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Are You Comfortable With A Handshake Or Are You A Hugger...

Handshake or A Hug, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Lately, I have been noticing a difference in the way I have been greeting people.

By nature I am a hugger...

With my dear friends I tend to give them a hug!

With girlfriends I of course just lean in and hug them.
With the opposite sex I lean into their side shoulder, (side hug)

It has been a bit of an uncomfortable practice in the last decade!

So lately with finding myself feeling awkward when meeting new people
Or greeting someone from the opposite sex;.
I have chosen to extend my hand and offer a handshake.

I have looked on at some very inappropriate hugs in the last decade.

I realize things are changing and affection has an opened end to it!

We as women need to be aware with what our hugs demonstrate.
Better to be reserved and use caution then to give a hug we are not 
Comfortable with and can be seen as an open door.

Years ago I would not even considered writing a post like this!

But I was even thinking of the scripture that tells us to stay away from
Even the appearance of evil.

Wrong touch and contact can cause problems.

Also, I just wanted to mention that, make sure you give a
Good handshake that says hello and not a cold fish or limp hand!

How do you greet your friends?
And how do you greet a new person?
So you like older men to hug your daughters and granddaughters?


  1. Hello dear Roxy,
    Well...I had to think about this a bit. I am a hugger too, but I have changed my thoughts about hugging men if they are not family members that I feel close to.
    I don't usually hug men. I did when I was younger, but as I grew older it seemed like something a Christian lady did not need to be doing. Something in my heart changed. As I became quieter, my whole way of relating to people changed.

  2. My lesson tomorrow is on "Guarding Our Hearts and Homes." Sometimes men are clueless when in comes to women so it's our jobs to guard our homes and our man! We as a community of believers watched WAR ROOM at our church last night. The enemy wants to get a toe hold. Yes, we must be careful even in our body language.

  3. Hello Rory,
    I understand completely what you are saying,as we are hungers also. However lately I have also felt a little uncomfortable with men who, perhaps hug a little too close. I tend toward the handshake now and just try to give my cheek for Christian kiss if warranted. I have a couple of very close friends who I enjoy giving a good hug to, but they are few and very special to both my husband and I.
    Blessings Gail.

  4. I also am a hugger, as you say, I want to comunicate to people I know well, to friends and relatives, my joy after having met them, and I need a contact, i hug and kiss people I love !
    ... I'd love to do it with you too, my darling Roxy, just now !

    Sending blessings of joy on your weekend, precious friend of mine,
    thinking of you with much, so much love and gratitude

  5. I'm a hugger as well, but it's usually with my female friends. I'm not as comfortable hugging men unless they are good friends and then it's usually a side hug. But you are right times are changing and not everyone is as comfortable with hugging anymore.

  6. I am also a hugger for the most part. My hugs are mostly for my lady friends and occasionally side hugs for men...but I must say that I had an experience with an older man who used to attend our church, whose hugs got a little know. It got to where I started avoiding him during our greeting time. Some of the other women agreed that they felt the same way and then we started to notice how he especially liked to "hug" the little girls. It almost made my skin crawl. Just because it's church doesn't mean all good, ya know?! Satan does some of his best work among church people. Sad but true.

  7. If we ever get to meet, I want a hug! I'm a hugger. I understand what you mean though.

  8. As a general rule, I am not a hugger...however, people whatever reason feel the need to hug me....which I find odd. My young mentors, whenever I see them or they see me, they always hug. I try not to let on that it annoys me, but, I am not a, I will hug my son and my husband, but a stranger, no, it is always a polite handshake. What a great post, Roxy. Blessings

  9. My mom was never a hugger and she used to tell us about a man who came into the shop where she worked, just to hug all the ladies. She would always extend her right hand and say "I'm not a hugger." When I was younger, I thought that was a little odd. But now that I'm older, I realize that my mom had it right. Some of those hugs from men really don't feel appropriate at all !! I'll give a side hug, but I try to stay away from the others. I'll hug my women friends tight!

  10. I hug my friends, but rarely hug men, unless they are family. I've become more cautious in this as well, as some of the other commenters mentioned.

  11. I'm a hugger to my family and to my sister in the Lord. I never hug is not appropriate to hug men. It sends a wrong message. It makes one look forward and flirty. And that is not a good Christian Character to have. I am new to your blog and look forward to getting to know you.


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