Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Who's A Daddy...

Who's a Daddy...
Any man can be a Father;
But it takes a special man to be a Daddy!

There is nothing more safe then to be in a Daddy's heart!
We have so many wonderful Daddys out there...
High Five...
To guys that stuck it out and turned into real men when the pressure came!
It is no difference to anyone of us as to how the diamond
came into being, we just love the strength and worth that it holds.

I have seen many a guy run from his family.
I have seen many a guy be run off by a woman who was afraid.
I have heard of many a guy that knew no respect or honor!

A guy is just a boy trying to find his way;
For many had no examples of how a Daddy prays.
Many a boy was left to his own,
His eyes were poisoned from things not meant for his life.
Many a man is broken and in jail;
A physical jail and one of his own mind.
A man who has no heart so it seems;
Really deep down he has a
Brave Heart!

He has been told we don't need him we can do it on our own...

He is alone in the world!

I ask for the guy and the little boy to give us another chance;
We really do not want to raise our children alone.
We need our Daddy's to love and care for us again!

Only, Men can really lead...
But wait;
Have women stopped knowing how to follow?

Thank you Daddy's all over the world!
May we make a place for Daddy's to reign!

The Father has created Men to lead, guide and protect!
The world teaches Men to self preserve and to do what feels good!

What we really need is for the true scripture and the word to be taught again!
We have been told children do not need both parents!
And we have told the children we don't want you!
And you wonder why the family has almost disappeared??


  1. I had a "daddy" and my children had a "daddy." I DON'T taken that for granted and we are blessed to have had a godly example.

  2. God bless all the wonderful Daddies in the world and forgive those that are not even close to being a good father---and there are a lot of them out there, too- xo Diana

  3. Very true, so many "guys" and so little "men"... We love this man and father in our home :)

  4. Good post. God bless all men who take the role of fatherhood seriously, who know how much their actions affect their children, their wives, and the world!

  5. I celebrate All the dads who love their children!
    Each dad has his own story with happiness and hardships. It's how he responds to both that make him a Daddy.

  6. So true! A lot of men can "father" a child but it takes commitment to be a daddy.

    I also liked your point "have women stopped knowing how to follow? I think you are right - the only way for us to get back on track is to know the scriptures.

  7. Such a nice post and a reminder of how important fathers are!

  8. I have the world's best dad!! He is now 80 and he lives alone (as mum is in a nursing home). He still has an active mind, positive and cheerful. I want to be like me dad when i get old. Nothing is too much for him.

    He really is a wonderful dad :))


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