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A Stay At Home Grandmother ...

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What Are You Holding In Your Hand

Sometimes it is just the simple things in life that really give us a pop!
I find the everyday rituals and comforts give me a sense of peace.

Washing dishes or folding laundry does that for me now days.
It wasn't always like that;
I thought these things were mundane tasks till one day;
I realized that if I gave thanks while doing these same tasks,
I was transformed as so were the tasks.

I have also learned to do something for myself every day!
I may read or sew a little bit, I do a Bible study.
Make a special dessert, take a walk!
Call a friend!
Take some photos of something I think is lovely!

Just a special thing that is not on a To Do List...

I wanted to share this photo I took a while back and it was used for a magazine!
You can see it if you want if you click the link right under the picture.
That sweet little hand belongs to one of my grandsons.

Even as a Grandmother, I have had great rewards of being able to be
A Stay At Home Grand Mother...

What Does A Stay At Home Grandmother Get To Do?

We are available to be a big part of our grandchildren's life!

We can interact with them with more frequency.
We can tell them stories of our own childhood.
We can impart wisdom in small tidbits that can have a big impact!
We can help with things that they might need, if no one else is available.

Just being able to spend time with them!
So many Mothers are working now days, but if a Grandmother or Grandfather,
Can help and be there and engage in all different parts of their lives.

Helping them with school work
Teaching them how to do things (bake and cook and sew)
For the guys, (fishing, working on a car or truck,or sports)

Being and active and engaging Grand parent is a powerful gift!
For us and for the children...

See in every season we can be bearing fruit for our families!

What is one of your special things you get to do with your children
Or grandchildren?

Be The Best Grandparent You Can Be!!


  1. I became a Doula for my daughter and daughter-in- law.
    I have been blessed to assist at all seven of our grandchildren's birth!

  2. What FUN that your photo was featured on the back cover of that magazine, Roxy! It's perfect. Hugs, Camille

  3. What a blessing to be able to be such a large part of your children and grandchildren's lives. Ours all live far away, but I'm very grateful for FaceTime. Our daughter especially makes it a point to FaceTime daily with us so we can talk to our granddaugher.

  4. That's what I want to be when I grow up!

  5. What a gorgeous picture. How special that it was published in a magazine! I enjoyed this post very much. I too try to find joy in those tasks that we constantly have to keep up with in our lives. We are blessed to be able to comnplete them ourselves aren't we. Some folks don't have the ability for various reasons. Hope you have a lovely weekend! Enjoy those grandchildren.

    Hugs, Vicky

  6. Beautiful simplistic photograph, you should be proud. I got
    sidetracked with the article on Down Syndrome. What a great
    piece. And I have been pronouncing it wrong all these years.

  7. How I loved this article!!! God has been very good to us and given us the opportunity to be of help to our daughter, her husband and her seven children.

    During the week, she welcomes us to her home to help with homeschooling five of the seven as the youngest two are 3 and 18 months. When one of the littlest ones needs attention, the adult with the most free time goes to play with the little one while the other two adults continue helping the school age children.

    We have 'special' days with the children, where we will take one at a time and do something with them that they alone want to do. Thursday we had Sarah, age 6, who wanted to visit Hobby Lobby. Then we went out to lunch and afterwards got ice cream.

    They come to Grandma's house to learn how to cook something, and we make goodies to take home to their large family.

    Overnights are filled with an old fashioned children's movie, popcorn, and scrambled eggs, hot chocolate, and donuts for breakfast. We are living a dream, and I wouldn't give it up for anything!

  8. Oh, Roxy! That's a beautiful photo. I'm delighted to hear it was used in the magazine. That's awesome!!!

    I was privileged to be my daughter's doula for all four deliveries. I've enjoyed every moment with my precious grandchildren but I miss something fierce since moving away. I could do more to stay in touch, I'm sure. I'm thinking about writing them each a letter on a regular basis. I remember how excited I was as a child to get mail, especially from my granny! Thanks for this lovely post, and reminder that I can still be a blessing in their lives.

    Love and hugs to you, my dear friend!

  9. Thank you for sharing the joys of aging! That is an encouragement to me as I think my nest will be empty only too soon!!!


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