being where we are suppose to be
(He knows where you are)

We are called to be a treasure to our own husband's!

Can Your Husband safely trust in you?

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