Sunday, March 12, 2017

Sharing Hearts...

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Sharing Hearts
This world would be a very lonely place if we did not share.
There is a race in this world that is going on for many.
A race to get to the top,
A race to get to the finishing line.
A race to be the first.
A race to be the best or number one UNO.
It is good to want to achieve good or great things!
But we must remember those around us who need help.
Some of us do not find everything easy, but rather difficult.
But rather we must be taught and encouraged.

Maybe you are in a place that you are having a hard time!
Look, if you do not belong to every club or Bible study,
or every exchange or party. You become different!
Share what you can!
Do the portion you can and do not allow the enemy to rob you of your peace!

May we have the motto;
Leave no one behind, (who is trying)
I cannot push you, and I do not want to pull you.

But I can share!
May we share the love of Christ!
We can share our toys.
We can share our joys.
We can share what we are learning as women, wives and mothers.
We are called to train, and to encourage one another.


Living From Glory To Glory


  1. Wonderful post with a lot in it to think about. So m any of us re thinking of how to finish first instead of thinking of who can can help as we move along life's journey.

  2. This is beautifully said!
    Very poetic and very much appreciated.

  3. At his is true, you have been a very sharing person and I know it inspires me a lot!

  4. Thanks so much for you encouragement! Yes, sharing is important, for it does help us to grow!

  5. Your words are so very true.☘🌼☘


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