Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A Mans Temptations...


How a man is enticed and tempted is through their eyes!
I have said it before;
Men are visual

We as women want to hear and feel!
We can even be swayed by a scent of a flower!

I am making a heartfelt appeal for Men all over the world!

I am making a request for women

Women need to dress according to God's standard.
Not mine

Now how much cleavage can I show?
How tight can my shirt be?
Is a bikini okay on the beach?
Ask yourself this;
Are you comfortable having your best looking friend wearing
what you are thinking is okay around your Husband?
Or your young teenager Son?

We may never realize how often the enemy is always tempting them.
May we always keep our own selves away from the edge from
being the women that looks enticing...

And just for the record, just in case someone is keeping one!!
I believe a woman should look soft and sweet and feminine.
Pretty and classy and filled with grace!

Here are women sitting on the ocean front in an era that is gone!
Okay, I get it...
But we can still find a way to be modest and not look like the fashion
A hundred years ago!

But would you like your Husband to be looking at this women?

I believe we can change a culture through a single generation!
We as women can help change the tide...
Modesty and less flesh can be beautiful and lovely!


  1. Thanks for the reminder. I appreciate so much how you admonished me out of love many years ago. I was buying Satan's lie that no one would ever want me again and dressing inappropriately. I have since strived to be modest and am thankful that my girls also do the same. I like your example of a best looking friend. I am happy to see wonderful Godly couples like you two. I also pray that God will bring us each a good husband. The kind that modesty will attract. Love You Sister,

  2. This is sure a tough one in our society. The weather warms up and the clothes come off. We went to a church for many years and the most immodest woman was the pastor's wife!...tiny black bikini at the beach, tiny short shorts at picnics, and low, tight dresses at church. I finally had enough nerve to write her a letter and she told me it was the men's problem...I almost cried. We left shortly after that but it is so sad when so few Christian women are not even convicted about modesty.

  3. We need to dress modestly because it is the right thing to do. But when a woman has no conviction to change and says its the Man's problem she is in sin...

  4. Oh, I so agree with you, Roxy. Where this bothers me the most is in the church...younger girls of Christian mothers...some seeming like this isn't a problem..."it's just the style". These women should know better.

  5. Boy ain't this the truth. I'm all for keeping clothes on and dressing as modest as possible. This world has gone crazy with the very little to no clothing style. I don't like it and I wish all women would get the hint.

    I want to please the eyes of our Heavenly Father not the world!

    Have a great day!


  6. Thankfully, my daughters are catching my vision for modesty in their summer clothing.

    Have a terrific week,
    I haven't forgotten,
    still thinking!


  7. I couldn't agree with you more Roxy. I am disgusted by the skimpy "clothes" that many women and girls are wearing these days. I just don't understand why people want to dress in such a way. I always have and always will be modest! Thanks for sharing...:)

    Blessings, Vicky

  8. Its a good post Rox, A woman who is discreet and modest in her dress and her words is a woman who cares for her Heavenly Father, the men and women in her life and herself.
    Love and Blessings,

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  10. I just went shopping with my 12 year old granddaughter tonight for a sundress for school tomorrow (last day). I was dreading to think about having to argue with her to get something modest. NO problem there! She wanted something that was NOT TOO LOW and NOT TOO BARE. It was a little shorter than I would wear but she wears those short leggings under it. I was so proud of her. xo Diana

  11. I saw a woman yesterday that I had to take a second look at what she was wearing as it was, well, completely see-through . She was wearing a crocheted dress ( very lacy) with a black short slip underneath. Maybe she didn't realize but the slip was see-through and I could see everything. And this was a woman dressed for work :((( I couldn't believe what I was seeing!! And it's winter here.

  12. This is very true... And the saddest part is when immodesty is shown from women in the church. If we profess to believe everything in the Bible, we must begin to live by it and there is absolutely a call to modesty there...

  13. You are so right. I always feel uncomfortable when women like that are around me and my husband. I don't think it is nescesarry. You can look very feminine without showing a lot of flesh ; )

  14. I totally agree. A woman of Faith especially and ALL Women, need to respect themselves by not dressing in an uncomely manner. I am insulted by women and girls who dress in less than they should.


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