Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Evil Is Now At The Gates...


Jury Summons

The word brings a chill to one's spine;
Okay, maybe you're one of those that love getting one of these summons in the mail
Or maybe you're a reader from another country and you are not familiar with these!

But when I think about having to sit in a court room and having
To listen to things that on a normal day I try to avoid!

It does not sound like much fun to me!

So many do not want to obey the law;
We may not even think we have too!

But we do have to obey and follow them!

These laws keep us safe and it keeps others from doing anything
that they think is right in their own eyes!

But I have realized something lately;
Maybe it is just me, but I can see the evil is now at the gate!

Evil can flood into a home a city or a country!
The way to keep it out is to obey!
To humble our hearts and to do good!
Pray for our Husbands to be wise!
Pray for our Leaders in our cities!
Pray for Godly Judges!

We can change the world by doing what is right and true;
From within our homes and our city and country!

We are called to be a light!
Even when it gets darker, our light must become seen in all we do!

After an encounter with evil, I still will do and be what is required of me!
Sometimes I wish I was an ostrich, and I could stick my head in the sand!

Stand your guard!
Watch at the gates!

No evil shall enter our hearts...


  1. I agree... having to sit and listen to what evil deeds have been done must be a terrible thing. Can you imagine what it does to people who have to hear it every day? I can't! Thankfully the light of the Lord Jesus living within us brings hope, in the midst of the darkness. The world has always been evil, but we can be overcomers through HIM! Much love to you today dear Roxy!

  2. Everyday in our city the morning new has at least one killing or double killing. Drugs and theft are nothing any more. People they interview are surprised it happened,saying " that just doesn't happen in our neighborhood" or he was a good student or church goer.
    People need to wake up. Many christians only pray after a crises, they don't have a relationship with God. They don't have a clue what a relationship is period let alone with God. It's so sad, sometimes I cry when I think how far
    this nation is Getting from God and what is going to happen to it's people.


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