Sunday, June 29, 2014

What About Bob...

What About Bob...

I am going to ask you today a very unasked question?
When you find yourself in a room of relatives you have not seen,
In over 10 years, do you feel like maybe you're all alone or way different?
Do you feel like you're on the outside looking in?

Well, I am going to make a statement on this very feeling!
"They may be the ones on the outside looking in!"
There is a depth and worth of every life.

But I know that we have a Father in Heaven that looks down upon us all!
He sees you!

But what about Bob?
We all have a Bob in our families and our lives!
Did you ever see that movie;
"What About Bob"

Life is tough, and so many have overwhelming hurts and troubles.
We can find ourselves feeling like this is our last chance;
As long as we have breath and life we can  have a fulfilling life.
There are truths in God's Word that will give us the next step!

In the movie the shrink wrote a book called;
"Baby Steps"

Firstly, we need to move in the right direction.
And start taking Baby Steps toward our destiny and future!

Take the step in faith!

Remember, we may at times have felt like Bob,
On the outside looking in!
So maybe the next time we are with a group of people
Look around and think;
And ask yourself
What about Bob...

Friday, June 27, 2014

Black And White...

Living from Glory to Glory Blog

Life in black and white...
Is everything in life either black or white?

Is there a true North?
Does the sun always rise in the East,
And the sun sets in the West?

I am so thankful that some things never change!

Can we make a statement that is just so broad they encompass everything?

As a christian blogger, I have a forum;
What are so many blogger's and artist doing,
Creating a space and a place for them to express themselves.

Being kind and loving others is a command!
Fulfilling it is another ball game.

An expression of our beliefs and train of thoughts can be so diverse!
Do I have to be an original?

God made us in His image, we are not cookie cutter people.
Like little gingerbread men and women.

But there is a way to walk in!
Living and learning can be an art, may I find all the pieces of my puzzle!

I won't tell you what they are;
But I will say some people are making very wrong choices!
And I have learned even in my own life that there will be consequence to them.
Good and Bad...

Living in full color!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Keep That Cell Phone Out Of Your Bra...

In the days of cell phone use and how we always have it with us;
This post is another reminder of its potential DANGER!

Remember these phone booths?
Days passed and now we have strapped ourselves
 With high powered frequencies daily!

This gives a whole new meaning to being wired...
No wonder so many women's hair is standing straight up!!

As the technologies that are coming out and more data to support;
This claim of the dangers of carrying a cell phone in your BRA!
Or really anywhere close to your skin or body!

Sometimes we just need to stop doing these things that have
such a strong potential for harm. And so many women think that
Using and caring cell phones are safe.
If you want to see a new site with updated information,
Just click the link below.

Keep that cell phone out of your bra !

Use your cell phone wisely, ladies;
Use the speaker and do not hold it so close to your ear!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Keep Your Eyes Upon The Road...

Keep Your Eyes On The Road...

Things and people are moving way too fast!
Kicking down the cobble stones looking for fun and
Feeling groovy...

Learning to be quick can be a very good thing.
But how fast do you need to go?
Do you have the need for speed?

At times my thoughts can download so fast, they can get blurred.
I am not a machine or a car that has a brake and a gas pedal.
I am flesh and blood made in a way that requires
Rest and good nourishment!
And people around me who love me!
Books and pleasures that help refresh me!
Times of refreshing just don't happen, they need to be orchestrated!

Soaking is a good word to help give us a mental picture of 
what refreshment might look like.
 You have heard the saying that a picture is worth a
thousand words.
 And I think that can be very true.

Dear Ones we never know what is just down the road,
or just around the bend.
So may we keep our eyes upon the road and enjoy the drive.

Slow down your moving too fast, you gotta make your moments last.
Kicking down the cobble stones!!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Once Upon A Time... A Real Life... Mine...

This is where you will find me most mornings...
I also need a bit more some afternoons;
The Word is like chocolate for me, it is rich and smooth!
It melts my heart and makes me satisfied deep down inside!

Here is;
My BFF...
She was my maid of honor on my renewal of my wedding vows!
She knows a lot about me and she still likes me.

Here is;
My Jewels, she is my long time friend!
My Oldest friend
Just kidding :o)
We always talk about Christ...

Here is;
My Boy Friend...
He asked me if I would marry him and I said NO Three times!
So glad he was persistent in pursuing me!
It was the same with Christ in my life...
Married 30 plus years
Sounds like a vitamin ad...

Here is;
This is my back yard view!
I have seen this view almost three decades and it never looks the same!
Constant and unmovable...

Here is;
Loyal Bronco Fans...
Go Broncos!!

Here is:
Waffles From Roxy's Cafe...
Fresh sausage too!

Here is:
My Mississippi Mud Dessert...
I may even share the recipe sometime!

Here is;
Here are my two most favorite perfumes!
White Shoulders and Giorgio...
My Birthday gift last year!

Here is:
Fresh bread and butter and eggs!
My staples in my kitchen...

Here is;
My Girls, Sweet Baby Chicks!
We have fresh eggs daily about a dozen a day.

I just wanted to give you a glimpse of my world and life!
I am a country girl and a lover of Jesus Christ...
I hope you follow my blog knowing that it is a real ministry for me,
To write and encourage you in your journey!

I struggle some days and I am shocked how fast the days go!
I had only one person mentor me while raising my family!
So I take my calling very seriously!

I am very funny, and enjoy a good laugh!
I love like there is no tomorrow!
I cry hard and deep for those things that move me!
My Husband and family our everything to me!

I just want you to know a bit of my heart!
We are not rich in some things;
But we are wealthy in what matters!

If you read or follow this blog, I want to tell you that I care deeply
about you and your walk in this life!

Thank You!
For reading this blog,
For leaving me comments.
For being a part of my life.

Enjoy your Summer; and romance your Hubby!
And allow the Lord to romance you...

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Follow The Light...

From Glory to Glory Blog

Follow the light...
Not that light,
 Too many people are following a light that is at the end of a tunnel.
We are called to be the light!!
Big difference,

Do you want to draw closer to your Lord?
Do you want to draw closer to your Husband?
Do you want to be a usable vessel?

Too many are chasing after what will pass away;
The wind is a perfect example of something that is impossible to catch.
Yet, If you harness the wind you will have the power!

There is the hand of God;
Power, miracles, supernatural!

There is the face of God;
Relationship, intimacy, peace.

I want both in my walk and life with the Lord!

But sometimes we need to look at what is all being used to draw
Us with this power...
There has been so many movements in our world today.
Many focus on what is just what you can get and have.
The true hand of God can and will supply and provide;
Power, miracles, supernatural!
Do not ever forget what He has done for His people.

But the Face of God is what will sustain you!!
These things will not ever leave you dry!

I believe we are seeing a famine of the WORD Of God in this country!
And the Churches only give a very small portion;
So if you are not FEEDING on the WORD;
And know how to feed yourself;
You will starve...

Thus says the Lord,
 Who makes a way in the sea. And a path through the mighty waters.
Isaiah 43:16

The sun shall no longer be your light by day. Nor for brightness
Shall the moon  give light to you;
But the Lord (The Word) will be to you...
And everlasting light.
And your God your glory.
Isaiah 60:19

The WORD is the only thing that is a true light; The SON
The WORD is the only thing that will satisfy your hunger. The Meat
The WORD is the only thing that will not pass away. Everlasting

Eat and drink of the WORD!
As for many low fat diets are being served!
People our starving!!

Do you know what Expository preaching  and teaching is?

Monday, June 16, 2014

Don't Live In Monotone...


Can you hear the music...

Music is all around you,
 I can hear the fluttering of a moth's wing.
I hear the laughing of the boys in the yard playing.

I can hear the crickets chirping in the night.
I can hear the bird singing and chatting away.

The humming of the appliances in the quiet night!
The chimes on the clock say it is now ten o'clock

Another day has come and gone;
May I lay still in my bed and hear my heart beating!

Take no one for granted and expect this time as owed to you!
Time is a gift and you must listen to the music that is playing.

Each note carries a special tune;
Each one carries a high and a low.
No life should be lived in monotone...

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Honor And Integrity...

Raising Boys

How to raise a boy is a very good question!
We need to allow our boys to practice being strong!
We need our boys to be strong in their bodies and their minds.

Our boys need to play in the dirt and run and to throw balls far and high!
They need to camp and catch fish and to learn how to hunt!
They need to be able to fix things!
They need to learn to fight a fair fight!

Help them to learn to enjoy reading a good book on journeys,
And tales of adventure!

Teach them to be honest and to keep their word!
Teach them to pray and to ask God for wisdom and knowledge.

Help them to become a Man of HONOR AND INTEGRITY...

Why is this important?
Because we need a few good men...

May we be able to count on the future boys from this generation...

Will they be able to lead?
Will they be able to read?

Will they be able to learn and to follow a command?
Will they stand and not run from commitment?

"Not all Boys turn into Men..."

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Lovely And Wind Swept...

Lovely and wind swept...
A Lady of soft and flowing coverings.
Why do women say they feel more comfortable in pants?

We wear pants and capri's like we do not even own a skirt anymore!
I guess I am getting sad and sentimental over women;
Not wanting or desiring to look soft and flowing
 Like a lady of yesterday!

I am not leaning into some legalistic debate here!
Just wondering why we can so easily slip into pants and shorts.
But not find it as easily to wear skirts!

I have heard some ladies say it is the shoes to wear with the
Skirts that are the problem.

I think we just are not in the habit of wearing skirts;
So we just throw on our pants or slacks or capris'.
Good for the day...

Taking no thought to if we look soft and pretty!
I know of some ladies I have never seen them in a skirt!

I just think we can wear a skirt often enough to change are wardrobe habits!

So have you ever seen a Bride walking down the aisle with pants on?
Or have you ever heard the saying; who wears the pants in the family?

Now, Don't get all gritchity with me here!
I do wear Capri's and jeans, 
Just not every single day...
I wear an apron every time I cook or mostly all day over what I have on!
When I am asked to speak, I wear a skirt.
When I go to a wedding I really dress up!
When I work in the yard, I wear work clothes!

All I am saying is this;
(At least for now till a new style comes in)
REALLY that could happen as we are so uni- sexed in how we look!
Just saying...

From glory to glory,

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Who's A Daddy...

Who's a Daddy...
Any man can be a Father;
But it takes a special man to be a Daddy!

There is nothing more safe then to be in a Daddy's heart!
We have so many wonderful Daddys out there...
High Five...
To guys that stuck it out and turned into real men when the pressure came!
It is no difference to anyone of us as to how the diamond
came into being, we just love the strength and worth that it holds.

I have seen many a guy run from his family.
I have seen many a guy be run off by a woman who was afraid.
I have heard of many a guy that knew no respect or honor!

A guy is just a boy trying to find his way;
For many had no examples of how a Daddy prays.
Many a boy was left to his own,
His eyes were poisoned from things not meant for his life.
Many a man is broken and in jail;
A physical jail and one of his own mind.
A man who has no heart so it seems;
Really deep down he has a
Brave Heart!

He has been told we don't need him we can do it on our own...

He is alone in the world!

I ask for the guy and the little boy to give us another chance;
We really do not want to raise our children alone.
We need our Daddy's to love and care for us again!

Only, Men can really lead...
But wait;
Have women stopped knowing how to follow?

Thank you Daddy's all over the world!
May we make a place for Daddy's to reign!

The Father has created Men to lead, guide and protect!
The world teaches Men to self preserve and to do what feels good!

What we really need is for the true scripture and the word to be taught again!
We have been told children do not need both parents!
And we have told the children we don't want you!
And you wonder why the family has almost disappeared??

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Only For A Season...

 Some things are only for a season...
Some things are for a life time...

We must have the discernment to be able to distinguish between
the two of them.
Even in nature, we can see that Spring is coming when we see a little crocus popping
 its head above the cold hard ground.

Then we can trust that the next thing will come;
Then we can watch the lilac bushes start to fill out,
And alas the lilacs fill the entire area with a thick
and heady aroma!

I ran out just before a very hard wind storm hit and cut off a full,
a lovely lilac blossom. I brought it in and put it in water.
Then I could just smell the scent fill the whole room.

In a few days all the lilacs were gone off the bushes.
The season to enjoy them was now over.

I am learning to know that some things are for only a season!
We must be careful to be willing to make a change!

Some things last our whole lives;

I am homesick for my eternal home!
For I have a better country awaiting me!

Do not become stuck!
Learn to flow and grow as He directs!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Keeping Your Passwords Safe...

Okay, What are the magic words?
Please and Thank You!

What is your password for all your log in accounts?
Wait a minute, I can't tell you those...
They're a secret!
You girls are so smart!
Let's give everyone an award for just trying!

If we want to be a cut above the rest we need to put a little effort into
whatever we are doing. Don't worry, I just throw this together!

I have been really thinking we need to take the next step.
To ensure a spirit of excellence!
The comeback of I forgot is getting old!
Coming from a five year old is partially acceptable.

Remember when you saw Men with a shirt with a pocket and it
held a pen and a little notebook or pad!
We have smart phones ect. And we can hardly remember anything!

So here are some tips for remembering things!
Write it down
Keep a journal
Have a weekly planner.
Use a calendar and write in the dates!
Tape a note to a spot you see all the time.
Remember your Mother telling you if your head wasn't attached
You would forget that too!

The point of this post is this;
I forgot is not a responsible answer!
I have learned the hard way; we need a support method for trying
to remember all we have to do and using passwords.
Have you noticed we are security crazy?
Everything needs a password!!
Mine is incorrect....

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Motherhood May It Not Become A Lost Art...

Being an advocate in the face of unbelief and exploiting of women.

Today is my Mothers Birthday;
She is in Heaven and being with all those who have gone before her.

Heaven is really not that far away, As I can only imagine.

I saw a picture on a free image site that was upsetting to me.
So, In honor of my Mother and all women everywhere.
I made an appeal to the company to rethink their standards.
Maybe nothing will happen as the bar is so low now days.
What has happened to moral decency?
Common courtesies;
Please and Thank You still goes a long ways.
Modesty is still God's best!

May I have the wisdom to make a stand at times when everyone else,
Is oohing and awing.

I make an appeal to mentor a woman who needs support!
Tell your Mother you love her if she is still alive.
And if she is gone and with the Lord, tell any women that
Held your hand or encouraged your heart, send her a HUG!

Mentoring and Mothering
Arise and speak life and wisdom,
 Let's not look away and allow Motherhood to become a lost art!

Motherhood never dies!
She is a force and life that imprints little hearts and minds...

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A Mans Temptations...


How a man is enticed and tempted is through their eyes!
I have said it before;
Men are visual

We as women want to hear and feel!
We can even be swayed by a scent of a flower!

I am making a heartfelt appeal for Men all over the world!

I am making a request for women

Women need to dress according to God's standard.
Not mine

Now how much cleavage can I show?
How tight can my shirt be?
Is a bikini okay on the beach?
Ask yourself this;
Are you comfortable having your best looking friend wearing
what you are thinking is okay around your Husband?
Or your young teenager Son?

We may never realize how often the enemy is always tempting them.
May we always keep our own selves away from the edge from
being the women that looks enticing...

And just for the record, just in case someone is keeping one!!
I believe a woman should look soft and sweet and feminine.
Pretty and classy and filled with grace!

Here are women sitting on the ocean front in an era that is gone!
Okay, I get it...
But we can still find a way to be modest and not look like the fashion
A hundred years ago!

But would you like your Husband to be looking at this women?

I believe we can change a culture through a single generation!
We as women can help change the tide...
Modesty and less flesh can be beautiful and lovely!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

These Shoes Do Not Fit...

This blog post is for any of you ladies that were coming to Link Up!

There is a very important factor in life I have learned, it is this!
You need to be doing what you were created for...
If I want to go hiking or hunting or go on a safari excursion.
I would wear a pair of boots very similar to these.

Cute wee little shoes!
They look so comfortable, I want to wear them;
But they are way too small for me.
No matter how hard I try I cannot comfortably wear them.

These are way more my style!
Cute, classy...
But wait, I am leery of heights!
These are perfect for someone,
Just not for me...

Just can not find a pair of shoes that will fit my style and purpose here!

Okay the point of this Blog post is I am trying to explain that,
I have decided to not continue my Link Up Party!
(I hope you all did not think I was going to quit my Blog...)

I am a bit of sentimental at times;
But I have sought wise counsel concerning this matter,
I believe because of the style and nature of the Blog God has given me.
I must be open to be able to post and write as I feel the leading.

I desire to grow a heart of wisdom and to use my energy and gifting,
In a forum that better suits me and my Hubby!

I enjoy joining other parties and linking to them!
But I feel the thing I desired most is not happening for me
Having my own party.
So with this all said, I am free to write and bless as
The Holy Spirit leads me!

I want to thank Jan,
 who created an amazing cute Link Party button for me!
 (I did save it just in case)  :o)

We have a couple vacation trips planned this summer!
But I will be taking my computer...

Here is where my little toes feel the best fit right now!

Right next to my sweet Grand Child's...

Please know I need to be able to comment and to visit my
Girlfriends and enjoy reading their blogs!
I have missed being able to do that!

So thanks for all you amazing ladies who linked up with me!
And supported this little adventure.
But I can't take the heat, so I better turn the air conditioning on.

PS... I just may have a surprise Link Up's with a special theme!!
Only those that visit regularly will know about them.

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