Friday, June 6, 2014

Keeping Your Passwords Safe...

Okay, What are the magic words?
Please and Thank You!

What is your password for all your log in accounts?
Wait a minute, I can't tell you those...
They're a secret!
You girls are so smart!
Let's give everyone an award for just trying!

If we want to be a cut above the rest we need to put a little effort into
whatever we are doing. Don't worry, I just throw this together!

I have been really thinking we need to take the next step.
To ensure a spirit of excellence!
The comeback of I forgot is getting old!
Coming from a five year old is partially acceptable.

Remember when you saw Men with a shirt with a pocket and it
held a pen and a little notebook or pad!
We have smart phones ect. And we can hardly remember anything!

So here are some tips for remembering things!
Write it down
Keep a journal
Have a weekly planner.
Use a calendar and write in the dates!
Tape a note to a spot you see all the time.
Remember your Mother telling you if your head wasn't attached
You would forget that too!

The point of this post is this;
I forgot is not a responsible answer!
I have learned the hard way; we need a support method for trying
to remember all we have to do and using passwords.
Have you noticed we are security crazy?
Everything needs a password!!
Mine is incorrect....


  1. OK! I REALLY like this! You had me laughing with the image and nodding and agreeing all throughout! So much truth in this. My mom used to say the line about losing your head and now I use it on my kids, too! We are definitely seeing a dumb generation rise. Well, maybe not so much dumb as dumbed down by smart phones.

  2. Loved the picture. What a crack up. Yes, I have a journal where I have all my passwords…in code… the only thing is I can never remember my code. No I'm just kidding, I do have a journal, and I do keep my passwords in it, and I do some times worry that someone will get a hold of my journal, so I have created some ways to not make my journal an obvious "password" Journal. There is definitely much more to keep track of these days, and it definitely requires a strategy.

  3. Hi Roxy,

    I have to admit most of my passwords are different and I have them all memorized. : ) As far as remembering what I have to do each day and lists I use index cards. They are so handy and compact!


  4. So cute! You are right! I don't even know my children's phone number or address without looking at my phone contacts. How sad.

  5. LOL- That idiot made sense for once in his life. LOL He was a riot in that part, wasn't he>

    I have a pretty good memory but still keep written records of things. xo Diana

  6. I remember them until I have to change them and sometimes I use the old one cause I forgot I changed it., my so much to remember these days!

  7. Ha, Ha... this was so funny, but so true! I have a notebook for all of my passwords to my many accounts. I hope I never lose it, or well forget where I put it... that would be a sad day! I use sticky notes and I put them up on my cabinet in the kitchen. So far it helps me remember what I am doing for the day/week.

    Yes, this generation is interesting to say the least. They have dumb downed everything. When did we lose sight of actually using our brains?!

    Any who, have a great day!

    Blessings and Hugs,

  8. Oh thank you!
    I had ALL my passwords in my phone. If I should loose my phone, well, I don't even want to go there.
    After reading your post, I printed them and have them in a special spot.
    Now,I just have to get the nerve to delete them off my phone. Just kidding, I did that, too.

  9. I didn't realize how bad I had gotten until someone asked me what my husband's work number was and I didn't know it (his number hasn't changed in years but I have been used to just pushing the contact number on the phone)
    Passwords,you have to have them for everything and who can remember them all (they warn you not to use the same one over and over) We finally decided to WRITE them down in a location known only to husband and myself


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