Thursday, March 31, 2016

Were Not All That Different...

Sometimes we all just feel a bit fluffy...

We all have so many different ideas and goals.
But we all just really have very basic needs.

We are all really learning every day of our lives.

Sometimes we require very little!
I like to think of myself as not being high maintenance.

We all live in different time zones and spaces and places.
But we are really not all that different!

I am in the process of writing this blog post...
Will be updating as it cancelled, all I wrote.

I will not be derailed by a little glitch or a storm or pain!

Because we have to keep on, we need to shake it off;
Get over it!

If we always just stopped every time we felt bad or trouble came a knocking
 we would shrivel up and never produce the character or fruit we need!

Look, we need substance to live out our calling!

When we truly have hard times we have two choices!
We lean harder into the only thing that will remain forever;
Or we give up and shrivel up!

Why do we think that others always have it easier?
Why do we think every century had it better off?

Lets face it, we all are where we are suppose to be'
We either learn and grow and carry on,
Or we start the slow fade...

Well, as for me and my house we choose life in spite of all
the negative reports or the sorrow or pain.

We are called to help and inspire and work while it is yet day!

Many have it much more worst off than we do;
But that is not the point!!
We are called to carry our own cross,
And to stop and smell our own flowers!

Do not waste your time trying to live in another persons life,
Or to tend their garden...
Be diligent and enjoy this new day and season!

Look around...
Everything is coming to life...

Be inspired, do something that says I am alive

Monday, March 28, 2016

How To Help Eliminate Wrinkles In Your Clothes In The Dryer...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog...
A Great Way To Help Stop Wrinkles In Your Clothes

Many Of You May Know This Trick!

But if you do not, then you will be enjoying this simple post!

I learned this from my daughter last year while visiting her.
She put tennis balls in her dryer, while drying her clothes.
I did not think much of it until I did my laundry.
So I just put in my wet clothes as usual along with the tennis balls,
that were in her dryer.

Oh my goodness...
What a huge difference it made in the clothes!
 There were very few  wrinkles in them, compared to usual!

She told me that she had been using them for a long time;
She felt it made a huge difference also.
When I got home, I purchased a small container of the tennis balls.
They were only a couple of dollars.
I place three of them in my dryer and I am so glad that I did!
I can see a huge difference in how they have very few wrinkles.

I do try to hang the clothes up just before the dryer runs out of time on the timer.
But this simple and easy trick does really work.

I still iron my good clothing when I want a crisp finish,
But this little trick helps with so many casual pants and tops.
Trust me, if you try this and hang them quickly you will be impressed!

And I truly do not mind ironing, but this has been wonderful!

Do you have any tricks to help eliminate wrinkles in your clothes?

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

How The Man Was Created To Lead and To Be Shown Respect...

Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

A Man After Gods Own Heart...

A Man needs to be shown respect!
A Man was created to lead and protect!

We are all living in a world today of either not showing respect
Or very little!

Respect, is a very important key element to being a biblical wife.
But we are also missing the bigger picture here!

Men were designed to live in this code!
Respect is like a deep seated need, placed within each man!
When we show respect to them, we actually make a deposit
 that builds integrity,
And a greater sense of worth;

You have heard the phrase the chain of command?
This is used in every branch of civilization...

Well, it is because we cannot all just lead and govern our own way.
We need to be under a form of law and rule!
As we have protection from the very rules God has placed over us!
If we all did just what we wanted to do, we would have chaos!

We need to rethink this concept of respect;
I have heard this statement;
If he wants respect he is going to have to earn it!
But, what we need to do is show respect and then we gain favor.
This applies in marriage, business and the military...
Because this is God's design for his family.

The Word when applied gives us liberty and favor!
But we still must show respect to our husbands and authority;

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Are You Comfortable With A Handshake Or Are You A Hugger...

Handshake or A Hug, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Lately, I have been noticing a difference in the way I have been greeting people.

By nature I am a hugger...

With my dear friends I tend to give them a hug!

With girlfriends I of course just lean in and hug them.
With the opposite sex I lean into their side shoulder, (side hug)

It has been a bit of an uncomfortable practice in the last decade!

So lately with finding myself feeling awkward when meeting new people
Or greeting someone from the opposite sex;.
I have chosen to extend my hand and offer a handshake.

I have looked on at some very inappropriate hugs in the last decade.

I realize things are changing and affection has an opened end to it!

We as women need to be aware with what our hugs demonstrate.
Better to be reserved and use caution then to give a hug we are not 
Comfortable with and can be seen as an open door.

Years ago I would not even considered writing a post like this!

But I was even thinking of the scripture that tells us to stay away from
Even the appearance of evil.

Wrong touch and contact can cause problems.

Also, I just wanted to mention that, make sure you give a
Good handshake that says hello and not a cold fish or limp hand!

How do you greet your friends?
And how do you greet a new person?
So you like older men to hug your daughters and granddaughters?

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

You Can Learn To Become An Excellent Wife...

When we first got married, I would say I had much to be desired in being
"Called and excellent wife"

Being a wife can be the most glorious place for a woman to become all that her heart desires.

But as we all can attest to is the truth that it require's strength and endurance!

If you were one of those young ladies that had a Mother that was a godly example,

Then you had a head start on many of us.

We never really stop learning the ways that create a truly good marriage.

I think we have a culture that is in place that through their media productions,
we have lost sight of the truth of a wholesome marriage.

We have seen men leave their wives in droves;
Women have left their marriages
We have a problem...

How can we overcome?

We do the next thing that will bring glory to God!

It may just be changing the way we speak to our husbands.
(Our tone shows respect)

We can just stop what we are doing and truly listen to what hey are saying.
(Being a good listener)

We can ask someone to give us some guidance in our marriages.
(Having accountability)

We can read a few good books on the subject of being a good wife.
(Resources are a valuable tool)

Look, becoming an excellent wife is no easy task!

But if you will commit to learning and growing in this high calling,
You will  never regret the rewards, some will be here and now.
But mostly they are heavenly accounts in your name.
God tells us that marriage is His idea...

Every hard day and year
Every horrible fight or little disagreement
You can overcome...

God has given us support and guidance!
There are women out there that have stood the test of time!
God wants our marriages to be healthy and pure!

We have a very tough fight on our hands!

Do you want a good marriage?
Do you believe your marriage could use a refreshing lift?

I have a few books like the one in the photo;
I pull them off the shelf and reread portions of them!
Then I try to implement something that will spark or help me in an area that is lacking!

Take your marriage seriously!
Do something everyday!

I want to thank the Lord for placing those Godly women in my life!
And for the direction of using a few good books to glean from!

Living From Glory To Glory

Friday, March 11, 2016

Why Laziness Will Bring Ruin Upon Your Homes...


Living From Glory To Glory Blog...


If you don’t think laziness is a problem in America,
 Consider the fact that we have a chair, the “Laz-e-boy,” tailored to and marketed to the American home.
And it sells! 

Laziness, much like selfishness, is bent toward the self,
 But it gets its marching orders from the comfort committee.
 We desire the comfort and refuse to do anything difficult because it could be uncomfortable.

 Laziness is chiefly about preserving and promoting the perception of personal comfort.
 And laziness becomes a lie to yourself and others!

 We should know when there is a problem in our marriages and our homes,

 And we should also know that it requires a change, perhaps even a painful change.
 So what happens? 
"Laziness say's, “Oh, I’ll get to this another time.”
 Or laziness says convincingly, “It’s not that bad. 

Waiting to later can result in a broken marriage!
Your home turning into a broken down shack!

Laziness is a terrible crisis in our culture!

Time and energy is a gift from the Lord!

Get busy and spring clean your homes!

Get busy and give some attention to your marriage!

Get busy and clean up your yards!

Do not be like the slugger, or sloth!

Work and use your time wisely...

Monday, March 7, 2016

Hormones In All Their Glory...


Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

When I feel the weight of a long day, I tend to seek quiet and comfort.

Our days are a bit like the weather;
Or shall I say a bit like hormones...
I am glad that I am not programed with set responses.

Yet, I do not want to live my days controlled by hormones.
I guess you could say we can't live with our hormones
Without them!

As a woman we have been given the gift of hormones!
But as anything if we have to much or to little it can be a problem.

But in our modern day our foods are ladened with hormones,
But these hormones can cause other problems.

We need hormones...
When we are in our teens those hormones can rage.
But as we age, we can become low in certain ones.
I personally have chosen to take a very low dose of Estrogen to help me!
I really did not want to take it, but the quality of life;
Is maybe the better choice right now!

Do you find yourself feeling a bit weepy?

I have found myself feeling weepy in the long evenings.
I find myself crying as I watch Hallmark movies.
I can sit down and look at old photos and feel a sadness that all those
 Sweet memories, have come and gone...
 Yet, it seems like they happened just last week.

I am so thankful to have these photos of my memories as I can see visually 
they have played a big part in who I have become today.
And I can also see the changes of our growth.

A wife that has been loved well!
A Mother that had the joy of raising them into amazing adults.
A Grandmother that has a blessed inheritance!

Sometimes I just need a good cry...


Saturday, March 5, 2016

Sing As Onto The Lord...

Living From Glory to Glory Blog

A New Song

God loves to hear his people sing.
He created us to sing;
Children so easily sing and hum, it is very precious!
Women who have trained themselves to have a song in their hearts!
Will have a resource that will bring peace and calming in many storms.

After all, we are called to bring a joyful noise unto the Lord!
I  feel bad that I do not have any natural or trained musical ability;
But, it has not stopped me from singing and giving praise!

A heart that is filled with a hymn or a song of praise;
Will always have a chance to turn complaining around;
A song that is in your heart is like a bird that cannot contain its song!

When you are alone, it is so sweet to sing a song to the Lord!
Sing while you're doing your dishes.
Sing as onto the Lord!

I always remember the scripture where He is singing over us!
God serenades us everyday...
Hear the birds singing
Hear the wind blowing
Hear and feel your own heartbeat!

God is the great conductor!
May your life have harmony as a symphony that moves us!

We all have heard the statement;
~She moves to the beat of her own drum~
As it should be when we are in rhythm of the Lords timing...

May a New Song of gratitude spring up and be sung...

Nothing on earth is so well suited to make the sad merry,
The merry, sad, to give courage to the despairing,
to make the proud humble, to lessen envy and hate,
as music.

~Martin Luther~

Living From Glory to Glory

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Hind Sight Can Become 20/20 Vision In Our Lives...

Hind Sight Is 20/20

We can learn to become wise women by learning from our past!

I am not saying always ponder your past, because that is not wise in itself.
Some things just need to stay in the past;
What I am referring to, is the things that we can now see that we may have
Had a different outcome if we had done a few things differently.

A wise woman learns from her mistakes.
A wise woman grows when she is teachable.
A wise woman does not keep track of wrongs done to her!
A wise woman becomes wiser because she makes time to reflect!

~There is a difference in reflecting and mourning the past~

We can become stuck in what we thought it was all going to look like.
Sometimes I enjoy putting on those Rose colored glasses!
Sometimes the cold hard bare facts are just too much for me!

The Pollyanna syndrome can be a lovely thing...

Be free to express your true feelings;
(But not at the expense of creating a chasm that has no bridge)

As we can all attest to the very sad or difficult separations that have
Appeared for just wanting to be right!
But my point is this;
There are times we have missed an opportunity to speak from the heart;
Just maybe when we had a opprounity and the timing was right!
We may have missed it;

So I do want to speak to those I love or those who need correction.
With a word of wisdom...
Sometimes it can be just from your years of wisdom or
A scripture or a biblical truth...

We need to be brave!
We need to ask them, please can I share with you from my heart?
I need to say this or I may have regrets that I stayed silent!

But we also know this fact, sometimes it is better to say nothing at all!

But we now can have 20/20 vision in some areas of our life.
If we will read and study the word, to gain a heart of wisdom!
So next time we cannot go down the same wrong road expecting a different result!

See, we now can see clearly...

If not put your Rose colored glasses back on for a bit!

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