Saturday, June 14, 2014

Honor And Integrity...

Raising Boys

How to raise a boy is a very good question!
We need to allow our boys to practice being strong!
We need our boys to be strong in their bodies and their minds.

Our boys need to play in the dirt and run and to throw balls far and high!
They need to camp and catch fish and to learn how to hunt!
They need to be able to fix things!
They need to learn to fight a fair fight!

Help them to learn to enjoy reading a good book on journeys,
And tales of adventure!

Teach them to be honest and to keep their word!
Teach them to pray and to ask God for wisdom and knowledge.

Help them to become a Man of HONOR AND INTEGRITY...

Why is this important?
Because we need a few good men...

May we be able to count on the future boys from this generation...

Will they be able to lead?
Will they be able to read?

Will they be able to learn and to follow a command?
Will they stand and not run from commitment?

"Not all Boys turn into Men..."


  1. Beautiful post Roxy.
    My parents weren't educated but they did the things you talk about.
    Good job.

  2. I think the future of our country and freedoms is resting in the hands of the next generation coming up. I hope their parents teach them wisely. xo Diana

  3. Wise words. Hopefully there are parents of sons that heed the message... and sons that take it to heart.

  4. Hi Roxy! Happy Fathers Day to your husband and family members too. You are so right, we all need to help our children grow free and strong in faith and in dedication to their families.
    Hope you have a blessed day :)

  5. Absolutely true! We need more godly Fathers. I was blessed with one. I married one and I'm thankful that my son is following in their footsteps. In today's world I don't take that lightly.

  6. Beautifully said Roxy. Our boys will be the next generation of leaders. We need to teach them wisely.
    Lovely post sweet friend.
    Blessings XO

  7. I've raised two boys and I'm proud of their achievements, they caring nature for others. The are similar to my dad, a wonderful caring man.

  8. So true Roxy, we raised two sons and I cannot stress the importance of the role of a godly man in the raising of sons. (it can be a dad, grandfathers, uncles, brothers, or friends, or all of the above, we need them all pouring into our boys to help them grow up to be men)


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