Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Are Flowers Happy...

Sweet Geranium Flowers, Living from glory to glory blog

Are Flowers Happy?
Well, I think they must be!

They just do what they were created to do...

I love Geraniums, its like they're just a cheerful and happy flower.
Their color just pops and they make you think when you see them,
Yes, I need to plant some of these bright red geraniums in a pot
And place them on my porch!

We all have a deep down desire to be happy;
And to have others drawn to the fact that as we walk,
And live in Christ, He is being formed in us!

There seems to be a cloud at times that wants to
Block out the light of Christ in our world:
And our own lives!

But I would rather be a little red flower alone in a pot on
The front porch of a HOME that loves the Lord!
Then be the grand finale in the Rose parade.

Simple is better and  being alone at times can be lonely!

But better to be alone and be doing what you were created to do!
Then being a part of the world!

Though none go with me, I still will follow!
No turning back...

Make a spot for yourself that makes you happy!
I love seeing all the blogs that post lovely spots
From their homes! It can be small and simple.
But you can tell it is a happy place!

Be Happy
Be Strong
Be Humble
Be True
Be Organized
Be Polite
Be Unique


Geranium Flower, Livng from glory to glory blog...


  1. Roxy, I so enjoyed your writings today.

  2. So true, Roxy. I think it is better to be alone and happy than one of many and full of sadness. I have heard women's friendships described as flowers that grow together at retreats.
    Lovely post- xo Diana

  3. I was just talking about this very thing this morning to my eldest daughter who happens to be named stephanie... its not easy this struggle being alone but it beats being invovled in the world. At least I know what it is im doing and whom i walking with and he will never leave me. Nice post Happy Spring with love Janice

  4. We just cut a few roses for a tea cup tonight. Red roses...my favorite. Thank you so much for visiting me and for the prayers. They are very much needed and appreciated. Hugs, Diane

  5. Hello Roxy, I enjoyed your post and like you, I'd much rather be a geranium in a happy little cottage than a rose in a cold marble mansion! The humility of flowers is a great lesson for us..such beautiful creations from the mind of God but so unaffected by their own splendor. Yes, I think they are happy just to be what He made them to be..simply lovely! Blessings..Trish

  6. What a wonderful and encouraging post!


  7. Loved this post, I too would rather be a single flower in my home than anywhere else. No sweeter place to be but in the Lords will.
    Geraniums are one of my favorite flowers,I have a little Ideals book from my mom that the cover has red geraniums outside the kitchen door.It looks so cheery and happy!
    Happy Spring,
    Hugs Cheryl

  8. I agree Roxy. I love bright red, happy geraniums and always choose them to plant in the spring. I have them on our deck, in the backyard and at the trailer. They stand so sturdy, even in the frosty fall nights. I want to be like the geranium. Staying strong and cheerful, even when the world is a chilly place. I want our home to be a bright haven so people will know that we love the LORD.

  9. A very uplifting and happy post. So true. There is joy in being the person God called us to be. However small and insignificant it may seem in comparison to the world. New reader. I enjoyed my visit.
    xx Beca

  10. Flowers must be happy, I think! And I know they make me sooo happy! I'm just excited about spring coming here, the snow is melting & robins are hopping around & my chickens are happy bug seekers again. I saw some sprouts of green coming up in my garden this week, and I am quite excited. Spring is coming :) Hugs to you today!


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